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  1. I always thought Shinobi for the Master System was a really good port.
  2. How much for Resistance (Vita) & Sly Cooper (Vita) shipped to 39042?
  3. GameStop has been having a 3/$15.00 sale on games $9.99 & under. There are quite a few great Wii U games that fall in that price range.
  4. I havent noticed any difference at all but I dont think any of them were designed to take advantage of WiiMotion Plus.
  5. Same here. Ive kicked myself 100 times for not downloading it when I had the chance.
  6. Yeah I see Wiis for $15.00 - $25.00 pretty regularly. At those prices when one of my Wiis finally dies I figure Ill just replace it instead of going through the time & trouble to have it repaired.
  7. Obscure The Aftermath - Wii Scarygirl - 360 3D Dot Game Heroes - PS3
  8. I dont have any real interest in playing 95% of sports games but I will pick them up if theyre cheap enough (ex. - I ran across a box of $.50 Dreamcast games & bought several sports titles).
  9. FIFA & Gex with the 2 3DOs I bought back in the early 90s. Gex was really impressive at the time (to me at least). I still love it to this day. Ive never really been into sports games but I was amazed at FIFA.
  10. Not a bad deal. I think I paid $10.00 or $20.00 for my Dino Strike in just the sleeve. Ive never run across it in the case. Ill keep my eyes open for a copy of Gunblade NY/LA Machineguns. I got mine locally 2 or 3 years ago & I dont think I paid more than $20.00. Probably more like $15.00.
  11. Thats really not bad st all. Its a fairly basic budget shooter but I like it.
  12. Wii Play isnt bad but my favorite mini game compilation has to be Warioware Smooth Moves. Boom Blox is also really good. As for light gun games - House of the Dead 2 & 3 Returns House of the Dead Overkill Both Resident Evil Chronicles Ghost Squad Dead Space Extraction Gunblade NY/LA Machine Guns Those are the really good ones. There are quite a few others that are worth playing. Best part is theyre almost all really cheap. The only one Ive come across that Id stay away from at any price is Wild West Shootout. Even Target Terror is worth playing because its just so bad its hilarious.
  13. PS2 slim + PS3 (later models) is the way to go imo. Both together will be cheaper & more reliable than s first gen PS3. Also the way to go if youre into light gun games. Im not sure of the GunCon 3 compatibility with PS1/2 games if you were to get a gen 1 PS3 but i play all my PS1/2 light gun games on a PS2 using a GunCon 2. You definitely need a PS1/2 to use a Konami Justifier though.
  14. Oops. Missed that part. Well, just kind of browsing this thread ithttp://atariage.com/forums/topic/199303-3do-super-ufo-controller/it seems like the UFO is just not compatible with all other 3DO controllers. That one guy also said his wouldn't work when plugged directly into the 3DO as a stand alone controller though.
  15. Just came across a Craigslist ad for something called the "Game Box Hero". I've never heard of it & there doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there other than their own website & some eBay reviews. I emailed them about a list of games built into the system & got a response fairly quickly. Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with them.
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