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  1. Scores to get me started: Pacman 4k - 22,960 Seaweed Assault - 2,698 Dragon's Descent - 541
  2. Bonus: Baby Yoda Game Title: Star Wars: Frogs and 'No' Flies Game Description: Similar game play to Frogs and Flies but instead of the flies a Baby Yoda uses the force to float around the screen eating the frogs jumping from pad to pad.
  3. Sky Diver - 89 Spitfire Attack - 20,280 Bermuda Triangle - 6,650 Thunderground - 109,050,050
  4. OK. That was a dumb question. I reformatted the disk and it now works. Haven't had to do that in a long time. LOL Thanks for getting me on the right track.
  5. I did get the error. Are there instructions somewhere to reformat? It's been a while.
  6. Was working fine until I moved a few games around for quick access for HSC. What does the error mean and how do I fix it.
  7. 54,528 2nd try. Hands hurt = not much fun. Nice blast from the past though. Just wish it had an opportunity to rest before continuing on.
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