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  1. Kickstarter is live!! I've pledge on it, so should you! The demo is fun to play and I love seeing new indie games coming to the Genesis/MD.
  2. Mine has been pretty decent since getting it. I connect to my PVM using SCART > BNC. Haven't had any issues with it. I have a HAS pre-ordered and that will take over once it is here.
  3. F34R

    Techno Cop

    It works with mine.
  4. F34R

    Techno Cop

    I played it on a model 2 with an Everdrive X7. Not sure if that helps or not.
  5. Yeah, someone will have to do repro carts and sell 'em. I'll look into it. lol
  6. I asked them about it on twitter, didn't receive a reply about it.
  7. Not only that, there isn't an order limit. So one bot could take them all in a fraction of a second.
  8. I have a Mega SG, Original Model 1 and 2, a model 2 cd, and an Everdrive X7; I still bought the upcoming SD. Using it for MSU-1 and no more cd drive load times and wear and tear.. easy decision for me. Adding the 32x is icing on the cake.
  9. Ok, via a tweet... right now it isn't supported. Click on the tweet to look at the question and answer.
  10. I went back and looked again.. so yeah, I'm full of dumb today.
  11. It's playing in the video, so I'm assuming it's supported. Look at 28:00 in the video.
  12. I want a good pre-order/release date for the MVS Pro lol.
  13. CRAP!!! I had toooo many tabs open, didn't even realize I was on this one. I apologize. I'm pathetic.
  14. It's going to be released on a cart, so, no need in dumping it.
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