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  1. Finally am all moved into the new apartment! Now, to catch my breath, haha. Hope you've all been well!

    1. Atarian7


      Have you unpacked your video games yet?

    2. GoldLeader


      Been Well thanks! As long as we're not talking mentally ha!

  2. Been away for a few days. Moved into my new flat, had to get internet.

    1. Atarian7


      "..welcome back, welcome back.."

    2. Trinity


      Southpark overlogging...lol

  3. That's possible, yet I haven't seen any. I know the NOAC boards are quite small, so it's feasible. However, this one is a special case of cloning, as they've actually cloned the box design and general advertising in a sense. I may pick it up and try it out.
  4. Not surprisingly, China is already cloning the FC and NES Mini's. However, they seem to just be a NOAC inside a smaller shell, as there's no HD capabilities. Yet, I've seen FC and NES clones that have HD output here, so I bet there will be a more "true" clone of the product in the future. As you can see here, they've even copied the box design, with a few slight changes.
  5. The darn change in weather, always makes me feel rough. One day it's like 26 degrees with sunshine, followed by 18 degrees and raining. Blah.

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    2. Keatah


      Last week we were near sub-zero, now we're back to 22. Crazy man!

    3. Lyth


      Hah, so it's not just over here, then! Damn world, haha.

    4. BassGuitari


      It got to 60 in Wisconsin yesterday. You know, where it's SUPPOSED to be freezing balls this time of year.

  6. Here in China, we have online thrift shops, which are pretty much the same as "AS IS" stores on eBay. Last haul, was a bit of a while ago, but I picked up: 2x Game Theory Admirals (NOAC NES/FC clone handheld that's shaped like a big GBA). Has composite video out too! Came in squashed retail boxes, but didn't include the pin adapter for normal games. Ended up making my own. Screen quality is meh at best, and the audio is very tinny, but it's neat to have one of the more uncommon FC/NES handhelds from China! Not my pic, but this illustrates the weirdness of this thing. The cart adapter slot, is basically just a pin extender, and is super wobbly. Not sure if there were ever proprietary games created for this thing.
  7. Hi, That's Byemu's site. Byemu (Peter) is our hardware guy, who has been working on the project since it's conception. He's quite skilled and has experience in creating dumpers/flashers, and flashcarts. While the design of the Lythium prototype is similar to some of his current products (some of which, are were developed concurrently with Lythium and based off of it), our prototype's firmware, functionality and end purpose is vastly different. Additionally, our next prototype will have the Lythium Modular Connector attached, as well as a better quality slot and USB connector, and we'll showcase the cart slot adapters soon (which are developed solely by Byemu, solely for Lythium). Additionally, most of Byemu's products use an ft232 + atmel Atmega MCU, while our Prototype (and final product) is based off of the STM ARM CPU. A few current products of Byemu's use the STM ARM CPU, as they were developed concurrently, and acted as a stepping stone to Lythium.
  8. Watched "La La Land" last night. As much as I don't enjoy musicals, it was pretty good!

  9. I'll have to get back to you on this. Bare with me, as we need to make some headway into Atari support. Our general aim is "as long as it can be dumped, and there's an emulator for it; it can be played". Obviously, there's more to it than that, but that's our goal in a nutshell. We'll strive to continuously add support for more features, systems, games, and such, as much as we can technologically do. After our console launches and grows, continuous support will be added to improve the future set. Additionally, we'll allow for third party & fan-made adapters to function with our console, as we want to inspire people to use our console as they see fit.
  10. I'm not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly, apologies. In terms of general support, we will be supporting the consoles on the list in first post, as well as aiming for at least Atari 2600. However, we would love to support consoles that the community can suggest. In terms of scope, we can try supporting most cart based consoles (and should be successful), as long as we can find a supplier for the slot, and as long as there is an emulator for it.
  11. Lunch time! What to eat.... Hmm.

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    2. Lyth


      It's made out of peopleeeeee.

    3. AtariBuff


      Wiener Schnitzel.

    4. Atarian7


      "People? I thought we were eating cow flop." from SNL

  12. Don't hate me for this, but I actually have fond memories of Swordquest Fireworld. It was one of the first games that I played on the 2600, so it has a bit of a special place in my heart. Okay, you can hate me a little for that. We're now looking into Atari 2600 support. As long as we can find a supplier for the connectors, then we'll be good to go on that forefront.
  13. It is similar in some ways to the Retron 5 or other competitors, although we can detach the Core and use it in devices where Retron 5 or the others would be unusable, like on laptops and HTPC setups. All while abiding by GPL, and providing official support for more systems (at proper voltages too). And adding to that, we're actively trying to connect to the retro gaming community, and providing easy to use software for less experienced customers. And yes, no nonsense. About the Atari, thanks for the insight. I'll take a look! We'd love to add support for that! Gotta love playing Warlords and Swordquest.
  14. Hi! Lythium is compatible with Non-Removable Media Flash Carts, which are the same types of carts that dumpers can flash to. In a sense, like a blank, re-writeable cartridge, that can be written to by the device. Hi guys, We realize that some products on crowdsourcing platforms such as Kickstarter, lack feasibility and sustainability, due to not having a prototype and shady business practices. That observation, is why we waited until we were past the initial prototype stage, to start unavailing our product, and aim to be transparent as possible. We are choosing Kickstarter for a source of funding, as it gives us a platform to pre-sell our products, to generate funds for the longevity and success of our business, while retaining creative control.
  15. Morning guys, just woke up. Excuse the time difference on my end. We are aiming to support at least Atari 2600, and possibly other classic systems, however we need to secure a manufacturer of those cart slots. If any of you know of a manufacturer/supplier, or a place to get those, you can PM me. I'd love to add that support, as I am a fan of it. We'll try our best to add this functionality. Our Engineer confirms that this is possible, if we can secure a supplier for the slot. So we'll be on the lookout for that. I appreciate the feedback so far! Thanks to you all. I've seen that in Asia, simple "flash carts", which don't have any SD technology, seem to be popular due to price. Which are pretty much a blank cart, for repro and some homebrew games. (The way we explain them in China is a "Single ROM flash cart") Additionally, we want to give people an option to put their homebrew ROMs on a cart, by using this device. Imagine Lythium to have the feature of a cart writer, that people can use with the relatively cheap, non-flexible storage flash carts, that existed before the SD ones. (For example, those 256M GBA cards). However, this is a subset of our main goal and features, which we hope to grow as well. We need to test out flash cartridges that exist on the market, to see compatibility. I want to make note, that we can and aim to produce blank/flash carts in the future, as our part of our team has experience doing this. Thanks for the compatibility feedback! These prices on here are preliminary, and we're trying to get them down as much as we can. We'll be sure to keep you guys in the loop, on any developmental steps we make.
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