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  1. III

    New Atari console?

    So now that we are getting a new Atari console, what do you guys think? Are you enthusiastic about the new VCS?
  2. III

    Mad Bodies

    It seems the developer is no longer active on Atariage. Did he stop developing or does anyone know what he is doing these days?
  3. III

    Mad Bodies

    I remember being really stoked up about this game when I was young. But by the time it got released I had already lost interest in Jaguar collecting so I never got it. I'm now slowly getting back into collecting. Unfortunately the game is crazy expensive on Ebay and I don't think my wife will agree with me spending that much money on a game when I still haven't bought her that new bath tub she wants. Any chance this game will get another production run? I also wish that I could edit my older posts on Atariage. It seems my spelling was a bit lacking back when I first started this thread. English is not my first language.
  4. My 4-year old daughter is showing some interest in playing video games with me. But she gets frustrated when playing Xbox because the games are too complex and the controller is hard for her to grasp with all the different sticks and buttons. So I was thinking of maybe trying out some 2600 games with her. I ordered a Hyperkin Retron77 that should arrive in the mail anytime soon now. Are there some good easy games suitable for a 4-year old that I could try out with her?
  5. Are the carts on AA produced on demand in an unlimited supply or could they run out?
  6. Excuse me for my ignorance, I just ordered a Retron77 but I have not had the time to play around with it yet. What is the dumper?
  7. Does anyone know if the Halo 2600 cart works with the retron77?
  8. Why destroy Jag-CD's like that?
  9. Telegames UK still have the cart for a pretty good price. I myself bought one of them from Telegames UK and i was very pleased.
  10. III

    Jaguar speks

  11. Did Justclaws do this for free? If he did then whats Dragonforce-europe complaining about?
  12. What kinda game is it? When will it be finished?
  13. III

    Mad Bodies

    Okey so the realease date is N/A. But do you think you could give us a little hunch about how lon time were talking about here? 6 months? A Year?
  14. III

    Mad Bodies

    When will Mad Bodies be realeased? I Can hardly wait over here!!! Will it be realeased in a complete paper box with sticker on the cartridge and a manual? Fredrik Augustsson // Sweden
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