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  1. Maybe I was unlucky, or maybe you were lucky. I had to email them on more than one occasion with the NT Mini as my order sat in "preparing" status for several days, while others waaay down the line from me per order number were being shipped out. Anyways, I have taken a more blasé attitude this time around with shipping as I figure its just the cost of doing business with Analogue. They do such an exceptional job otherwise, I figured to just let the shipping stuff slide this time around.
  2. I know the shipping is pretty frustrating, but didn't we all go through this with the NT Mini as well? I seem to remember preordering on day one and the shipping costs, speed, and absolutely arbitrary choice of dispatching orders to be eerily similar.
  3. Pretty sure Kevin said save states were not going to happen unfortunately.
  4. Awesome, excited to check this one out. I never spent much time with the 7800 back in the day due to its relative release date so close to the NES. So most of the original titles for the system are pretty much unknown to me.
  5. I think in my case, I got my tracking number on a Tuesday but it just sat around and it wasn't actually picked up by UPS until Friday. So yah.. Analogue's shipping practices are not their strongest aspect.
  6. No idea what any of those are, but I am excited to try them out! Thanks again Kevtris!
  7. Awesome, thanks so much kevtris! Another great way to start the weekend.
  8. I have about 2,700 files in my NES directory alone. I started off using a flat folder structure, and it was taking over 4 minutes to load the entire directory, but once I nested them into 27 sub folders my seek time went down dramatically and I want to say its less than a minute if the NES core is loaded and does not need to be flashed. So I am not sure why its taking so long to load for him unless he is also counting the "flashing" of the FPGA (i.e. he just switched system cores), or he is grossly exaggerating.
  9. Great gift for a rainy weekend! Thanks Kevtris!
  10. Darn thats really too bad. TG-16/PCE is my all time favorite. Totally respect your decision though, and the NT Mini is already an amazing gift. As others have mentioned if there is any way we can "tip" for the ongoing work I would be totally in for contributing.
  11. Kevtris posted on Feb 08th that FDS games are not supported yet. So maybe on the next firmware update?
  12. Minor question but something I have been curious about. When using the latest firmware and switching to the Cores menu I get a screen that says "Init File System (Y) Try Again (B) Cancel" that flashes briefly onscreen for like a quarter of a second. I generally ignore it because it doesn't seem to cause any obvious side effects, but from watching other YouTube videos it doesn't seem to appear for them. Anyone else see this on their machine, and have an idea what might be causing it?
  13. Did not realize bios files crossed the line. Totally understood and won't ask about those again. And thanks for the clarification on the cores, looking forward to testing them out.
  14. Yes! Thanks so much, this is great! Couple of questions: You mention the need for certain bios in your readme, but they do not seem to be included in the firmware zip. Are we on our own for this? In the Cores directory, there is just SMS and NES. I assume SG-1000 and Game Gear might be handled under the SMS core, but what about Coleco?
  15. Thanks for the clarification on the SD card sizing. And yah 32GB should be totally fine, unless Turbo / PC Engine CD was supported, which I know is a longshot.
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