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  1. Hmm. I logged in here for the first time in I don't know how many years just to see if there was a thread for it. Sad that it seems that the Kickstarter might fail. It would have been sweet to have the shiny emblem on the front and even more pages...
  2. Can't believe I missed this... actually wouldn't have found it if I didn't go looking at the AR mailing list archives and found it to still be active just out of curiosity... If I still would be maintaining the FAQ I bet there would have been some nice new tidbits of info in this thread, but that was also a long time ago now. Actually, the reason I went looking is because I'm just about to release my first iPhone app... and I was thinking about what my next project might be...
  3. This means that either they managed to find Phillip Price, or they are selling it illegaly. I wonder which one it is (my bet is on the second alternative, right now).
  4. We Mac users are blessed with what I would like to say is the absolutely best front end for DOSbox by far, and that is the awesomeness that is Boxer. If you're not using it yet, you're missing out! Also, OpenEmu is interesting, but development is not very active. There's also intel optimized compiled versions of PCSX Reloaded, but I don't have any current links for where to find that. Nothing a quick Google won't fix for those who are interested.
  5. That might be true, because the Macbook has an integrated graphics card with not so top notch 3D performance (while Atari800MacX draws only 2D, I don't know how it draws it, but perhaps it does it in a way that's not optimal for the Macbooks). On my Macbook Pro, though, I notice no slowdowns. However, I can't get the artifacts to work. I'm using a 3X sized screen. Anyone know what's wrong?
  6. You're talking about Subtrade (avalilible both for Amiga and PC as shareware). Subtrade is actually nice, since it introduces mule farms, but some other aspects of it I've never really understood. But since the source code is out now, surely a remake (not sequel) could be made which completely captures the feel of the original? Anyway, I'll put it on my list to-do as I said and stop hijacking this thread now. Thanks again!
  7. Holy crap! Downloaded, and I was totally unaware by this. Why, oh why, hasn't anyone implemented this in C/C++ under SDL already? Brrr, my "to-do" games list is beginning to pile up, and I haven't even completed anything yet. Thank you so much for the information! Time to at least draw some nice graphics and fantasize a bit...
  8. Not really an answer, but International Karate on the ST has completely unique graphics compared to the C64 version, and was never made availible on the Amiga (only IK+ was).
  9. Oh, what an old thread. If I remember correctly, I did browse through at least part of my games magazine collection, but couldn't locate the screenshots that I remember. Does anyone have any more information about this game today? Screenshots, etc. In other words... *bump*
  10. Sorry for jumping in without reading the thread (Diablo is just a clone Gateway to Apshai/Gemstone Warrior imo) but this sentence above caught my eye. Are you saying that the source code for the original M.U.L.E. by Dani Bunten is availible somewhere? That surely has got to be a type of some sort, because otherwise the game ought to have been ported to SDL and all kinds of platforms, with net play and all a long time ago.
  11. Madness! But oh, so wonderful. I wonder if that OS code you wrote could be patched into one of the open source Atari 8-bit emulators to make a dedicated and easy to use AR package? One that you basically just fired up and played without ever noticing any disk swap or needing to configure anything...
  12. As I mentioned in a post further down the page, I did play the C64 versions while visiting friends, and the ST versions I had were (ahem) pirated (though my collection of original boxed ST games is around 100 I think). It's only recently that I've begun collecting certain games, but the trouble for me is that I'm sort of allergic to buying used products, and finding NIB games is rather difficult and costly (especially so since I remove the shrink wrap anyway so the value immediately drops). Also, to be picky, the CD32 & Playstation versions are 100% perfect ports of the 16-bit IK+
  13. I have the IK original right here... One for Atari and one for C64 Because the C64 has color cells and the Atari has not. 1023079[/snapback] Ok, I saw a disk on Ebay as well (though under the "World Karate Championship" name from Epyx). The say you say "the C64 has color cells" makes it sound like the C64 ought to have better graphics, but from the screenshot above, it looks like the other way around to me... Ads and dealer lists? Could it be possible to obtain a NIB (new in box) version of this game today? I'd be very interested, if that is the case. I've Googled a bit more for images and info on the C64 version. Could it be that my Commodore owning friends had some sort of pirated version which didn't have that particular scenery with which the Atari screenshot was made?
  14. What? But... how could I have missed it? No Atari User magazine I have ever mentioned it for the Atari and no gaming store I ever visited had it either, and I was always jealous of my friends with Commodore 64 machines who had the game. How come the graphics were different? That's interesting. I know that Archer Maclean wasn't payed a penny for the Studio 3 version, though (that's why he released his own GBA + PSX versions through Ignition).
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