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  1. Hello. Is the cart available yet?
  2. WAIT! It seems to work! I had to boot U1MB and use its Side2 loader (previously I tried the Side2 loader.
  3. Unfortunately, uflash doesn't recognize U1MB. At start it reports: "Cannot identify hardware. Select manually?" If I select "OK" and then "Ultimate 1MB", it still shows "Device not present". I have no other ideas.
  4. Hello. It's my first post here, so hello to everone! I hope o find some help here. Yesterday I broke SDX on my Ultimate 1MB extension. Now the computer doesn't boot if I enable SDX and PBI BIOS, it just shows a message "Ultimate PBI v.1.85, dev. 2" (or whatever number I set) and hangs here. With both PBI BIOS and SDX disabled, the computer boots fine, but the uflash utility doesn't recognize the U1MB and I cannot flash it. The dedicated SDX flasher also doesn't seem to recognize the expansion and just waits for the SDX expansion to be inserted. The disasterr happened when I was tying to update Side2 cart - it seems that I flashed the begnning of U1MB flash instead. Do you know, If I could update the flash in my U1MB by software way rather than using a hardware programmer? I don't have it and I would have to send the U1MB to Lotharek or someone else to do it. Therefore I'd prefer a software way (maybe it's possible to force uflash or SDX flasher to update SDX on U1MB flash somehow?
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