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  1. I have access to an old Sony BVM-1910 but it won't run and I'd like to have it repaired if possible. I'm in North Carolina and I'm willing to drive for someone reliable to work on it. Anyone know of anyone anywhere?
  2. Nice! I may try a couple more times but I seriously doubt I'll touch that.
  3. Can't even beat my regular season score.
  4. Do I have any chance?! Lol Not likely. I'll give it a go though. I don't even remember the game I got in the draw!
  5. Hated Kangaroo the most! And Boxing! Roc N Rope was surprising! Toy Shop as well. Favs - Gingerbread Man and maybe Barnstorming
  6. 115,600 - Tac Scan 1,058 - Super Breakout
  7. This is as good as I'll get. Don't care for button mashers all that much. 92,950
  8. In case I don't get a chance to post scores later. Outlaw - 21 Bank Heist - $670 Gangster Ally - 2,980
  9. One big issue I have is the short controller cable. I see on Ebay someone is selling an extension cable. Are those original equipment or is that a recent design? Anyone try one?
  10. So what is the ultimate goal here? Playing thru all the levels isn't that difficult at the early stages. Higher stages the mutants move too fast. I tried it at the hardest setting a few times and cannot figure out how to beat the first board without dying. It's been a while but it's one of my favorite 5200 games.
  11. For as good as stock controllers are on Robotron, they suck on Gyruss. I did better with a 2600 stick. Need to try d-pad next. 44,900 is my beginning score.
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