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  1. MUA 3 - Switch MIB 3 - PS3 House Of The Dead 3 - PS3
  2. homerj


    Original case would be nice but I’d buy a loose copy as long as the disc is in good condition.
  3. I’ll take Guacamelee 1 2 Punch if it’s still available.
  4. I had the same problem. I took the top off & used a q-tip to dab a little white lithium grease on the sled. It’s worked fine ever since. I’m certainly no electronics expert so attempt at your own risk.
  5. I snagged a special edition. Looks like the standard is still available. Now I’m just hoping this disc doesn’t wind up like several of my other Wii U games.
  6. I love all of the American Laser Games light gun games on the 3DO. I love Mad Dog on the Wii too.
  7. One of my PSPs is fine. I actually found a 1000 among bags of miscellaneous junk that was bound for the dump while helping somebody move a few months back. It was in a case & looked brand new except for the battery which was swollen & wouldn’t take a charge. Worked fine with a new battery.
  8. I snagged one as well. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. I’d love to but the Wii version isn’t playable on NTSC Wii’s is it?
  10. Yeah i guess I’ll start testing mine too. I’ll post results when I’m done.
  11. I haven’t played my Wii U in a while before yesterday. 3 of the 5 games i tried didn’t work. NSMB/NSLB wouldn’t load past the screen just before the menu pops up. DKC Tropical Freeze was pretty much the same. Yoshi’s Wooly World wasn’t even recognized as a Wii U disc. All 3 look fine. Bayonetta & Star Fox Zero loaded up just fine.
  12. I did. I was bummed when they postponed the US release too but i saw a few video reviews where they mentioned ordering the US version from Amazon Japan. I just set up a basic account, ordered one & it showed up 3 days later.
  13. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve bought a TG16 Mini, Darksiders Genesis (Switch), an AtGames Legends Flashback (on clearance at Walmart for $11.00) & a charger for my Vita.
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