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  1. Video lag in low latency mode is 2 scanlines which is the same as the Super NT. At the original refresh rate of the consoles, I might add. USB is the default yes, which can be adjusted down to poll at 1000hz depending on device. Though in practice, the controllers I have poll every 4ms. There is also the ability to directly interface with the FPGA by building an open source SNAC board, which dodges the USB latency issue, and is effectively the same as what analogue is doing. But yeah keep spreading FUD and comparing us to "raspberry pi kiddies". We'll just keep enjoying all the cores
  2. Found a minor Super NT bug that may already be fixed in the yet unreleased development version of the firmware. In Super Star Wars, during the Mode 7 land speeder sections (level 2 is the first example), the game will randomly pause and unpause very quickly. It doesn't happen all that often so it's not a big deal, but it does seem to happen one or two times every time I play through the level. My guess is that something about the way the game polls for controllers on this level is tripping up the Super NT. Maybe similar to Monopoly?
  3. Yep that should also work. I think you might have to create a folder at /SAVES/SNES on your sd card to hold the saves as detailed in the readme, but maybe the SNT JB firmware makes the folders if none of the options exist. EDIT: I preserved the sd2snes OS folder so that the Super NT would use my saves from the sd2snes, and it seems to work perfectly
  4. I had issues with saves previously but I managed to get them to work every time across all my games. First, I formatted with SD Formatter 5, and then copied a fresh version of your Super Everdrive - SD2SNES pack released on Valentine's. However at this point, saves still seemingly did not work. Then I noticed in the pack that both the directories for the sd2snes OS and Super Everdrive OS were in there. Sure enough, after I deleted the folder titled SPED, my saves became 100% consistent. I hope this helps!
  5. Oops, just realized I misread your question. It displays in full range RGB
  6. Magewell Pro Capture HDMI card, I just run mwcap-info on the device while video is coming through and it tells me what format it is.
  7. It outputs RGB 4:4:4, just like the NT Mini
  8. While I agree that the marketing video is overdone and doesn't have much to do with the game... Super Turrican is pretty fun and worth playing. And the Director's Cut finally seeing the light of day is really exciting!
  9. My money is on kevtris bringing the Core Store to the Super NT and I immediately pre-ordered when I saw it. Even if I'm wrong, I get a sweet HDMI SNES with extras an RGB SNES can't replicate for a decent price. Can't go wrong, in my opinion.
  10. Just wanted to share this article since I remember it being mentioned that the Gameboy core on the NT mini has some current issues with this game, and there may be helpful information here. https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/727dqd/sameboy_010_preview_emulating_pinball_deluxe/ Also since I brought up the topic of the Gameboy cores, I noticed the noise channels for Shantae sounds a bit off. It uses them as percussion, but comparing them to my GBC + everdrive gb, the NT mini sounds a bit more like static than percussion. Probably wouldn't have noticed unless my brother pointed it out, though. At any rate, I know it'll be quite some time before this can even be looked at, and I'm definitely ok with that. Thanks for such an awesome product, will be playing it for quite some time, and I'll be sure to buy whatever next FPGA console eventually comes!
  11. I rescind my previous report about Final Fantasy 3 and Recca. I tested them out more extensively and it turns out the NT Mini is doing the correct thing, after all. I'm pretty sure it is just filtering making it sound different
  12. Ok, I think it's actually a bug(still a possibility it isn't, though). There's definitely a difference compared to my unmodded AV Famicom. It might have something to do with filtering but the latest nestopia undead git build sounds more like my Famicom than the NT Mini in this case. This also happens in the NSF player, an easy way to reproduce is to get the Final Fantasy III NSF and go to the battle theme. Here's a recording of the issue in FF3: https://www.mediafire.com/?ohtnhbh9bob1exy
  13. When playing Summer Carnival 92: Recca or Final Fantasy III(during the battle theme), the drums sound a bit too loud and like they might be clipping a little bit. I'm not actually sure if this is incorrect or if it's just because of different audio filtering.
  14. Good point, glossed over that. For the JP version I'm using a famicom disk system ram adapter + fdsstick. I haven't tried the Everdrive yet but it worked with most fds games I tried so I would assume it'd work
  15. Yep sure does, I just tested out the Mario Bros - Classic Series french ROM in PAL mode. Works great. The JP version works fine too in NTSC mode. This is loading the roms off of an SD card with the v2.0 JB firmware on the NT Mini The Odyssey 2 keyboard inputs work with a PS/2 to Famicom exp port adapter that kevtris made. I think he released the files to make your own, but none have been sold from what I can tell.
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