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  1. I have some too...it was for shop promos and reseller
  2. http://www.atariage.com/2600/archives/KidVidAudio/ I have one and it's an curious and cool stuff
  3. Nice find...Adam and drive are not common in our country...in wich town did you find them ? Via le Bon coin i guess Macadam is not that common too...a nice lot. I hope you didn't pay that much but it's a great lot
  4. Me too...I still waiting for the last set of 1st run and if it doesn't work on scat version i have some pal version. So... glad you are back
  5. You can use a normal french intellivision cable and don't need rf or else and check the normal UHF VHF CANAL 36, Trust me, i'm french....and congrats for your fiend on Le Bon Coin, i've seen that one but i already have one boxed ! This one is the Telegames one, and it was sold in some Europeans country in the 90's, and some guys imported in France in few copies via their webshop in the late 90's (where i found mine in 2001 or 2002)
  6. I've got some pal adam on various conditions...pm me if you're interested
  7. Right i sold few..and it can be expensive fro France. But actually i do some kind of inventory..and i'm thinking about your idea for the marketplace. But for sure i'll keep some of the stuffs for me. No software or just few...most of the stocks is hardware from mint to good.
  8. Hi everybody, i actually looking for the Splice Vision ones in working condition or other colecovision clone i don't have ! Thanks for your offer and interest
  9. I just tested the Adam and it works for those who asked...as mentionned everything is NEW and Pal !
  10. I just listed Mint - New Colecovision and Adam on Ebay : http://www.ebay.com/sch/pongbeat/m.html?item=161190942826&pt=FR_GH_Informatique_Ordinateurs_Ordinateurs_de_Collection&hash=item2587ba986a&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Offer here welcome too, and of course i ship to USA, CANADA and others countries
  11. Hi everyone, I just decided to sell New Pal Colecovision, Adam and few coleco stuff in Perfect condition : http://www.ebay.com/sch/pongbeat/m.html?item=161170515790&pt=FR_Jeux_Vid%C3%A9o_Consoles&hash=item258682e74e&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thanks for looking
  12. Unfortunately there are just around 10 to 15 games, common ones...nothing sealed. But i didn't check everything. I saw some D.Kong adam arcade box but i'm not sure there is the tape in it
  13. You're right...that's me . In the following months i'm gonna take time to check the stuff. If someone here needs something just send mp and i'll be pleased to answer and make fair prices in you're interested...but as you mentionned shipping is really expensive. I'm very busy actually...but it's always a pleasure to take time to answer to members of Atariage. Thanks for your interests guys
  14. I'm still in contact with him...but it takes a bit longer than previous because of the various rental problem and days...i'll keep you informed
  15. I should go the see the guy soon, i hope, once he takes the volume, like this i can rent a truck...so i would keep you inform and post photos of course
  16. As soon as i'll have some news infos, i'll keep you informed Luciferhalo, maybe we can go to see him together. I've got a warehouse, so i can stock almost everything... For info i own a Red Adam scart system full boxed, and i've never seen a blue boxed in more than 16 years of collecting
  17. I've contacted him already this afternoon and he gonna take the volume and the size of all that stuffs, as i can go to pick it up too
  18. Mail received and already paid before the email....thanks in advance for your amazing work, can't wait this summer. My Scart/secam colecovisions wait for that baby too...
  19. Count me in for a French Secam version, payment to follow later today
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