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  1. I just received this vintage photo album which was made to commemorate Activision's 1982 Family Vacation to Maui. I'm sure many of you remember these vintage photo albums. It's impressive how much merchandise Activision produced in the early 80s. For this event alone, the company had the following items made: golf towel, sunglass case, photo album, t-shirts, banners, visor, beach towel. And I'm guessing there were other items as well.
  2. Yep. If you put "gaping holes" in Google Images, it's not exactly what Jim Levy and the boys envisioned.
  3. Just updating the thread with another cool Activision button. Anyone else think that the Gaping Holes tagline is rather, um, suggestive?
  4. Just added this button to the ole collection; I had never seen it before. Got it from a seller in the U.K., so maybe it was never available in the U.S.
  5. Jahfish, that was awesome! Fantastic items. Thanks so much for sharing these.
  6. Thanks, CVGA. I appreciate that.
  7. Just picked up this lenticular sticker. I don't think it's from the series of stickers in this thread, but it's an interesting item, nonetheless.
  8. I came across this picture in an Activision publication from the U.K. It's a picture from Activision's 1982 ICE HOCKEY tournament. That's Ron Duguay (aka Jon Bon Jovi) of the New York Rangers playing against one of the contestants. We can see Jim Levy in the background. There's even a "referee" presiding over the action. I wonder if that was an actual NHL ref.
  9. You're right. It's interesting the way the divisions were aligned back then. Here's the scan you requested, Zep. If anyone would like to see the complete scan of any other schedules, just let me know.
  10. CVGA, you bring up a good point. I just noticed that the Braves appeared a total of three times in these schedules - more than any other team. Like you said, probably due to the team's popularity, from its games being broadcast nationwide on TBS. And also that it was pretty much the only MLB team in the southeast in 1983. Weren't the Braves known as America's Team back then? Although I think the Cowboys laid claim to the name first.
  11. An issue of the Inside Atari newsletter (which was distributed to Atari retailers) indicates that this 1983 RealSports MLB schedule was included as a centerfold insert in the following magazines: Sports Illustrated (4/25/83) and SPORT Magazine (June 83). With this info., I was able to track down the schedules for all the MLB teams in 1983, with the exception of the Expos & Blue Jays. Maybe Canada was excluded from this promotion. As I mentioned in my original post, for the most part, it seems that Atari paired up teams that were in proximity to each other, in order to cover multiple markets with just one schedule. The most glaring exception to this is the pairing of the Mariners & Braves; I don't know if you could have chosen two teams that were farther apart. The first 4 scans below are an example of a complete insert (for the teams representing the great state of Ohio). For the remaining schedules, I scanned just the portion which indicates the team(s), followed by a scan of the back of the insert, which lists Atari retailers in those areas, including neighboring states. You guys might want to take a look at the ones that correspond to where you grew up, as you may recognize some of those retailers. By the way, if anyone has any other schedules not shown here (i.e. with different team combinations or the Canadian teams), please let me know, as I'd like to know if I'm missing any.
  12. Here's a Seaquest promo card. It's the size of a postcard.
  13. My pleasure. In that same newsletter, there's an Asteroids t-shirt. Might be the one that they're referring to.
  14. Well, I was wrong about the Portfolio in my last post. In the AtariAge newsletter (which was the official publication of the Atari Game Club, before it became the AtariAge magazine), there's a picture of the actual Portfolio. There's also a pair of sunglasses, which might be the Glasses that are being referred to in the price guide.
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