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  1. Has anyone experienced any issues with Startropics off the SD card with the analogue nt mini? I dont have any audio and the game crashes not long into it. If I use the cart it plays just fine.
  2. I havent had the time to go through past post on this topic but when I try to play famicom disc system games on the analogue nt using the jailbreak firmware it tells me "Bad header". Any reason why this is or how to fix it?
  3. Hey Kevtris what are the chances the nt mini's FPGA could do neo geo pocket and pocket color ? Would be cool to have an adapter to use neo geo cd pads too if its possible.
  4. I did not change any of the settings. This issue would happen during the game without any other settings being change. I can attempt to video capture this tomorrow.
  5. I ran into a bug today while using the jail break on the analogue nt mini. After about 2 and half hours of playing the audio became very distorted. Even if I changed the game the issue would follow onto the next game. I power cycled the system and issue went away. I decided to see if I could replicated the issue. I again played for around 2 and half hours and the issue happened again. This time I decided to try an actual cart to see if the issue would still be there. Indeed it was. Anyone else experience this ?
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