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  1. Yes, all assets and final ROM has now been submitted to AtariAge. So hopefully we will have this out as soon as possible! Please check out the facebook.com/Generation2Games page for updates on this game and on the new RPG Save Gaia that is now in development.
  2. Is there a difference in size etc if using an earlier build for just standard Kernel? Thank you.
  3. Latest version nice and stable
  4. I shall test and report back later :-) great work!
  5. Yes, that sorted the problem out. Well done!
  6. Kev, this Kernels a game changer for sure.
  7. How do I clear the VDELP registers please? Karl, the last build before introducing the mini kernel had perfect line ups.
  8. Ok, here is an odd one. Since installing the mini-kernel and going to a pflines = 7 solution, both the P0 and the P1 refuse to line up like they did before. Is this a bug possibly?
  9. Sweet! Looking good Karl!
  10. 2019-02-16 14-18-57.mp4 Pleased to announce we are currently working on a new Japanese-Inspired RPG for the Atari 2600. More videos to follow. Current feature set includes: Massive World Map spanning a continent. Towns with shops and Inns. Cutscenes. Full Environmental Music. Save & Load Code Feature. Full Colour Sprites, Environments and Enemies! Dialog-driven story. Level up, increase your spell and armour points! Unique and challenging dungeons! Night and day cycles. https://www.facebook.com/Generation2Games
  11. Here is the mini-kernel in action with a game I'm currently making! Attached a video. https://www.facebook.com/Generation2Games 2019-02-16 14-18-57.mp4
  12. Is this the one with Central positioning?
  13. Ok cool. I can use it as an 11 character to offset manually, however, could there be an option when you turn off the score for it to move central? Thanks again.
  14. A bit more feedback, it seems to me that the text is one character to the right as opposed to central? Attached
  15. If I am not using DPC, is there any benefit to upgrading the version? Thank you.
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