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  1. 54,528 2nd try. Hands hurt = not much fun. Nice blast from the past though. Just wish it had an opportunity to rest before continuing on.
  2. I just can't get in a groove this week. Pressure Cooker - 5,980
  3. Just posting in case I forget later. Pressure Cooker - 105 Oink! - 21,112 Blue Print - 2,825
  4. First posting of the season. I think I can do better now that I have stage 3 figured out better. 13,500
  5. I have access to an old Sony BVM-1910 but it won't run and I'd like to have it repaired if possible. I'm in North Carolina and I'm willing to drive for someone reliable to work on it. Anyone know of anyone anywhere?
  6. Nice! I may try a couple more times but I seriously doubt I'll touch that.
  7. Can't even beat my regular season score.
  8. Do I have any chance?! Lol Not likely. I'll give it a go though. I don't even remember the game I got in the draw!
  9. Hated Kangaroo the most! And Boxing! Roc N Rope was surprising! Toy Shop as well. Favs - Gingerbread Man and maybe Barnstorming
  10. This is as good as I'll get. Don't care for button mashers all that much. 92,950
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