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  1. Hello Derek I will try to get some of the info requested. By the way, I was looking for some info about the DazRAM module #27 for the Voltmace Database and I found this in a scanned page of the ZX Computing magazine here (page 58): retro8bitcomputers.co.uk/Content/downloads/magazines/ZXcomputing/ZXComputing_Jun-Jul_1983.pdf and here: www.retro8bitcomputers.co.uk/Content/downloads/magazines/ZXcomputing/ZXComputing_Oct-Nov_1983.pdf on page 90: Do you know anything about this tool for the ZX81? It seems amazing! In your page https://sig2650.wordpress.com/about/it seems you were working on it.
  2. I have some cartridges for Radofin, Acetronic & Prinztronic, some of them (normally black boxes) have copyright 1980 in the instructions. And others (blue/red/orange boxes) use to have 1981 or 1982 copyright in both boxes and instructions
  3. By the way, I don't know if it could be more interesting for the scene to develop an Interton-to-Radofin cart adapter, more than a new adapter for the Rolo card. In the past there were a commercial adaptor from Voltmace to Radofin: http://www.geocities.ws/doubledragon0uk/voltmaceacetronicadapter.jpg This will assure almost full compatibilty into Interton family.
  4. Yes, they are one family with cartridge compatibility between all of them.
  5. Rolo Interton adapter can work in the Voltmace /Videomaster family. Their carts are almost similar to Interton ones but they have an extra (and not used) pin. So, as I explained in this thread :http://atariage.com/forums/topic/229111-voltmacevideomaster-database-leap-frog-dump/page-2you only have to insert Rolo adaptor on the right side of the Voltmace connector, leaving free the first pin on the left side. I also added some consoles to the Wikipedia page
  6. 1- No. Games are 100% compatible (ROMs) but cartridge geometry and port pinouts are different in 1292 & 1392 families. In fact, Interton PCB card connector card has 1 only side and Radofin family carts have two sides. 2- There is a lot of information on Amigan Emerson Arcadia 2001 Central webpage (http://amigan.yatho.com/). Maybe you can find some schematics. There is a Service Manual for the Fountain console here. http://amigan.yatho.com/fountain.zip 3- I could be also interested 4- I already sold one unit some months ago. Pity. But I can review my stock and see if I could lend or sell another one. eBay should have units from time to time.
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    Please add me to the queue list...
  8. Correct. One additional info. Voltmace cartridges can also be used on Interton consoles if 1) remove PCB board from the cartridge, 2) "cut" the pin 1 (first one on the left) because it's not used. Now the PCB fits into Interton cartridge slot. So if you remove PCB board from an Interton cartridge and insert it into Voltmace console fitting it all the way to the right into the cartridge slot, it works. I tested both on real consoles and works. See the pictures (sorry I'm not good with DIY hardware tools)
  9. Hello friends Normally Interton cards are based on ROM chips. The system I had (and actually I have) when I was a child was the T.R.Q. H-21 clone from Spain. Cartridges are 100% compatible with Interton VC4000 console. (in fact you can use TRQ cards on Interton console but you can't use Interton cards on TRQ console because of physical "fitting" into the card slot) The fact is that most of the T.R.Q. cartridges I have opened are based in EPROM chips not ROM (adding a 74LS04 inverter chip to allow correct addressing). Using a TRQ cart and a EPROM programmer could be useful to test new releases on one Interton console. Or use the fantastic Rolo Dragon multicart with the Interton adapter, I tested it and it's fantastic. But you will also need an EPROM eraser and an EPROM programmer for debugging. In addition, if you use a T.R.Q. RAM-based game like "Come-Frutas" you will have RAM chips available and you only have to replace EPROM chip with your new release for testing. I will be happy to help you if needed.
  10. Hi again Seems nobody was interested so I did a discount and I have published again: http://www.ebay.com/itm/201840645010 Thanks for sharing
  11. Get a Dragon Co-Co Multicart with 3 adapters: Vectrex, Videopac and Interton. Looks really professional. Nice and on-time communication. A pleasure to deal with this sir. Recommended for sure.
  12. Hi folks. Selling a Prinztronic VC6000 console, from the Interton VC4000 family and compatible with Acetronic/Radofin/Lansay 1292 consoles family: [ebay]201827709020[/ebay] Auction is for European Union for the moment, if any outside EU is interested I could change it. Thanks.
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