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  1. Thanks a lot for the help, I'll let you know how this goes. I get that there are definitely more modern ways of doing this, if I can download games to cassettes and load them into the old atari 400 I'd figure it would be pretty cool. I'm gonna try different ways of copying tapes once I'm sure I have one way figured out (copying them in various boom boxes and seeing how well they work.) I'll post updates if you're interested.
  2. If I record it with a mono recorder it will still play? I'm planning on trying with audacity and just using a recorder with a usb interface to record the WMV file.
  3. Good to know, the 410 and 1010 seem to be the easiest to find. My last thing to figure out, is how to get the files recorded back onto cassettes. I have plenty of blank ones to spare.
  4. It came with a basic cartridge, no memory upgrades . Fun to play with the games I got though. Tape drives suck, but I can find the belts and that's normally the problem with any tape playing device. If I can get the audio files of games onto tapes it should work, gotta do a little experimenting.
  5. The 1010 will work with an atari 400 too? Honestly most of the stuff I've found on ebay is "untested" and they think its worth 30 bucks. Then again mostly any problems I've had with tape recorders and old stereos is generally the crappy drive belts. If the atari tape drives are similar I'll just get the cheapest untested one assuming it just needs belts. I have a few tapes I could copy, and I've been told it should work loading them into audacity with a usb recorder and then recording it back onto another tape. If I could get the audio files of the tapes I could just download them and record them to the tape for free, but I'm not having any luck finding the data in an audio format.
  6. I'm not really worried about load times if I can download games online and just burn them to tape. The problem is loading them onto the computer. Any tape drive findable needs new belts, which I guess if it's that simple and that's the main issue i'm going to run into i guess I can deal with. Not sure if there was any way to do an analog to digital conversion into an old atari 8 bit off an audio device like a supercharger hooks up.
  7. I'm getting really interested in getting some old cassette games working, haven't really messed around with old computers (not too much of a computer person) in about 10 years, but I have a bunch and always loved playing games on these things. i have a bunch of games on cassette tape, and I'd like to play the games, but don't want to just use these old tapes til they break. The supercharger for the 2600 hooks up to any tape recorder, and I was asking about this on another forum on here. For what I'm thinking about trying is recording a supercharger tape onto a computer with a usb tape recorder setup, then copy it onto an ipod and play the audio on the ipod with the headphone jack plugged into it. I'm figuring on getting a working 410 drive, I lost the old one I had, and trying to copy whatever games I have on tape via a usb tape recorder. If I could find a place to download any archived files of these games as windows media files I'd be totally happy just making tapes of various games to play on the 400. Not really sure what's been going on recently in terms of the possibility of any of this, so I figure I'll ask people who probably know more than me for help. Thanks for any replies, I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure this out
  8. Yeah, I got the thing, it works fine. It didn't come with a tape drive, the main draw to this was I own some of the cassette software and kind of want to play some of these oddball games, I'm looking into ways to copy the tapes or re-download the information, but im not too skilled on the subject .
  9. Thanks for the replies, I wound up going for it. I have a bunch of old video game stuff I used to get cheap a long time ago, getting back into playing them. I have a bunch of cassettes and cartridges for random systems, have a bunch for the 400/800. Got a 400 for like $40 with a couple cartridges, gotta find a tape drive now working.
  10. Does it really have many different games though? It seems most were ports from the 2600 or 5200, It would be cool to at least be able to play some different ones.
  11. I've had a vcs and Intellivision for a long time now, I have the opportunity to buy a 400 computer with a bunch of game cartridges pretty cheap, but I've heard most of the 400/800 games availible were just 2600 games with graphical upgrades. I can see there are a few titles I don't have for any system, just wanted to ask what people think about it.
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