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  1. Elektronite - I have no interest in joining Facebook, so if you add me there I will buy a copy. Otherwise I will wait for more copies to open up here. Troy
  2. No idea about Solar Fox or Blue Print decals. I remember having posters, but I don't have them now and I don't remember the poster specifics or how/why I got them.
  3. No, the iron-on decals were never distributed or even made as far as I know. There is also the reference to getting a t-shirt for achieving expert level on 3 or more games and a jacket for achieving it on 6 games; I never received the t-shirt or the jacket even though I achieved expert level on 6 games during that time. This was the 2nd and last issue for the Numb Thumb News, and likely the free give aways ended including any future promises. I believe there was a catalog insert where people could buy the t-shirt or jacket if they wanted to, but I wasn't going to pay for something I should have gotten for free. This was also the case with Activision as I would submit pictures for the Activision patches and around this time gamers started getting letters indicating that the program was ending. Activision would include a patch for the game you played if they had one, otherwise they would just grab a random patch and send it to you; eventually there were just letters once all patches were given out. Nice if you didn't have the patch already, but I ended up with a lot of duplicates at the time as I played all of the Activision and Imagic games as they were so far beyond the typical Atari 2600 game before them.
  4. For the Atari 2600 games, you got stickers that were stars. I believe the intent was to put your sticker on the bottom of the posters where the star is outlined. On the newsletter page above, you can see where I earned Stars for Riddle of the Sphinx and Cosmic Ark. I did not have the other games yet, but later also earned stars for Trick Shot, Demon Attack, and Atlantis (see pictures below). The picture with the ruler is just to show each star is about 4.5" in size. I had put these on the insert for a 8.5" x 11" frame.
  5. I listened to those 3 several times, and although I could not find where these were triggered either, this is what I think they are saying. C - "Keep You Away" D - "Very Good" F - "I'm Hungry" I even tried playing (not the CV version) and waiting until the last second to fire on Gond, thereby scoring 8000 points, thinking one of those would be heard but nothing new was heard.
  6. The ColecoVision manual states "There are 11 speech samples in this game. I couldn't figure out which the other 2 samples are and when they play." Do you mean something beyond what I have listed below? "Bon Voyage" at start of game "Let's Attack" when passing thru POWER "Be Careful" when POWER is running out "Rainbow Zone" when entering that zone "Styx Zone" when entering that zone "Stripe Zone" when entering that zone "Bleak Zone" when entering that zone "Keep Quiet" when mounting a Kemlus "Last Zone" when entering that zone aka Mystery City "Congratulations" when defeating Gond in the Last Zone "Good Luck" at the start of round 2 or greater Not exactly speech: Giggling after mounting a Kemlus Laughter from Gond in the Last Zone
  7. Questions about scoring: In the last Rainbow Zone, Ammo scores 100 points in the ColecoVision version but the arcade version scores 120. Was there a reason for this difference in scoring? In the Bleak Zone, the second batch of enemies are Romeda. The ColecoVision manual states these score 100-400, but the arcade scores 100 and I have yet to get more than 100 per Romeda on the ColecoVision. Is this a copy/paste error in the manual from Kemlus? What is the actual point range for Romeda in the Bleak Zone on the ColecoVision version of Vanguard?
  8. LOL, with the 2 codes I just ordered the color version for $32.79 including tax and free shipping. Troy
  9. Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey - awesome game with lots of replay value
  10. If you do Zaxxon, a Zaxxon + GORF set using those controllers would be pretty cool. I would buy that. Troy
  11. Payment sent - #77 or whatever the next number is. Troy
  12. The igloos represent the screen you are on. So the game starts on igloo #1 or the 1st screen. Each completed screen adds an igloo. After you complete every 10th screen, the igloo images reset to 1. This repeats indefinitely even after the skill level has maxed out. I haven't competed on Twin Galaxies for years, but while competing I kept copies of all my submissions. I found my submission for 306,230 and captured the images to show how the igloo counts line up with completed screens. My score ended on the 35th screen, but the skill level maxed out well before that. Troy
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