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  1. I would like to purchase one also.
  2. https://www.bitsofthepast.com/?product=ralf-davids-xlxe-eprom-burner-bundle This works great also
  3. Is it too late to get on the list for one, if not I'll take one
  4. I would like to reserve one if they are available and are being made again. Tnx
  5. I know this is an old thread but I thought I would add my Atari 400 serial number I have embossed: ATARI / 432 AV 444156 White sticker AV171660 and numbers that look like 10128482
  6. This my Atari 800 NTSC #023 No 468626 If you need a picture, let me know.
  7. Hello, I would like 1 complete RAM320XE/576 card with enclosure with optional Covox audio and ECI pass-through. Can it be used simultaneously with an ICD MIO? From the picture it doesn't look so. Thanks
  8. Thanks Bill, I appreciate it.
  9. I'll try and find some eprom chips so I can get this burned. Thanks
  10. If any one can help me with this I would be grateful, just name your price. 1. EPROM with the MIO new firmware(1.42 or whatever the newest is that will work)
  11. Kyle22, I don't have any EPROM chips, just the ZIP file. I would need an EPROM(I think a 27128 but the zip file also has programs for a 2764 and a 27256) and the burn.
  12. So if I read this correctly, the eprom I bought from Best electronics is v1.1? The indus GT I have right now has v1.2 so there is no need to change it? I thought the version from best electronics was 1.4. I guess I waisted my money.
  13. I know this is an old topic, but I need some help. I do not have the ability to burn my own eprom so I can upgrade my 256k MIO to the new bios 1.4.2. Right now it has v1.1 and I would like to use an acard 7720uso I can utilize IDE drives and CF cards with my MIO. Can anyone help me out?
  14. Al, Until I get back in the groove with the Atari, I'll stick with what I have used in the past (has sentimental appeal(old school)). Most likely I will eventually switch over but for now I'm satisfied with Carina 1.0. The only exception is the fact that I cant find the original Docs which just might force me to change anyways. I'm hoping I'll find them, but it doesn't look promising.
  15. Just want to keep it old school and see how much interest I get on the BBS. Its what I used in 1985-1987 on my BBS here in Colorado.
  16. Hello all, Im starting up my Carina 1.0 bbs on the phone line. I just need to find the original Docs to Carina 1.0. Can anybody help out finding these docs (not Carina II).
  17. count me in for 1, just picked up a 800 with a 810 drive
  18. I just ordered one, I hope you get 50 orders so I can get this.
  19. Please also add me to the wait list if some of the folks decide not to purchase.
  20. Well I guess if you don't mind send them to me, I'll see if they will help.
  21. bf2k, I appreciate your help on this. If its Carina and not Carina II then yes, it should have similar setup and commands. I'm figuring most of it out, but still have a few kinks I need to work out, otherwise its running flawless. Thanks for your help.
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