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  1. Kodi, Plex, VLC media player can all be downloaded from the Xbox Store for free. I have not used Plex myself, but Kodi and VLC Media Player work well. I can stream anything I want from my NAS with those apps. All the streaming services are available in the Xbox Store as well. Nexflix, Disney, HBO Max, etc.
  2. Series X is compatible with all XB1 games except for those that use kinect. You could take the 2tb external drive and plug it into the series X and everything would work fine. If you copy some games to the Series X internal SSD, you will notice greatly reduced load times.
  3. I wouldn't mind having a section for VR headsets like Oculus Quest 2 or HTC Vive. Could be used for PSVR specific game discussion too. The PS3/Xbox360/Wii sections should probably be in classic gaming now as they all came out 15-16 years ago. Xbox 360 was released closer to the SNES release date than today. (Seems hard to believe sometimes)
  4. A standard USB external HDD can be used to store Series X games, but you would have to copy a Series X game to the internal drive to play it. A standard external USB drive can be used to launch any backwards compatible game. I already have a 6TB external HDD on My Xbox One. I plan on moving that to my Series X when it comes in November. The 1TB proprietary expansion drive is pricey, but it is comparable to what you would pay for a 1TB Micro SD card for the Switch.
  5. Gamepass is going to get a nice infusion of titles.
  6. Donkey Kong for the 2600 and NES were missing entire levels from the original arcade game. I never expected arcade perfect graphics and sound back then, but I at least expected an effort to recreate all the levels in the game.
  7. Bilnick


  8. Comcast/xfinity is my only choice at the moment. Unlimited data from Comcast is $50 more per month, I have never had more than $20 in overage charges so paying for unlimited doesn't make a lot of sense for me. Hopefully when 5G cell service comes to the Ann Arbor/Saline area I can at least have 2 choices. Data caps suck. I have the Xbox game pass and I have to be careful how many games I download. A 50GB game like Halo would eat up 5% of my data for the month.
  9. Two things concern me with this. Controller input lag and how much data would be consumed per hour streaming 4k/60fps. I routinely approach my 1TB per month cap on my comcast service as it is, how much more data is used streaming vs the way games are played now.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-BN39-01154W-CBF-Signal/dp/B005DNSCNG/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1550023950&sr=8-10&keywords=component+adapter If it is a Samsung, it might use this adapter
  11. I think the opposite will be true. The internet and cloud storage makes it more likely today's games and media will be available 20+ years from now. Think of it this way, what is easier to find today? A physical copy of Air Raid or Nintendo World Championship, or a ROM? I am guessing that in 20 years it will be easier to obtain a ROM of Forza Horizon 4 or Super Mario Odyssey and play it on 2040s equivalent of a $35 Raspberry Pi and emulator than it will be to find physical copies and working systems of each game. (Of course there will still be XB1 and Switch around 20 years from now, I am just speculating it will be easier to download the ROMs like it is today) Physical media is what gets lost over time. Paper in books decaying, film decaying, etc. It seems to me that most museums and archivers are digitizing old physical media to preserve whatever information that media contained rather than making new hard copies.
  12. If you have already modded your Wii, the easy thing to do would be to install a usb loader and rip all of your games to a hard drive or usb stick. The DVD drive will last a lot longer that way.
  13. The two Wii Sports games are fun for a crowd, if for some reason you don't already have them.
  14. The Blue Ray disks are installed on the XB1 or PS4 hard drive anyway, so really after the initial install the disks are essentially keys. One nice bonus with the digital download is that you can play the game on 2 consoles at once (at least on the XB1) Is a nice perk if you happen to have multiple consoles and players at home. If you have a data cap like I do with Comcast, 150 gigs would eat up 15% of my monthly data, so that is something to consider.
  15. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/05/own-a-piece-of-the-huge-retro-gaming-collection-being-auctioned-off-today/ A nice article about the collection.
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