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  1. Thanks Patrick, works like a dream now! You have an "Excitation Only" check box, might be interesting to have a "Noise Only" check box ( produces whispers ). I've always been fascinated by the Cybermen voices used in the science fiction BBC TV 1967, Patrick Troghton era, Dr. Who story "Tomb of the Cybermen"; they where the most scariest versions of the Cybermen ( in Black & White on a 405 line receiver). I spoke to the guy who created the voices and he told me that they sent a pulse/square wave to a small speaker which was placed in the mouth of the actor who then 'mouthed' the words to produce the effect. I've attached a .wav file from one of the 1967 episodes. It would be good if you could re-create that effect. I think you've just got to set the Pitch Exciter to a fixed frequency. Have no "noise" and just use the vocal tract K filter. I think the pitch of the .wav file is around 1200 Hz although it would be nice to be able to set the fixed frequency to any value. Tomb-24k.wav
  2. OK, I'm using BlueWizard 1.4.1 (7) and running OS X 10.11.6 I launch BlueWizard then file open 8KHz wave Then check Pre-Emphasis alpha Then hit Play TMS5220 output All good so far Then Save LPC Byte stream Then hit save button If I leave .lpc option , nothing happens If I select .bin option a zero byte file gets saved. I've attached file just saved Actually Atari Age wouldn't save a zero byte file so I've attached a screen shot of what was created. screenBW5bin.tiff
  3. Thanks :-) Thanks also Patrick for enabling the raw bin import which works great. I'm having trouble with the "Save LPC" options. dotLPC doesn't seem to save anything and dotbin seems to save a file with zero bytes :-( >>>Also, as a demonstration, I took the original CES audio file that was demonstrated with QBoxPro and here is what it sounds like from BlueWizard processing it: http://collinatorstudios.com/projects/bluewizard/ces-processed.mp3 It occured to me that most PCs and Laptops have at least a 15KHz ( if not a lot more ) audio bandwidth and don't usually filter audio above 4 KHz. Analyzing your ces-processed.mp3 file I see that it has loads of components upto 21 KHz. normally the analogue audio signal from the TMS5220 would have been routed via a 4 KHz low pass filter to remove alias components above half the sampling frequency of 8 KHz. However your mp3 sounds more metaliic and harsher than it ought to due to the spectrum alias beyond 4 KHz that repeats and is reflected every 4 KHz upto 21 KHz. I've applied a 100th order Butterworth filter to your ces-processed audio file. The characteristics of the filter are that it has an extremely steep cut-off with very high attenuation around -90 dB at 4 kHz. Attached is the filtered audio file. ces-processed-BlueWiz-4KHzLPF-mono-r.wav
  4. This is excellent stuff! Thanks for adding aif export. I managed to get my system working this weekend and can output analogue speech using both SPEAK and SPEAK EXTERNAL . I managed to copy the byte stream from BlueWizard but had to edit it to remove spaces/commas, using a text editor and then using Linux command xxd -r -p so that I ended up with a raw .bin file. ( LPC binary 8 bit Data, no spaces , no commas , no 0x ) It would be great if BlueWizard could import and export RAW 8 bit data *.bin files as your LPC imports are TEXT files with commas. I've attached my bin file as an example. output.bin Also photo of current state of my breadboard.
  5. Thanks Patrick, That's just what I needed as I've now got my TMS5220NL DEP 8419 PHILIPPINES chip onto my breadboard and am trying to download data to it using the Speak External command. BTW I tried to edit you Project Builder source code to save the audio to a .aiff file. I managed to get the Menu modified using Storyboard but just couldn't see where to connect it to in the 'OUTPUT' code :-( And thanks to Deladriere for requesting the addition of '0x'
  6. This is my first post to this forum. Whilst hearing about this the other day in the news ( in England ) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-38854411 It reminded me of the speech system used in the 1980's BBC Micro I am trying to get the old Speech system from the BBC Micro to work with modern computers and have ordered a TMS5220 and PHROM ( which haven't arrived yet ) and so have been trying to use QBOX on an old XP machine. It works ok and have attached a conversion here along with the original file from the BBC News of 1974. This is voiced by Kenneth Kendall whose voice was used on the TMS6100 PHROM for the BBC Micro. Today I got BlueWizard working on my Hackintosh. It would be nice if there was an option to save the sound files like you can with QBOX. I have recorded the BlueWizard output with my Nokia N808 'phone. When I hit 'inspect' a new window opens - but it is blank ? I'm still trying to figure out what the K1 to K10 coefficients are. Are they fixed frequency formants or do the peaks move ? This is fantastic work Patrick; it was great that you managed to contact the original TI people. Does any one still have the SDS5000 LPC card and software for Windows 95 ? grab2.tiff KENDAL~1-wlp.wav kendall1974trim-left-8k.wav BlueWizOutputN808.mp4
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