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  1. Found a Power Lords so just looking for a US release of Atlantis.
  2. Just down to needing Atlantis and Power Lords
  3. I actually just saw those yesterday and will probably look at getting the Parker Bros games. Still looking for originals for the few I have left. They are expensive but not insane right now.
  4. I know this is a year old but I am looking for Power Lords and this hasn't been marked as sold.
  5. Looking for the following games to complete my collection. Loose is fine for everything except Great Wall Street. I want that complete so it's playable. Atlantis
  6. Anyone know where I can buy a replacement joystick cover? One of my Odyssey joysticks in bare. Works perfectly fine but would definitely be more comfortable with a cover on it.
  7. Can you elaborate on this and how it works.
  8. I have 50 games and I finally got around to testing them and out of 50 the only ones with issues are 4 different Activision games. I can only find video on how to open and clean the Atari produced ones and I'd like to open these Activision games up and see if I can get them working again. Can anyone point out a video or page on how to get the Activision shells open?
  9. I'm playing Donkey Kong and just pressing right the entire time and it just stop registering that I am doing anything for a second, then starts moving again. Are you saying all controllers are going to do that?
  10. I have bought 2 systems in the last year and the controllers are always trash. They just stutter and don't respond consistently to disc presses and I want a system that actually works. I don't like the flashback controllers, already tried that adapter also. Looking for a system with perfect controllers or a way to make my controllers perfect! Thanks.
  11. Just need the actual game. It doesn't appear to come up too often on eBay but at the same time it doesn't appear to be too rare so don't want to pay inflated buy it now prices.
  12. It's on its way. Don't have it in hand yet, just trying to be prepared. Will update when it arrives.
  13. I thought it was separate on the Version 2. Or am I crazy?
  14. Just picked up a Fairchild Channel F Version 2 and the power supply is listed as missing. Not finding any info on if it matches another system. Like can I use a 2600 power supply or if anyone knows where I can pick up a new one. It's listed as 120V 60Hz with output of 18V 12VA.
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