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  1. Very sorry but I don't do WIP releases, I will probably do a demo with the final build, with final code etc. Thanks for the kind words etc Keep safe!
  2. The binary equivalent numbers are also handy in visualBb too
  3. Ok, here is the next cheeky request lol Is there any chance of the colour palette tool like in VisualBb please?
  4. Working like a dream now!!! Perfect!! Thank you!
  5. I have done exactly this and it still does not work lol Aww I just wanna make games haha
  6. Thank you for helping, hopefully I can get this new environment up and running shortly
  7. Thank you, it's taking time to adjust to the Mac but it's very nice to use. Yes correct, when I hit the compile button in Atari Dev Studio (which is excellent btw!) it comes up with that initial error I posted: ### ERROR: couldn't find bB binaries for Darwin(x86_64). Exiting.
  8. Ok thank you. It has now said this To test the new setup... 1. open another terminal window. (the bB and PATH variables will now be active in any new terminal window) 2. type: cd "$bB/samples" 3. type: 2600basic.sh zombie_chase.bas This should create a zombie_chase.bas.bin binary file in the samples directory that will work on real hardware, in stella, or any other emulator. but it does not compile, do I need to change anything in Visual Studio Code? Sorry again.
  9. Hello, I've just bought a MacBook and moving development over to this. As you can probably tell from this, I am a little confused how to compile on a Mac, I haven't used a Mac for a decade. I am getting the error: ### ERROR: couldn't find bB binaries for Darwin(x86_64). Exiting. I have downloaded the bBasic files from the GitHub, do I need to just link in the extension compiler path settings to a file in here? Thank you, sorry for the n00b question.
  10. Ok, I understand. Thank you for all you have done to date to enable us to make these games!
  11. Hello bB team, as development is now underway on this, could you please add 128kb Support for the Strandard Kernel please please please? Save Gaia is getting dangerously close to the 64KB limit and I have so much more I would to give the players? Is this possible do you think? Kindest thanks, Michael @ Generation2
  12. I’ll just have to manage with 64kb then 😂 May need that sequel after all!! 😂
  13. Hello, is there anyway to use more than 64k easily with standard kernel without any hack arounds? Thanks
  14. My first game Panic! Rooms uses DPC+. It would of been a struggle on standard tech. My second Game, Save Gaia, is aiming to use original hardware only. People are still playing and making new games, that’s the main thing.
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