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  1. I mean, definitely a bad pick for the name.
  2. Mine came in earlier today.. Fed Ex, on a Sunday! Driver said his area is working seven days a week.
  3. Now we know where the shipping costs go lol.
  4. I pre-ordered knowing that if it wasn't something I wanted to hold on to, I could sell it at cost or profit without any issues.
  5. I wanna jailbreak my DAC to use with non-Analogue devices.
  6. I would be surprised if it was 500 units only, but I doubt it. It took way too long on the pre-orders for it to only be 500; I'm guessing.
  7. Still able to pre-order it as of this post.
  8. This pretty much hits nail on head very well.
  9. That $10 separately is going to run you $30-$40 after shipping is tallied up. smh When the shipping costs twice as much as the product.. well, you get the idea.
  10. Of course it is. $27.45 for shipping to South Carolina. I did a pre-order first time, haven't received my shipping info yet.
  11. Here's in the arcade cab. Needs some monitor adjustment for sure.
  12. My plan for tomorrow (well "today" Monday) is to get Kraut Buster in the cab and get some real-time offscreen footage. /crosses fingers. I might also get to put it on the Sony PVM if I get my HAS up and running (Alternative is to use the RetroElectronic system) and get some footage to compare with.
  13. My Kraut Buster came in, just haven't had the time to get it all set up and play. Looking forward to it. I'll try and do a decent off cam capture instead of a non-scanline/crt capture.
  14. That's what I have. However, I'm not sure the screws that came with the Noc are the right ones lol. They seem to big for it.
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