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  1. While working on a retrospective for several different Lynx games, I could not help but to get sucked back into playing my favorite game for the handheld: Blue Lightning. So instead of just mentioning it in passing, I decided to give it its own video. I hope people here enjoy it What were some of your all time favorite Lynx games?
  2. I appreciate the info! I will totally look into it for these reviews.
  3. I appreciate the feedback! I will check out APB and Dracula this weekend What games for the Lynx were never released but still obtainable in rom form? And where can I find a list for games that have been recently released? I saw on the Wiki that some people are making new games for the system but I am unsure what they are called right now. Any assistance would be appreciated!
  4. I love reviewing weird and unusual games that most people may not have heard of and a few months ago I started sharing some of my favorite games from the Lynx. So far there are three episodes to this "Lynx retrospective" where I discuss the games. It starts with Electrocop, then Gates of Zendocon, followed by Slime World. My next one will be a conclusion video (unless suggested otherwise) where I showcase a few more games for the system with little snippets about each one (Blue Lightning, Paperboy, Hydra, Gauntlet, Toki, Rygar, and California Games to name a few). I thought fans of the system would get a kick out of it ^_^ I hope it is found to be enjoyable... Episode One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP5EHK0JLLw Any feedback or suggestions for more games would be welcome. Should I give games like Blue Lightning their own video or should I just end it with the compilation as mentioned above?
  5. Gauntlet had to be one of my least favorite games for the system. For me, it was up there with Batman Forever and Hydra. I just didn't care for how dull the game felt. But I feel the worst of the worst would be Batman Forever. That game is practically unplayable even with the infinite health trick. The tricky jumps in level 2 are maddening to say the least and who thought it was a good idea to only have 1 life?!
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