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  1. Looks like it was the Zircon Video Command joystick. Second pic below is the back of the game manual. Hope this helps.
  2. JayAre

    Pitfall Pouch

    I recently bought some Activision promo items/merch. from a former Activision employee. One of the items was the Pitfall Pouch. Since there's been some discussion in this thread as to whether Activision was responsible for manufacturing the item or if it was a third party, I asked this former employee what she remembers about it. She told me that Activision gave one of these backpacks to every employee. She went on to say that whenever the company released a game, employees would usually receive a copy of the game along with whatever promotional item was associated with it. As the years went by and the company grew, and then the eventual crash occurred, the company slowly did away with this practice. Since Activision distributed this backpack to its employees, it would seem to me that the company was involved in the production of the item. One other note about the backpack. In a 1994 issue of Digital Press, the staff wrote the following about it: "I obtained this at a local store which sold an assortment of items, including electronics. This was a free bonus to the first 100 customers who purchased 2600 Pitfall!. It's a thin green polyester knapsack with the words "Pitfall Pouch Activision" written in yellow. Since this was the only store giving it away in my area, I don't know how rare it is, or if it was part of a national promotion." Hopefully this info. provides some clarification.
  3. Thanks, Rom. It's the only M Network decal I'm seeing online, so it could be the one. And both the insert and decal have a 1982 copyright year, so maybe. Rom, do you need for me to send you the decal pic for your site, or can you copy it from here?
  4. In some of its games, M Network included an insert (pic attached) with an offer to send away for a free decal. I'm also attaching a picture of an M Network decal that I came across. Does anyone know if this is the decal associated with this offer? Did anyone ever send away for it? Thanks.
  5. Here's another one: Lock 'N' Chase (you're a thief trying to steal gold bars, while running from the police)
  6. Thanks so much for the awesome information; those details are really interesting. Troy, by chance, would you happen to know if CBS Electronics ever sent out the decals relating to SOLAR FOX and BLUE PRINT? As far as the Imagic posters for the 2600, I've seen them with and without stars, for the same game. I remember that you would receive a poster when you signed up for the Numb Thumb Club. Do you recall when you would receive the poster with the star, as opposed to the one without it? Maybe one version of the poster replaced the other at some point. Thanks for your kind help. It's great to finally get some clarification on all this.
  7. Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing the star pics. Troy, when you submitted your high scores, did you receive anything else, aside from the stars? I'm asking because the Numb Thumb News says that you would receive an iron-on decal, and just mentions the star in passing. Thanks.
  8. CVGA, thanks for taking the time to post the pictures of your posters. They're very cool. I'm attaching a pic of the page from the Numb Thumb News which lists the high scores required for the 2600 and the Intellivision. Based on the scores listed there, it appears that your 50,000 pt. reward poster is for the Intellivision, right?
  9. Just wanted to correct my original post where I indicated that there was no mention of the stars in the Numb Thumb News. Well, I was reading through the second issue of that magazine, and there's a part that says "We've decided that all that work for all those intense playing hours deserves more than a simple star as reward!" It sounds like they're referring to the gold stars there. My mistake. And I wanted to share some information regarding the CBS Electronics decals. In an issue of the 2600 Connection newsletter from 2007, Al Backiel mentioned that he had submitted the correct mystery words for SOLAR FOX and BLUE PRINT. He never received anything for BLUE PRINT, and for SOLAR FOX, CBS Electronics sent him a "SOLAR FOX ROCKS" t-shirt (see pic below). In the very next issue of the newsletter, Scott Stilphen mentioned that he had also sent in the mystery word for both games and didn't recall ever receiving anything. Maybe CBS Electronics never sent out the decals. Or perhaps they sent them out in the beginning, and maybe ran out at some point. At least they sent out the t-shirt instead, for Solar Fox. May very well be the case of two more 2600 promotions/contests having gone somewhat awry.
  10. King, that's an interesting possibility. Could be. I don't suppose the pouch was actually used by employees to take check deposits to the bank, since this is what these pouches were normally used for. Although, if it was used for this purpose, why would they bother to put the company's name and "SURVIVAL KIT" on it? Who knows. HV, thanks for the suggestion. I went ahead and sent messages to David Crane and Dan Kitchen. If I hear anything from them, I'll be sure to update the thread.
  11. Guys, thanks so much for the comments. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. I hadn't thought of that, Swami. It may very well be the case. Thanks. There is, JHD. It says "University Place Clothing Co., N.Y." Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Thanks, Bill. I appreciate the comment. I had never heard of this either. It's incredible how much Atari merch. there was back then. Well, like you said, hopefully someone out there knows something about this item. Thanks again.
  13. I recently acquired this pouch from a former Activision employee, who worked at the company during the early 80s. The pouch is empty, but I assume that it originally came with all sorts of knick knacks inside. This appears to be a promo item. Associated with Pitfall maybe? I've looked online but can't find any information about it. Does anyone know anything about this item? Thanks.
  14. OK, so there's an imposter in this here Lucky Charms lineup - the IMAGIC Stars. I believe Imagic sent these to players who submitted certain high scores. I've read through Imagic instructions manuals, game catalogs, and the company's newsletter, the Numb Thumb News, and there's no mention of the stars. Did Imagic ever promote/advertise these? The newsletter does mention receiving an exclusive iron-on award decal for achieving high scores, but these are different from the stars. Then there were the CBS Electronics decals that players would receive for discovering the hidden mystery word in SOLAR FOX and BLUE PRINT. The insert that came with the games that promoted this offer indicates that it was a set of 6 decals, and a couple of images of the decals are shown on the insert. Of these rewards, I've only seen online pics of the Imagic stars (but now I can't find the webpage), but not the other two. All of these seem to be extremely rare. If anyone has pictures of any of these rewards, it would be great to see them. Thanks.
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