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    Check out my realistic Arcade bezels at Libreto - http://bit.ly/2kRbGFI
  1. I can't afford a real Arcade in my home. I had to go a different route https://youtu.be/egKxx4EIatw?list=PL3KJBrqmANQ7yKwAXcoZL-tEdC97mD3tE
  2. The 7800 ProSystem core on Retroarch is now the best 7800 emulation around imo.
  3. I use the Stella core on Retroarch. Works great!
  4. I have some new DK Arcade bezels here for Mame. If you wanna use them.
  5. This emulator has the best TV effect I have ever seen in an emulator. I grew up with CRT TVs and I played Atari 5200 on them. It's very accurate and brings me back to the 80's.
  6. Hi guys. I'm Orionsangel. I'm a life long gamer. I grew up with Atari and have had almost every console imaginable. I hung out in Arcades in the 80's. I still play games to this day even modern games. So last year I started making bezels for retro games on Mame. My idea was to bring the arcade experience at home without owning the arcade machines. Check them out. https://www.youtube.com/orionsangel Playlist - http://bit.ly/2u1Yl42 Here are some examples.
  7. As someone who grew up with Atari 5200. It's a fantastic emulator! One of my favs. Thank you!
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