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  1. Great advice, thanks. I'll be sure to avoid them.
  2. Yeah the VA4 does not have the ribbon cable. It is leads on pads. I checked and all connections looked good. I applied pressure across all of them and no change in performance. If you look in the picture, that stripe represents 1/3rd of the screen and I think whatever the chip is under that black blob has gone bad. At this point I am going to salvage all of my caps off of this board and this will become a good base for a raspberry pi zero project.
  3. Ahh I figured they were soldered on. I hadn't considered that they may be glued. I might try a continuity test between the pad and the lead to see if any aren't making contact.
  4. I just finished a full recap on a VA4 game gear. It went off without much of a hitch, I damaged one pad but repaired it and the Game gear is booting up nicely with great brightness and strong sound. Unfortunately there are large vertical lines running down my screen on one side. Is my screen done for? If it is and I need to replace it, I take it I am going to need to find one specifically for a VA4 since it is soldered in or do a McWill LCD.
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