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  1. Nicely done Sneakyturtleegg. At least for me the torture ends here.
  2. 136 in the last game I started before midnight. If not for a busy day I think I could have done better. I still very much dislike the game.
  3. My arm is now really hurting. Stupid shark!
  4. 133 Had to give it last minute shot. Watching British Open all day and almost forgot about it.
  5. 105 The 2600 controller is killing my tendinitis!
  6. Need to post something. No time to play this week. 1,639
  7. I need to replace a bunch of contacts on some controllers. There are several sizes. Does it have to be the 3 lag version versus some that have 4? What size do I need?
  8. Raft Rider 11,022 Lost Luggage 2,539 Shark Attack 115
  9. I hope I never have to see this game again! Pele's Soccer 1-0
  10. You do mean Namco Speedway for 8 laps. I don't see a Namco GP. Just making sure.
  11. I did it both ways. 13,360 with all OE. 14,590 with digital stick and hack ROM. This will be my score for the round. Just not enjoying this game.
  12. Are we using stock controllers and original cart or a hack and a digital controller?
  13. 18,438 Might not have another chance to improve on this. Currently I'm on the bubble and hoping to squeeze into top 24.
  14. First things first. I'm going with a personal favorite... Carnival
  15. Not a huge fan of the game but don't hate it either. 40,000 Five of a kind with a 4 kicker.
  16. I really never gave this a chance. I wish there was a manual available so I didn't have to trial and error my way through. Here's a score to post. Just didn't connect with this game soon enough. 4,300
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