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  1. CVGA/D-A, congrats on solving the clues. And, Karl, thanks once again for taking the time to do this. You did a fantastic job!
  2. Karl, I'm pretty sure these are wrong, but I'm just scrapin' the bottom of the barrel at this point. Let's try Spy Skipper for no. 4. And how about Word War I for no. 1?
  3. I figured the word "mail" would be in there somewhere. These last three seem to be the toughest ones. Although that Liver Raid one that you got was a doozy; I never would have gotten that one in a million years.
  4. I think this might be a bit of a stretch, but I'll go with TurMail (from Turmoil) for no. 1.
  5. Not sure about this one. But how about PitMall! for no. 9?
  6. Well, it's been a while since anyone answered, so I'll try one. I have three, but I'm not sure about the other two, so I'll try this one... Is no. 5 WarWords?
  7. Karl, you did a great job on these. You would have had a bright career at GAMES magazine. Would no. 8 happen to be Yarn Revenge?
  8. Dan, thanks so much for your kind response. I really appreciate your sharing these details. The information is fascinating. What an amazing party! It's great to finally get to the bottom of this. Thanks again. You stay safe also, as well as all AtariAge members.
  9. Good catch, Save. I hadn't noticed the color difference.
  10. A couple of Space Invaders sightings... First up is the movie Best Friends from 1982. That's Burt Reynolds about to turn off the TV, while two kids were playing. Here's an odd one. A movie from 1983 called The Creature Wasn't Nice. Here we have Leslie Nielsen playing the game, with the screen upside down.
  11. Attached is a picture of an Activision "stamp sheet" that I acquired from a former Activision employee. The sheet has an adhesive on the back, and each gamebox image has a perforation around it, so that you can remove each one. Every game is identified with "GS" and then two unique numbers. The sheet instructs you to choose either Megamania or Pitfall, and then one from the remaining 15 games. I thought the sheet might be from the Columbia House Video Game Club, but I don't believe the club sold Activision games. The employee doesn't recall anything about it, and I can't find any information online. Anyone have any ideas what this sheet was for? Thanks.
  12. Just remembered a couple more... Jackie Chan playing Pac-Man in Cannonball Run II Control tower employees playing Basketball in the movie Airplane
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