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  1. Thanks for the explanation! And about Blisster vs SNAC? Are both the same? (excepting that SNAC is officially supported in some cores).
  2. Agreed. But Genesis 6B and Saturn pad are also awesome.
  3. "Nt mini v2 features a new and perfected NES cartridge slot, updated UI, branding, packaging, and includes a new 8BitDo 2.4g controller for NES in the box. Otherwise it's the same Nt mini you know and love. Available one last time. Better than ever." Reading this I came in conclusion that what's is inside is the same fpga, same design, etc. Maybe the new UI will be compatible with v1 and v2 machines.
  4. I don't know why they didn't take pre-orders as they did for the DAC. For these "limited run"®️ products I think that most people will not complain to pay in advance...
  5. Just received the tracking number for the controller: Hello Mauricio! We just shipped your order via FedExSmartPost SmartPost. We hope you love it. Here's what we shipped: 1 x Analogue Super Nt - Ghostly Limited Edition, Controller Thanks Analogue! 😉
  6. "Update: they have indicated they will be shipping the controller separately."
  7. Are you using the recommended monoprice HD15 to component cable?
  8. Just received an email from Retro gaming cables Uk and they are with issues in supply chain in China. Probably because of coronavirus. also see the green letters related with Analogue: "Dear Retro Gamer Since the Christmas rush we have slowly started to replenish stock. Most items are back in stock now including the Universal Nintendo, Dreamcast and PlayStation RG SCART cables. Unfortunately there is no ETA on the RAD2X cables due to supply chain issues in China. But we will advise as soon as we get an update. Analogue reached out to us asking whether we would like to become a cable provider for the Nt mini, DAC and custom cable for the 32X. I just need to feedback from you guys to see whether if there is enough interest from the community for these cables. Best regards"
  9. My DAC will arrive tomorrow... in US (I'm in Brazil). I apreciate if someone can confirm if the DAC can work with either a manual (passive) or automatic hdmi switch. I have no plans to buy 2 more DACs (Super NT, Super SG and Pocket) and hate to swap cables every use (even an easy to swap hdmi cable). Bob from RetroRGB wrote on twitter that he tested with a 2 way hdmi splitter (duplicate output) and it didn't work.... ☹️
  10. Super NT Ghostly shipped today! 😉
  11. Finally! 😁 Also black Super NT back in stock.
  12. Thanks for the info. Just ordered a Ghostly. I hope it's not a mistake....
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