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  1. And I cringe at 5 of a kind being a poker hand.
  2. I much prefer last week's Seawolf. 30,710 Three of a kind 0's! Lol.
  3. I also have a Wico bat but don't like using it. Too big and heavy to use comfortably for me.
  4. 5 controllers all need work but wondering if it's worth the trouble. Can't even get some to fully plug in. No idea how to use flight stick one. It fires and will sorta move right somehow but seems useless for the most part. Probably would help certain games unknown to me. The joysticks have varying issues. One will fire but won't move. Another moves but doesn't really fire. They seem flimsy and likely not worth trying to clean up. I have other projects but hate throwing stuff away. Anyone familiar with any of these? Junk?
  5. 12,860 I guess being a former sub sailor gives me an edge! Lol
  6. This seems to be overly difficult. Maybe by design. But I feel like I'm missing something. Lol I'll keep trying. I watched a few videos but none of them helped as there is no discussion of strategy. If anyone finds something please post.
  7. I tried changing to .bin but that didn't seem to work. I did have a version already from a bunch of homebrews I downloaded recently so I'm good. I thought I'd pass that along.
  8. I literally can't make it past 12 scorpions! 5200 version is making me hate this game that I loved as a kid on 2600 and was a key to my getting into retro gaming. I had a perfect score back then. I guess I'm going to stop trying. A lot of hours into it. Ugh. Guess I'll move on to Dreadnoughts.
  9. Improvement - 1:13.01 Also, my Quick Step score should read 1,371 (2,132 - 761) Thanks
  10. Here are my first entries to get on the board. Nothing at the top but I think decent showings. Sky Jinks hurts to play more than a few times. Lol Foot Bag - 39,910 Sky Jinks - 1:14.44 Discus - 4,075 Quick Step - 1,371 (2,132-761)
  11. A dissatisfied 60,000. I will try a few more times.
  12. This game is really starting to piss me off. It really seems some perfect jumps of the scorpion still kill you. I almost never die jumping them on the 2600 version. I can't make it past the first 12 of them. I can play to topside perfectly. And I spent an hour just practicing jumping the stupid scorpions! I may have to resort to just seeing how far I can go topside to put up a score but that would be disappointing. But I swear, an identical jump will sometimes kill me. I know there's a very small margin of error but it really seems like the window moves.
  13. There's no ROM download there. I tried Atarimania as well and was unsuccessful.
  14. Improvement - 107,000 Finally made it to sundaes!
  15. Does crazed wave ever end? I can't get past I think the tomatoes.
  16. Seeing the movie would definitely make it a better experience. Someone should update the game with the actual shower scene. Lol
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