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  1. Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey - awesome game with lots of replay value
  2. If you do Zaxxon, a Zaxxon + GORF set using those controllers would be pretty cool. I would buy that. Troy
  3. Payment sent - #77 or whatever the next number is. Troy
  4. The igloos represent the screen you are on. So the game starts on igloo #1 or the 1st screen. Each completed screen adds an igloo. After you complete every 10th screen, the igloo images reset to 1. This repeats indefinitely even after the skill level has maxed out. I haven't competed on Twin Galaxies for years, but while competing I kept copies of all my submissions. I found my submission for 306,230 and captured the images to show how the igloo counts line up with completed screens. My score ended on the 35th screen, but the skill level maxed out well before that. Troy
  5. For those not attending, I hope a "press kit" of some sort will be posted here. Something to show the tentative games like the early Atari catalogs would be great. Troy
  6. I look forward to a new system by Opcode! Maybe it will even have an expansion slot for games from the 2 "hostile console companies"... Troy
  7. True they are mock ups, but that is the design for the game! A programmer now knows what the screens look like, the characters in the game, and a general idea of gameplay. Adding more screens and taking the gameplay into a Zelda-like direction would be fun and pretty straight-forward. This could quickly turn into a completely new and awesome addition to the Intellivision library! Troy
  8. Sorry, but I do not have a template. Check with Collectorvision as they produced a nice gatefold box with the initial release of B.C.'s Quest for Tires and the Sydney Hunter games. Troy
  9. If gatefold boxes are made, I will buy them. I prefer the gatefold boxes as I can store the cart in the box without much wear on the box when taking the cart out. Plus I like the look and feel of them more than the standard boxes. Second choice would be standard boxes with cart holder already in them as pictured. Third choice is the standard boxes as the homebrew boxes being created are awesome artwork and quality, just would prefer the gatefold boxes. Troy
  10. All missing overlays safely arrived today! I emailed Emily as well, just letting everyone here know that my email was promptly, professionally and properly addressed. No issues whatsoever and my initial order is now complete. Troy
  11. Yep, that was me. Awesome, thank you both for pulling those and for responding here! I had pre-ordered those before the FB was ever released, and that weird website glitch caused my order to fall thru the cracks. I had been working with Keith and then when he sadly passed I thought I would never see my purchase be completed. Troy
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