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  1. Thanks nick3092 Is this the stuff you mean? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JB-Weld-Original-Cold-Weld-Steel-Reinforced-Epoxy-Glue-Metal-Wood-Plastic-PVC/153353240993?epid=12026528833&hash=item23b490c1a1:g:fd8AAOSw8zRcTDbo
  2. Here is the bearing itself and a piece of the mounting snapped off...
  3. Just received a CX-80 Trak-Ball today but it looks like it's been damaged in transit. (see photo) Just wondering if it is repairable as the ball in these things is really heavy? I doubt that a Super Glue fix would last long? As you can see it's where the bearing is seated which holds the Ball in place. What would you suggest to get a long lasting/strong repair? A real shame as the rest looks in really good condition
  4. Thanks Trebor, never knew this existed, it looks great. Only needs some sound/music adding and it's there! Shame it was never finished... What a talented man Ken was, such a loss
  5. I like puzzle games, which are lacking in the A7800 library. Examples: X-It Benefactor Pipe Mania Even a good Tetris clone would be nice However, as you all know, there's a great one on the way!!!! http://www.penguinet.net/Games/Rikki_Vikki/
  6. Yep, I've had 2 go the same way. Won't be buying another. I do not have any alternative, so am waiting patiently for the Concerto's final bugs to be eliminated. Hopefully it will then be released into the wild...
  7. I'd never heard of this version of Pac-Man, what a great game! Been playing under emulation today as both my Mateos carts died last year I'll await the Concerto now I think, whenever that's released into the wild.... Loving all your games, keep up the great work!!
  8. I'm relatively new to Atari 7800, so not around when pre order was available. I'll be waiting with bated breath for these to appear in the AA store Well done getting this project finished and released into the wild!
  9. Bryan's audio board working perfectly now, had to use a different solder pad for the Pokey. Now a perfect mix I recommend this board, it great! Just one thing, my Mateos cart has stopped working! You fix one thing, and another breaks, pooooo! Guess I'll have to buy another one...
  10. Crossbow, yeh the audio is mixed very well between the TIA & Pokey. However, the audio levels are not correct. If you have the sound high enough to enjoy the Commando music, the sound effects are overpowering. I may remove it and do as you suggest, Thanks! Trebor, thanks for the tips. I always believed that you needed to wait until the console had been on for over 30 minutes before color calibration. I've never been that satisfied with the result, so will do as you suggest and calibrate from a cold start. Is it the same for 2600 mode? Update: Bryan has replied and is assisting me with the audio board. Said it should be balanced, so maybe I've done something wrong
  11. Received the 'tiny' sound board from Bryan, It sounds really great, but I have a little question. I mailed Bryan, but I suspect he's a busy chap. In the meantime.. Does anyone know how to balance the sound between TIA and Pokey. The music is really quiet compared to the sound effects in Commando. Putting resistance between the TIA's audio output and the board makes no difference at all... I connected the board exactly the same as the picture posted by Bryan in this thread. (page 2) One, more thing. Is it best to tune the colors for Maria and TIA after the system has warmed up, or cold? There seems to be differing opinions regarding this....
  12. Hey flashjazzcat, just thought I would let you know that my random black screen, at bootup, issue has gone away. I had a problem with the keyboard, keys working intermittently. Particularly Start button. I therefore bought a new mylar off Fleabay which fixed the problem. The strange thing is, it also seemed to fix the VBXE black screen issue also. May be a coincidence, but I'm a happy chappie
  13. If they are, why was Asteroids released in PAL It was built into all Consoles.... Also, I'm sure Robotron was NTSC only
  14. YES!! The English version at last!! Bartłomiej Wieczorkowski Nir Dary Toshiba-3 Paweł Kuczmański Thank You!!
  15. Agreed. Or even play the finished game. Very sad
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