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  1. Haha, looks like Imma be getting my butt kicked in this here tourney! Don't care. I like that there's a month to play the games, and there's surely gonna be that one game I wind up liking more than I thought I did, which makes it worth it!!! I do promise, tho, no more than a couple weeks after I got my 5200 a couple years ago, I snapped one of my sticks badly on Ms. Pac-prolly was the stick, could have been any game, but I've been afraid to play Ms. Pac ever since...
  2. Spitfire Attack-61,500 Haha, only 38,500 to go!!! Improved my PB by 10k, even tho you have to react so quickly, this game just takes a LOT of patience to play properly.
  3. Lol, I'm still trying! You got this one in the bag, but I'm still gonna try for the 100k just for the sake of it, already played some this A.M., will try some more today!!!
  4. *Edit* Meaningless post, lol, I misunderstood how the Paper Knockout worked, was trying to stick up for less skilled players, thinking we dropped down to compete on their "tier".
  5. Well, Ok. This isn't *quite* a concession, but more or less...yeah. Lol, I ain't gonna beat ZilchSr on Spitfire Attack! I'll play some this week and even post, I really am a good sport, try to improve my(meager)PB, but the chances of something "clicking" to the tune of 400k are not...too...gud. I hate it for Zilch, as I KNOW he doesn't mind the competition, but you may as well pencil me in, at least, in the Paper Tourney!!! 34k. Yeah, I just played and got 34k. Yay me... Haha, again, this has been a blast!!!
  6. I think it's awesome, and... Gosh, I don't do numbers really well, but the odds of me, Pat, Zilch and OMG being paired up against each other in the first round of the Gold bracket has to be pretty astronomical(Stay tuned, Zilch is a numbers nerd... ). Couldn't ask for a better group of Guys either, except me. I'm kinda an asshole.
  7. I've used almost every EMU under the Sun-except 7800! Looks like I'll have to look into it, if this is as "quality" as Dragon's Descent, it HAS to be good!!!
  8. Hmm-you know about my bad maths already, lol, is something I could have easily overlooked! Is OK with me either way, but Vocelli, you mind to recheck that?
  9. Favorite Games: Pressure Cooker and Ice Hockey. Most Surprising Games: Dragon's Descent and Fantastic Voyage. DD is actually one of my favorite games now, but I didn't know about it at all until we had to play it. I had played Fantastic Voyage before, but was convinced it sucked, and it doesn't suck so bad. Worst Games: (Hate to say "worst", all games are "ok" somehow...I guess..) Canyon Bomber and Basketball Congrats to all!!! Crap, I anticipated squeaking into the Gold Bracket, getting creamed by Zilch or OMG in the first round, lol, the Silver is actually a bit more pressure for me... This has truly been a blast! ... Long, but a blast!!!
  10. Ah, OK, that is good to hear! Again, I'm not "against" more modern controls, I just don't currently have access, and I do love the "charm" of the wonkyish 5200 analogue stick, so this sounds like the tourney for me!!! I'm actually OK with submitting an initial score, even "early", and even "knowing it's my best", knowing others have that as a goal to shoot for/smash-I stay pretty busy, and again, "winning" isn't terribly important to me, just "experiencing". Ah-at the point the Bananas come out, the game is going sooo fast, that "hunting" for them(Bananas) is very risky, so is definitely a "skill" thing, apologies if I made it sound/seem "cheap", it still looks incredibly difficult!!! I DO like to try to "outsmart" games(not too good at it...), but in the event I ever do, I brag about it so much, that if it's a "problem", I've already exposed myself, so someone could easily say "Uhh.no. Sorry, that's not cool!"
  11. I hope is OK for me to just jump in w/o introducing myself, haha! I'm finishing up my first attempt at the 2600 HSC, I have several buddies from elsewhere that encouraged me to participate-looks like I'll probably be last in the Gold bracket, or first in the Silver, so not too bad. Only really been on the Classic games for about four years, mebbe two years with a 5200, so a lot of it still seems "new" to me(45 y/o Grandpax2, BTW...). I'm not terribly good, but I have friends that are, and occasionally they push and mentor me way beyond my expectations. "Winning" isn't a huge priority for me. It's always nice, lol, but mostly I want to expose myself to games I may not have tried-I have three or four new "favorite games" from the 2600 HSC that I NEVER would have played otherwise. Best of Luck to Everyone!!! On 5200 Ms. Pac, I've seen people lurk around the side exits, "banana hunting", really pushes up the score, for those that can get that far!
  12. TBH, I'm not usually "sharp" enough to note problems unless I am very familiar with a game, I've had some minor input lag in the past, but I think it was PC based. Mostly wanted to pop in to say "Wow!". I know a LOT of people who really, REALLY enjoy your work, we really appreciate it!!!
  13. Fantastic Voyage:205462 Tickled to break 200k, fascinating game!
  14. Well, OK, I'll start this one up- Ms. Pac:30,440 My PB is only about 9k more(I thought it was higher), but I had just gotten my 5200, and I snapped one of the sticks playing the game-I'm kinda afraid to push for more, don't want to break my other stick, but I may try, this isn't too bad for not even getting to the Bananas, really. BTW, all I play 5200 on is the real hardware, with a real stick, and I have an Atarimax for games I don't own(I do collect). Not against other forms of control, I just don't have access.
  15. Quick Improvement: Fantastic Voyage:191,781 Well, I really kinda like this game-was making along just fine and TBH choked at the thought of 200k, lol, completely lost it and shouldn't have.
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