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  1. Right now, the orange zapper, full cord length for my 27" Sony tv and the 20" sony pvm, no problem at all from the cable length distance.
  2. It's probably be cheaper to make your own kick ass crt lol.
  3. Can you imagine the shipping for a CRT from Analogue!!! LOL
  4. I have a white mod from him and i LOVE it
  5. I don't even have a 2600 anymore (will get one eventually lol), but I wanna support this best I can. I can play the bin on my NT Mini + 27FV310/PVM
  6. This boxed game will be available for purchase here?
  7. I'll buy a two year sub on Friday. Wife gets paid then, and I get my "allowance" ROFL.
  8. Yeah, I'm sitting at 220 in line still.
  9. The arcade version has been something I've loved for most of my life. I keep an authentic jamma pcb connected to my supergun + Sony PVM, or I'll stick it in my MK3 cab for a "true" experience.
  10. I'm now 220 in line. Getting that itch!! lol
  11. Just for the sake of it, other MMC5 games work with this mapper fix as well. I tested: Castlevania 3 Uncharted Waters Romance of the Three Kingdoms II Laser Invasion
  12. krikzz released a mapper update for this on the N8. I'm using v16 firmware. It was tested on v20 rc.
  13. I'd have to even open mine up to test it lol, but I'm just assuming it's needed if it's telling you that it can't load it, and you don't have it. edit: we posted I guess at the same time lol.
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