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  1. Thanks for all the help! I'll put some more work into it this weekend and report back.
  2. Q*bert Credits: Conceived by Warren Davis and Jeff Lee Originally published by Gottlieb in 1982 and ported to Atari 2600 by Parker Brothers in 1983 Description: Q*bert is a isometric puzzler in which you traverse up and down a pyramid in an attempt to change its colors with each flip of the joystick. Your task isn't as simple as it seems though; through out the game you will encounter "Red Balls" which tumble from the top of pyramid, "Coily" the snake who stalks you without remorse, and "Sam" who circumvents your efforts by flipping the colors. But don't panic just yet! You can escape "Coily" by ascending on "flying discs" (located on the left and right sides of the pyramid), stomp "Sam" into oblivion by landing on the same square, and collect "Green Balls" to stop time. Q*bert like many games of it era is a simple concept with a lot of added quirk designed to be "easy to learn and hard to master". A great game for fans of puzzlers and platformers alike. Trivia George Leutz set the current world record at The 1up Arcade and Bar in Denver, Co. with a whopping score of 3,930,990 points! That's a 1.7 million+ difference from the previous record! Davis implemented a unique control scheme; a four-way joystick was rotated 45° to match the directions of Q*bert's jumping. Staff members at Gottlieb urged for a more conventional orientation, but Davis stuck to his decision. Parker brothers tried to simulate the effect on the 2600 version. There are three characters missing from the 2600 version: Ugg, Wrongway, and Slick. Q*bert was Gottlieb's 3rd game. Q*bert was referenced in both Futurama ( "Anthology of Interest II" ) and The Simpsons ( "In the Name of the Grandfather" ) ; His most recent appearance was in Wreck it' Ralph.
  3. Hey; I was wondering if anyone else in Charlottesville,Va or the surrounding counties was on here. If so, please reply. I might be able to setup events at the end games for atari tournaments or just general group gaming. Sorry for the brevity; at work; typed on phone Thanks, Justin
  4. Hey, I was playing a rom of dragonfire on this site: http://www.2600online.com/ And noticed a few things. Fireballs don't register as hitting the player if he just has the corner of his foot covered by the tower on the bridge when facing left, and won't register when body is partially covered while facing right, The Dragons in the castle can't, or rarely are able to hit you if you run to the farthest end of the left side of the screen in the first 3 stages. Is this just a (rom) thing? Could be useful if not. Thanks for reading, -Justin
  5. I'll double check to see if that's case. Thanks for the help.
  6. I left it on the unit. I didn't know how to remove the shielding at the time. Update: My father and I opened up the unit to see if there was any internal damage. Everything seemed fine, but we did find the source of the problem, a piece I totally overlooked. The transformers cables got stripped right below the neck. The wires most of crossed and shorted the unit. We read the transformer to see how many volts it was outputting; It read at 14 volts. We tested to see if the unit shorted, or if it was just the transformer by taking two 9v batteries wiring them in parallel and running it through the unit. It didn't turn on. Do you think it could be just the voltage regulator that got shorted, or the whole unit got fried? p.s Thanks for all the help, I'm fairly new to console repair. I have a little experience in electrical engineering for sound circuits, but my father's an electrical engineer. We may just take it to a local electric repair shop soon. If nothing fixes the problem, I might just send someone here the console deck for 10$ and shipping, Don't want it to go to waste, being a limited supply. - Justin
  7. Hi; Today I received a shipment of imagic carts for my 7800 and found that none of them would fit well enough to run. I researched a bit on the forums to find a solution. The given solution was i.e: Remove external housing Find "cart cup" clip corners with scissors I did this to one of the corners and tested before proceeding any further to limit any damage. It worked for most of the games, but one, cosmic ark. So, I clipped another corner of the "cup" and when I went to test it the console wouldn't turn on!!! As far as I can tell (have not removed shield) there is no pieces lose. I ordered a Atari jr. in the mean time so I could still play most of my library, but I would really like to be able to fix the console; It ran beautifully before I mutilated it (no sticky buttons, no game problems, etc.) My Question; Any suggestions to what may be the problem? Any similar experiences? Thanks, - Justin
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