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  1. Has anyone got the Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 2 working with the jailbreak firmware it just shows a black screen for me happens on roms and carts.
  2. Hello Everyone, I am trying to convince myself that a SD2SNES is a good buy. What are the major pros and cons (besides price) for each. I know FX chip support is a no go on both but the SD2SNES supports quite a few of the other external chips. Does it look like future jail breaks will support everything the SD2SNES currently supports? Is it even capable of doing so technically?
  3. That is an awesome idea I live the design....
  4. Why would a jail break harm sales? If anything it would help sales...
  5. i just got my shipment notification about 30 min ago....had the unit since yesterday I hope a jailbreak comes soon. I only really care about roms while extra cores would be nice...roms are by far the most important thing to me. I cant find my super metroid cart....
  6. Hello Kevtris I just received mine and put in Zelda and its awesome but please please please jail break....
  7. I just caved and ordered the black one I hope it gets jail broken and genesis support
  8. It would be really cool if they sold an aluminum shell for those of us that would like one
  9. I hope kevtris is involved because the nt mini is one of my favorite consoles I LOVE the extra cores and not having to use my original carts. I need to know this will be possible before I can bring myself to buy it....
  10. Is anyone having issues with the power off hot key. Its not working with my sfc30 screen goes blank but led on console stays on. The power off menu option does seem to work however.
  11. I would prefer a $500 to have much better hardware that does much more if i could but I assume the 3k is a few years out.. Very happy with my mini.
  12. Sorry the rom version. Do you have a format you want bug reports submitted in? Its a bummer you cant move the NSF player but if thats how it is its no big deal. It would just be a nice to have.
  13. Hello Kevtris, I have one request and one problem. First the problem. I cant get the Nintendo World Championships 1990 to run is it a known problem? Now the request could you move the NSF Player to the end of the core list being the first option seems wierd since most of us will be using this machine to play nes/famicom games. Thank you for all your hard work.
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