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  1. I'm dissapointed about the dock and the non existent DAC support. I hope that it come soon by firmware update. But I can't imagine how they pretended to launch it in 2020 even 1 year latter some features aren't implemented yet. Maybe just with GB and GBC cores ready out of box? This is indeed the most audacious project from Analogue and I hope that they fulfill everything they promised even if it take a year or more. I got two units in the preorder (for me and my friend, no scalpers here) and tomorrow I will take a look if more cartridge adapters will be available (NGPC, Lynx and TG-16).
  2. Maybe I'm wrong but the Pocket doesn't seem to have an integrated ARM. I think that OS/scaling/input are done by secondary FPGA.
  3. Probably you already returned the Hydra but did you try every sync option in the DAC menu? It's very strange to hydra do not pick up the signal. My friend had one and they told me that the creator uses the official rules (composite signal as sync) but now every scart cable manufacturer sells C Sync RAW cables. Thats probably causes a lot of incompatibilities. When you tried it was you using a HDMI switch in the chain? Because not every HDMI switch works with DAC. I had to buy a mechanical HDMI switch from Japan but now I have a more easy option to find at amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07J6GJ448?pldnSite=1 I use a DAC plugued in the mechanical japanese HDMI switch and then plugged in a gscartsw and it works fine.
  4. Hi I didn't have time to setup mine. But I hope it's just software related. Does the jaguar SD require a bios to run?
  5. @vanfanel v4.8 notes: - Added blurring for the entire screen - enable dither blending and set blending depth to maximum 😁
  6. Hi @batari First sorry to use the thread to contact you. I tried email and pm without success. I made the order #1568594494 on dec 12th and received an email with shipping confirmation on dec 28th. But I didn't receive it yet (overseas). I apreciate if you could contact me in private with tracking info. Thanks!
  7. Hi Can you put me on the preorder list?
  8. I think they can back to the roots and make a Neo Geo FPGA (I think it's doable with current FPGA chip Analogue use or a double fpga setup as Pocket). This in 2022. Until there maybe the prices comes down and can be viable to use the same chip as Mister (115k LE if I'm not wrong) and enable Nintendo 64, PS1, etc. At least an Arcade FPGA defeat their "legal" vision: Analogue Duo does not play copyrighted ROM files, it plays legacy game cartridges and CDs. They can put a floppy drive to make a classic computer fpga compatible with originals games but I don't think they will do it. But I hope that increasing the engineer dept no only allows they will able to run 2 projects at same time but could also update previous works. Also have stock of their products would be nice. I miss the time when we complaim about the higher shipping costs but there was something to ship to us... About third party support nothing was said about Duo. My guess it's a Pocket only thing because the pocket is like the Zimba 3000 portable edition. I dont see an updated pocket until Nintendo DS or psp are doable in FPGA.
  9. A Famicom controller extender (or easy to find neo geo) will solve the problem to both V1 and V2 Analogue NT mini.
  10. Any idea how to use a genesis 3 or 6 buttons controller on nt mini noir?
  11. There is a talk that this PC engine core wasn't programmed by Kevtris. 😮
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