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  1. In case I don't get a chance to post scores later. Outlaw - 21 Bank Heist - $670 Gangster Ally - 2,980
  2. One big issue I have is the short controller cable. I see on Ebay someone is selling an extension cable. Are those original equipment or is that a recent design? Anyone try one?
  3. So what is the ultimate goal here? Playing thru all the levels isn't that difficult at the early stages. Higher stages the mutants move too fast. I tried it at the hardest setting a few times and cannot figure out how to beat the first board without dying. It's been a while but it's one of my favorite 5200 games.
  4. For as good as stock controllers are on Robotron, they suck on Gyruss. I did better with a 2600 stick. Need to try d-pad next. 44,900 is my beginning score.
  5. Just posting a score. Too bad because I love Robotron. 91,450 Can we go back to Bounty Bob? I'm bent on beating all 25 levels in one shot!
  6. I'm still try to master Bounty Bob Strikes Back! Lol
  7. Robotron for 5200 is excellent! 2 working controllers and a coupler is all you need. Lol I was playing the arcade core on my MISTer recently. Tough game.
  8. I spent too much time earlier trying to beat some of the later boards like 22 23 and 24. I just had a few runs end on the gravity lift! Next board is easy and I think I would have had enough to have the high score but I failed miserably in frustration. Gravity Lift is fairly straight forward but I can hit it cleanly. I can pretty much run the first 9 clean. I'm going to continue working at it. I want to complete the game. But I need some time off. Lol Miner 2049er and Bounty Bob are easily my 2 favorite Atari games!
  9. Infiltrate (Game 2) - 25,175 Infiltrate (Game 1-6) - 7,550 Private Eye - 39,000
  10. 100,370 Lost one early but cleared everything else including 8, which I finally figured out! Lost 2 guys on 10 with only a few squares! Would have given me another 7,000 or so plus the next board, which is a gimme practically. I'm almost at the point where I can get the first 12 without dying.
  11. Just dies 3 frigging times on level 9,which is supposed to be a freebie board. Would easily have a high score. Guess I'm just going to have to go for a score versus going deep into the game.
  12. 37 Tanks 1d 0h on bonus 5200 HSC has a much better game this week so I'm spending my time on it this week.
  13. It does but you need to use the link from the first post. I tried the one from the Smokemonster pack and that didn't work on my Atarimax.
  14. I'm not a cartridge collector. I may someday consider a CIB though. That price seems way high for only a cartridge though... at least in my opinion. This is such a great game I may actually shell out the cash for one.
  15. Went out on an easier board! Ugh! Finally getting grain elevator down good. 69,280 This is one of my favorite games ever. I want to complete all levels one day.
  16. Correction you don't have to complete board 5 for the message. It pops up when you lose last life.
  17. It'll show after you die completing board 5,which is by far the most difficult. Now I'm working on board 6,which is grain elevator. I don't think it will take as long to master. But last night I was able to make it to board 5 before losing a life so I'm making progress. I love this game!
  18. Why not share. Keep hearing people have trouble with board 2. Here's a way to warp past it. I can't get past 'jumping 101'...at least not yet. 😉
  19. It's a start. Love this game! 26 boards though.... Geez. Default options... Correct? 44,430
  20. Haven't played 5200 in quite a while. I've also never played this game before either. I may try to improve my score later today but in case I forget, here's my entry. 58,500
  21. Boxing - KO-90. 0:01 Barnstorming - 0:52.85 Freeway - 26 Grand Prix - 0:29.98
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