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  1. Someone had a mega link up on Twitter but it was taken down today before I could download it :(. I bought the system but having the files would be nice too.
  2. 8bitdo announced a DIY Bluetooth solution for PS1 and PS1 classic controllers. The rest of their DIY controller line has an Analogue FPGA equivalent console for sale...Nt Mini, Super NT, Mega Sg... Can we begin to discuss the dream or possible reality of an Analogue FPGA PS1?
  3. Has anyone modified their Master System adapter yet with a button to add the pause option to the adapter? (If you have can you provide a picture?) Also has anyone removed it from the shell and tried it in a standard genesis yet? Threw the jail break on last night and played through McDonald's Treasureland Adventure for the first time. I love that I can play random games at any moment without getting up to change the cart.
  4. The Mega Sg manual only lists the mega Everdrive and Everdrive MD series as compatible. I hope someone tests this and reports back.
  5. Did you install one of these by chance kevtris?
  6. Anyone have a link for a tl1105 switch that will fit the master system adapter case and allow a pause button to be added? It has to have an actuator of at least 13.00 mm in length.
  7. It was from Polygon: https://www.polygon.com/2018/10/16/17979024/sega-genesis-mega-drive-mega-sg-release-date-analogue-super-nt
  8. I really hope that if turns to a when someday. My TG-16 is so frail.
  9. Taber quotes: Bluetooth controller option- If you’re ready to convert an existing Genesis controller to a wireless Bluetooth version, using the already available DIY kit from 8BitDo, Taber tells me that a Genesis-compatible Bluetooth receiver should be available before the release of the Mega SG. DAC- When asked what’s happened to this thing, Taber said, “It’s been done. It’s like 99.9 percent done and has been for like six months. We just didn’t have the time to focus on it. We had a small window of time to be able to focus on something else before we needed to get on Mega SG to be able to stick to our development schedule, and we even pushed the envelope a couple of weeks out and we just couldn’t spend another fucking day on it. We had to drop it. So it’s basically done, ready to be produced. We even have all the parts for it and everything, we just have to pull the trigger on it. So right when we get through these last little details with Mega SG, that’s the first thing on the list.
  10. Jeremy Parish said it is not included but hopeful to come down the line. The future announced so far adapters are: low footprint adapters for Mark III, Game Gear, Sega MyCard, SG-1000, SC-3000. Coming next year. $9.99 USD each. Master system adapter is included with each system.
  11. Kevin will those slick as hell cartridge adapters for 9.99 (so cheap) be available for Super Nt or Nt mini also?
  12. same as super nt. 189.99 (no controller though) they are 24.99 on amazon (controllers are white or black 2.4 only no bluetooth, they went up yesterday actually) system has 4 flavors to choose from. 3 black and one white. the black versions are slightly different based on US, Europe and Japan.
  13. Can you spill your guts now Kevin? Super excited by the announcement today. I bought a couple without reading about them even. Excited to hear and see the specs. Came here first after purchasing still don't know what it does. LOL
  14. It hasnt been 8 months, they responded to me a couple months ago. July tweets from analogue: it is a serious piece of kit- even more sophisticated than we initially planned. We're looking forward to releasing it too! will have an update on the DAC soon- it's development has been nearly complete for some time. We're looking forward to releasing it, but it's been put on the back burner for now.
  15. I sent an email a few months back. Anything further required? I don't recall ever getting a reply. Thank you
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