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  1. Since the CEO Christopher Taber said the DAC is 99.9% done I hope he keep his promise and release it soon: https://www.polygon.com/2018/10/16/17979024/sega-genesis-mega-drive-mega-sg-release-date-analogue-super-nt I don't know if Mega SG still dragging all theirs avaliable time and they cannot release another hardware now or if they plan to first make DAC compatible with 32X then release. A month or so ago I let Analogue know (twitter) that I'm still interested in the DAC. I also have a Super NT sealed waiting for "analogue" connectivity. RELEASE THE DAC...EN!
  2. Here https://shop.8bitdo.com/products/mod-kit-for-original-playstation-controller I don´t think so. Not yet. If 8bitdo announces a wireless playstaion controller like SN30 or M30 (PS30?) maybe something is coming...
  3. I hope Analogue finally release the DAC!
  4. Well, Mega Sg will play 2 of these consoles covered by Nt Mini using cart adapters: Master system and Game Gear. I think cart adapters is a very good solution for a couple of reasons: Keeps Analogue legal and far from trouble with gaming companies, because it only plays "officially" original carts. Of course it will play counterfeit and unofficial cartridges but that is not Analougue problem!; It's a way to Analogue make some money for releasing these cores. A way back in this thread we were discussing how Analougue could sell a core in the Core Store®. I think most of us will happily pay for a cart adapter including a 8 bits core for use with Super Nt or Mega Sg. I my opinion even more than the $ 10 dollars that Analogue announce for SMS/GG/SG-1000. Releasing the adapters with cores costs money and Analogue should and can charge for it; It will permits people with original carts collection to keep playing with brand new hardware; Probably we will get a jailbroken firmware as NT mini from an unknown person allowing to load games from SD cards.
  5. Hi SainT! Can you please add me (again) in the list? My friend saw mine and wants one too!
  6. An interesting lag test about 8bitdo controllers and also Krikzz joyzz: https://www.retrorgb.com/krikzz-joyzz-vs-8bitdo-m30-2-4g-vs-8bitdo-m30-bluetooth-input-latency-lag-testing.html
  7. Probably finished. The game is not Analougue exclusive and also will be released in physical form to Ps4 and Vita (emulation of course) by Strictly limited Games. They even hire Matt Phillips to help in programming (Tanglewood) and have some people who worked on it originally. More info here: https://projecthardcore.strictlylimitedgames.com/ I also read somewhere that due to license issues the final game will be called ULTRACORE.
  8. From rev H to J the only well knowing change was the memory card (SD to micro SD). But the major motivation to me to change from Rev F to J was the correction of MSU-1 audio circuit. (Rev H also have this correction as well). Yes, before thinking in buying a new revision I installed the small pcb to fix the audio but had some problems like audio distortion (cold solder) and FMV playback issues (because of sd card I was using - explanation here: https://sd2snes.de/blog/card-list). I only discovery the causes AFTER buying the revision H. But in the end I was happy because I could sold the previous SD2Snes fully working.
  9. Same here! I sold my rev F last BF to buy a newer rev. J. Sold rev. J last week and ordered a SD2snes Pro yesterday. Some will say it was a waste of money, which I can not disagree with ... but I did justify to myself that snes is my all time favorite console. And It worked.
  10. When I received my NT mini I tested it and found that although the Nt mini works like a four score/nes satellite (4 controller ports), they ignored the turbo option available on both devices! I wrote to Analogue at that time asking for it, but I never got a response ....
  11. There is some info related to Super NT: SmokeMonster: I forgot to ask how the Pro’s new save states work? Ikari: To explain save states I should point out the limitations of real hardware: The problem with sound on save states is that the APU (S-SMP + S-DSP) is an independent system on the SNES that only has 4 I/O ports to communicate with the SNES CPU via a software protocol. Once a game has its sound code up and running in the APU there is no way to interface it in a universal way, i.e. you can’t get the state of the APU at runtime at all. I hope to overcome this limitation by running my own APU implementation on the FPGA which makes me the “owner” of its state too, so I can grab it whenever I want. The original APU would be silenced by running a little hook on reset that uploads an infinite loop so it doesn’t react to any CPU access. The sd2snes would then override the bus with its own APU responses accordingly. Unfortunately this method won’t work on a Super Nt because bus override hacks simply don’t work on it. There’s another way but it may be prone to desynchronization. Source: https://www.retrorgb.com/sd2snes-pro-more-details-from-ikari.html
  12. Talking about MiSTer and Neo Geo, did you see that Furrtek (dev that is creating a Neo Geo open hardware FPGA core) is looking for MiSTer? https://twitter.com/furrtek/status/1054140423604764674 https://twitter.com/SmokeMonsterTWI/status/1054449627607547904 Well, a lot of work still has to be done but it´s a good news indeed! He had a good increase in his Patreon after that: https://www.patreon.com/furrtek
  13. Nice! How do will you contact the waitlist? pm?
  14. Sure! Even owning a fancy SD2snes I bought a Superufo just for this feature! But the better place to use it is between stages: this way you solve glitches and audio issues and cheat the game a little less!
  15. Also superufo 8 do this. But it didnt work for every game and sometimes is very buggy. But its better than nothing.
  16. DAC still coming, but no ETA: https://twitter.com/analogue/status/1049389048316354560
  17. Hi. Please put my name in the list for a lynx 2 version with case.
  18. I think MLiG tested Megaman X3 using Super UFO Pro 8 (used an original japanese cart with the english version from sd card). They commented something in the streming with Kevtris.
  19. "But it isnt the Genesis that Taber describes as his dream project. True to form, its Steve Russells Spacewar!, one of the earliest space combat games, developed back in 1962 on the PDP-1 computer, which boasted a little over 9 kilobytes of memory. Almost everybody has played Spacewar!, but almost nobody has played it on the original hardware, he says. I want to make that happen. PDP-1 core confirmed!
  20. You can build your own cable (or ask someone to do it for you) using the correct specification: https://support.analogue.co/hc/en-us/articles/115000923948-Using-Analog-Video-output-with-the-Nt-mini Don´t forget: . Connecting pins 4 and 5 together will put the system into composite/s-video mode. Doing that you will see that composite image from Nt mini is the same as original nes.
  21. So your development unit can do analog? NICE!
  22. Do you have any japanese controller to test (using famicom expansion port)?
  23. Good one. I took your question and asked Analogue on twitter.
  24. I think they didn't call the signal "proprietary" if it just convert 480p to 240p. I'm hoping for a RAW 240p signal using the HDMI just as a connector, without any compromisses to 60Hz and others HDMI specs. I don't know if Snes have speed differences as NES (in Hz) but if they plan to make it universal to newer products the RAW signal seem the way to go.
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