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  1. What is the dci slot used for?
  2. I recently brought up my Jaguar system. Jaguar start up screen boots up. Any game opening works fine. When I press any button to start the game, the game opening screens would just keep repeating and resetting the game over and over. What might be the problem?
  3. Here are some Atari cartridges. They might be for Atari computer but I am not sure. The games are untested. I have no way of testing these games.
  4. At the bowling alley in 1985. There was one overhead shooter called xx mission that I loved playing after bowling. The game was there for 1-2 years. The game was never at any other arcade I went into. Another one was a wrestling game that I enjoyed playing. 4 players could play together. It might have been WWF superstars? The game was around 1991-1992.
  5. Can you play through all the levels or does the game stop at some point of the game?
  6. Have a great time with gauntlet, super c and ninja gaiden II. You got a very good deal.
  7. I was very surprised when I found atari 2600 games at a Salvation army in the mid 90's. Buck a book that was nearby had some atari 5200/7800 games but they had tons of older computer games.
  8. My favorite 3 would be Space invaders River raid Berzerk
  9. I am beginning to feel overwhelmed with my collection. Many years have passed since I have played the games. I might sell some of them off in the future.
  10. I just received an email from Paypal Security Center my account has been limited. It showed up 8/7 3:28 am. I am not sure if it is real or fake. I have not opened the email yet. We are going on vacation very soon!! Should I wait after my vacation or try to resolve this in the next day? Carl
  11. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 130397888733 I found this one auction with many Atari 2600 rare games such as quadrun and xonox single ender game carts. No mention on whether they have been tested or not. Feedback is okay and the price is a bit high.
  12. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 270579113414 I wonder which game is on the cartridge with the chip sticking out of it.
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