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  1. Thanks again to everyone for all the help. The story just went up at: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/02/27/community_builds_around_ti_99_4a/ -let me know if I missed or got anything wrong.
  2. Thanks for all the responses, everyone, and sorry for those I didn't get around to (this story is a bit of a "free time" thing I squeeze in around normal writing duties.) Anyway, I'm still looking for a few more shots of peoples' TI-99 setups. If anyone has some to send over or if you just want to give permission to use your shots from the "post your picture" topic I would love to be able to use them. Thanks.
  3. I'm one of the handful of Yanks who work in our San Francisco office. So many people get disappointed the first time they hear I don't have a British accent...
  4. Thanks for all the responses, guys. I'll shoot over PMs with questions.
  5. Hi all, Shaun Nichols from theregister.co.uk here. One of your members pointed me to this forum and after following the threads for a bit I'm interested in writing an article about the Ti-99/4A community. In particular I wanted to look at how such a dedicated community arose around this specific machine, what sort of development is being done these days, etc. Would any of you be up for a quick interview? Thanks.
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