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  1. Mega SG special edition: https://www.analogue.co/editions/hyperdub-mega-sg/
  2. Playstation FPGA project:
  3. Well, if the DAC is a parameter, it's been late but it will be released next year ...
  4. Yes, I bought this one a little bit smaller but @str0m commented that a "Full size one is in development".
  5. Nice! Just bought my replacement screen and I will install it soon. Who is developing a full size screen?
  6. All pre-orders ship in February 2020.
  7. You are a very luck guy! 😁 I have 2 Mega Drive model 1 Japanese and I can see jailbar in both. One is modded so the jailbair is very faint but still there if you look very close. The other is unmodded and the jailbar is very easy to see. Also have a Laseractive RGB modded and no jailbar at all. 😉
  8. Also, if both firmware had to be updated to include support, I guess that the DAC doesn´t use a standard HDMI signal.
  9. I´m expecting something like Nt mini. When you use the HDMI the signal is processed at 60hz to keep under HDMI specs and keep compatible with all tvs. But using analog out, the signal will have the real refresh rate of the console. I can´t find now, but here in the past someone commented about how the signal could be out of HDMI specs but still going out of HDMI connector. This kind of signal that I think will be use with DAC and maybe some type of auto detection (if technically possible) to avoid someone trying to use this signal in his digital TV.
  10. I´m not expert but looking to the pcb I was expecting something simple, with less components. Even a cyclone 10 is there. Maybe is just for the test board...
  11. I think it will be like the nt mini: from the d-sub conector you can have anything analog: composite, s vídeo, rgb and also component. Just use the monoprice adapters or build your own cable using the layout posted in nt mini support page long ago: https://support.analogue.co/hc/en-us/articles/115000923948-Using-Analog-Video-output-with-the-Nt-mini
  12. From Polygon interview 10 months ago: When asked what’s happened to this thing (DAC), Taber said, “It’s been done. It’s like 99.9 percent done and has been for like six months. We just didn’t have the time to focus on it. We had a small window of time to be able to focus on something else before we needed to get on Mega SG to be able to stick to our development schedule, and we even pushed the envelope a couple of weeks out and we just couldn’t spend another fucking day on it. We had to drop it. So it’s basically done, ready to be produced. We even have all the parts for it and everything, we just have to pull the trigger on it. So right when we get through these last little details with Mega SG, that’s the first thing on the list. https://www.polygon.com/2018/10/16/17979024/sega-genesis-mega-drive-mega-sg-release-date-analogue-super-nt If he told the truth, native timings over HDMI are done. The only thing on the technical side that I imagine could delay the launch of DAC would be to make 32X compatible. But can only be a matter of again focus on it as he said. What will come first? DAC or SG adapters? 😁
  13. Since the CEO Christopher Taber said the DAC is 99.9% done I hope he keep his promise and release it soon: https://www.polygon.com/2018/10/16/17979024/sega-genesis-mega-drive-mega-sg-release-date-analogue-super-nt I don't know if Mega SG still dragging all theirs avaliable time and they cannot release another hardware now or if they plan to first make DAC compatible with 32X then release. A month or so ago I let Analogue know (twitter) that I'm still interested in the DAC. I also have a Super NT sealed waiting for "analogue" connectivity. RELEASE THE DAC...EN!
  14. Here https://shop.8bitdo.com/products/mod-kit-for-original-playstation-controller I don´t think so. Not yet. If 8bitdo announces a wireless playstaion controller like SN30 or M30 (PS30?) maybe something is coming...
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