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  1. There is a talk that this PC engine core wasn't programmed by Kevtris. 😮
  2. A pc engine fpga with a cd-rom drive would be great but not now. You have a good point! Maybe it's just some new features for the pocket and a new batch for pre-orders...
  3. "²" ??? Will Pc engine CD ROM ² the next FPGA? 🤪
  4. Even Frodo could no get the "preciouussss" 🤪 https://twitter.com/elijahwood/status/1290304466529337346?s=20
  5. I think you are right, but could be more than 10k (many 2 units orders). Mine was #46163. Confirmation email was received at 08:02:08.
  6. Well, afaik you can pay $10 for a similar Aukey (18w) usb-c wall adapter on Amazon. But the dock already comes with the wall adapter... if you plan to buy it. I don't think the pocket needs USB-C 18w. Maybe a usb to usb-c cable and a regular 2.4a usb wall adapter charges as well (but in 1 X mode?) From wall adapter page: "Fast charge Pocket 2x as fast. Designed for Analogue Pocket but compatible with all Analogue products."
  7. I keep a cable extension like that pluggued all the time in the back of my original NT mini. All famicom accessories need this (cables are too short!). I just use a velcro tie to not leave the extension loose.
  8. Thanks for the explanation! And about Blisster vs SNAC? Are both the same? (excepting that SNAC is officially supported in some cores).
  9. Agreed. But Genesis 6B and Saturn pad are also awesome.
  10. "Nt mini v2 features a new and perfected NES cartridge slot, updated UI, branding, packaging, and includes a new 8BitDo 2.4g controller for NES in the box. Otherwise it's the same Nt mini you know and love. Available one last time. Better than ever." Reading this I came in conclusion that what's is inside is the same fpga, same design, etc. Maybe the new UI will be compatible with v1 and v2 machines.
  11. I don't know why they didn't take pre-orders as they did for the DAC. For these "limited run"®️ products I think that most people will not complain to pay in advance...
  12. Just received the tracking number for the controller: Hello Mauricio! We just shipped your order via FedExSmartPost SmartPost. We hope you love it. Here's what we shipped: 1 x Analogue Super Nt - Ghostly Limited Edition, Controller Thanks Analogue! 😉
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