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  1. Right if it's the video chip, rgb will not fix\bypass the problem. but it would be a good test on the chance its something in between.
  2. that model of snes doesn't need a mod, just the right cables. you'll need a rgb cable that uses csync. here's a link for some more info. https://www.retrorgb.com/snescsync.html
  3. It looks like a sync issue too me, it's weird that you have the problem using composite. I normally see this with rgb when the sync isn't properly connected. I suspect a problem with a cap or the video chip. I think a good test would be to try RGB using Csync. if it still doesn't work most likely it would be the video\rgb chip.
  4. On a Atari 2600 I'd say the rarest I have is Smurfs Save the Day and Snoopy & the Red Baron with manual. What's neat is I got these two games and a handful of others+complete system with controllers and two semi boxed paddles for $30 at a auction.
  5. S&K locked on with Sonic 2 using real carts works fine here on 7.3 jailbreak firmware
  6. Happened to me also, I ordered the JPN and got the EUR version. I haven't opened mine yet but don't think I would be willing to go through the trouble of sending it back.
  7. I asked Kevtris this same question and he suggested powering it down. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242970-fpga-based-videogame-system/?p=3957275
  8. I'm also curious to see what their next fgpa system will be. I'd love to see gba as the next system; I'd buy that instantly.
  9. 1. Astro Warrior 2. Shinobi 3. Hang-On I didn't get to play many sms games expect for these. Even though I didn't get to play many, these are some of my favorite games especially Shinobi and Astro warrior.
  10. Big thanks for the sram dumping feature on the SNT JB firmware. Something I find really entertaining, is I have a SUPER UFO due for delivery today. I'm sure I can still find a use for it, seeing the JB can't write back to the cart.
  11. I already have a a stock genesis with killer rgb, and I still want a fpga solution. Not having to rely on my framemeister or PVM has its appeal, for me at least.
  12. I don't seem to be getting that glitch on the US version of Pokemon Gold, at least not on the title screen I haven't played much beyond that. Is it consistent? edit: This is using the US Super Gameboy
  13. I'm watching a used one go for $1,200usd. I've thought about selling mine but I just can't part with it.
  14. Faulty? Since you sent Analogue two different Nt Mini's did they actually find anything wrong with them?? I'd test pal composite myself but I'd have to buy a special vga to composite adapter to do so. Have you tested running composite straight to a crt or trying svideo??
  15. is there a link to this video? I can't seem to find it.
  16. Just checked, It happens on real hardware also.
  17. I know it would be a day one pre order for me, even without cd\32x support. I suspect many others would feel the same.
  18. This thread has gone to the dogs honestly, I'd just post any compatibility issues here. I know, its for the unofficial firmware but you know. https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Super-NT-Jailbreak/issues
  19. I can confirm the sram saving bug, played and beat dkc 1 and it only registered the first save point. I saved at every save point before beating the game and it only registered the very first save point. This got me thinking about a feature request I'd like to make. A menu selection to manually save sram either from rom or cartridge. This way I don't have to rely on a automatic function that I can't see if its working or not.
  20. I tried with the jailbreak firmware seeing that I don't have this game to test, I get the same result. maybe bad rom?
  21. I like to assume nothing myself, I'm currently on the fence for getting a sd2snes and some kind of save dumper, just waiting on a yes or no if its getting a jailbreak before making that decision. I think being left in limbo is what is annoying for most.
  22. That's the one, must have missed the comment I only watched about half, its a super long.
  23. Just watched a review\stream on the Super Nt that brought up a good question. When changing games is it recommend to completely power down the console every time or is going to the menu\ booting up turrican sufficient to change games? Whats the proper procedure without doing damage. btw I'm also still curious if there is any plans to allow dumping saves from carts. thanks!
  24. I still haven't received my tracking email from Analogue either, but signing up to ups.com "ups my choice" with my address I was able to obtain my tracking directly from ups's website. obviously this may only work if your order isn't international and being shipped with ups. I wonder if Analogue is having trouble getting out the tracking info??
  25. My ups tracking shows my name multi times, but the address is otherwise correct. strange
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