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  1. So - I just got my "Moyina" FTDI USB 6 wire cable per a previous post with a link to an amazon item. If I want APE to work properly; what was the final design/pinout/solution? I got a little confused reading the entire thread. TIA
  2. I did. I am now working on a way to transfer the contents of the atr and dcm images to fat32
  3. I did use the MPP version; however, that is long gone. I would not mind reimplementing some of the changes I made back then though. Or even rewriting something on top of MOE
  4. Good morning! Since this thread seems to be in relation to Atari BBS' in general, and there are some good heads here, I thought I'd ask a question. I have the following: - a recently modified Atari 800XL (Wizztronics 256k) - 850 Interface - MyIDE-II CompactFlash Interface & 8GB CF Card - Lantronix UDS10 Many lifetimes ago, I ran an atari bbs. I would like to do so again. Back then it was AMIS and some weird little thing I pulled down from Compuserv SIGs that I cannot locate I also have static IP's and a business internet connection. I would like to run a bbs again. Suggestions on this setup? Thoughts? Ideas? TIA! -- Rick
  5. Re-necro: I'd love to mess with this. Is there a currently modified copy available? It has been years and years since I touched my atari's, but i did run a "part time" bbs for years on a modded AMIS (which got lost in several moves)
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