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  1. Pole Position-59,560 Improved my PB in only a few attempts, I may push for more.
  2. Just throwing Dragon's Descent some love, haha, Awesome that you still "have it out"-my copy is almost front and center in my collection, what a nice game!!!
  3. A quick Dragster tip(that will make my mentors groan)(again-I go on about this a lot...). Especially if you are watching others successful runs, it also helps, IMO, to learn to listen to the game. I can actually play it by sound, won't elaborate(I'll save that bragging for my upcoming novel, lol), but learn to listen to the countdown timer, and learn what successful shifts "sound" like. Especially if you have any previous experience playing music, the "timing" that is so important on this game can be exploited simply by "looking for the sound".
  4. Me, too, Man, keep at it, you'll grind to decent!!!
  5. I'm almost sure to put up a mini-novel soon, anyone that PM's with me knows what I am talking about, lol. A third story, a third advice/tips, a third ego gratification(lol), but truly, when it comes to me and the Dragster... (Burgess Merideth, "Grumpy Old Men")... "I really like that story".
  6. Vocelli- Curious, would game 2 on Dragster be acceptable to submit on? Basically, I have the 5.57 a few times now on game 1(in the past, not this week yet), but "only" a 5.61 on game 2, so my time would be more productively spent on game 2(much harder...). Just curious, not swearing that's the route I'll go, just wanted to know if that was an option? Thanks!!!
  7. Dragster-5.61 I can pop these off pretty much at will, as can Nads- Lol, one of us may push for a 5.57 this week, but I dunno. They take a lot of patience and precision. This one actually took me a good 5 minutes tho, tbh, kinda ticked me off, the 5.67's were getting old... (I love Dragster, btw, obviously, and is probably the only game where I really do brag about how "good" I am at it...). Great Pick, OMG!!! Pole Position is one I've needed to improve anyway, so that'll be fun!!!
  8. Haha-not quite the same thing, but I am above average on 16 bit racing games(and typically timed racing games in general), but IRL I rarely drive. I CAN, and I drive fine, I just...don't.
  9. After I get as small of a line as I can from the right cannon, I try to fire shots that almost graze the block going left, from the right cannon for a while, and make a small arrangement there, then about halfway thru I start trying to shoot just as the left-moving block passes, and make another tight formation there. Good Luck!!!
  10. Enduro-757.5! I got the Patch Score!!! Another one I credit to the HSC, not sure if/when I would have pushed for it otherwise. I *may* play some more, but not guaranteeing it, I'm pretty satisfied, even tickled.
  11. Really proud of you, not that I don't think you are "good", but with this game being new to you, I think you knew you were gonna have to play just a little over your head, learn quickly, to get it, but I was also pretty sure you were stubborn enough to get it done! Congrats!
  12. My long-time mailman evidently retired yesterday, and didn't tell me.


    I AM a notorious wuss, but that kinda hurt my feelings, I thought we were Friends...


  13. Probably NOT the "technical" answer anyone is looking for, but this thread does come up pretty quick in a google search. One thing you can try is to simply loosen the screws on the remotes, kinda "at random", retighten, leave slightly loose, etc(basically...just "screw around" with the screws...hehe). There's a pretty good chance that will get the green screen games going again. TBH, I was having that problem, and I just didn't want to grind thru taking it apart and breaking it down to where the controller connections are(I have before, it ain't fun...). So yeah, just piddle with the screws on your remotes, it may help.
  14. Deathtrap-33,200 This is it for me, I don't have the nerves once the barrier gets really small. Fun game, fun week, great choice!!!
  15. I've actually only really realized this a couple days ago, so I'll go ahead and share, I suppose... You earn points as time passes-i.e., you don't really want to finish off the game as quickly as possible, get to the last killing blow and try to kill as much time as possible, delivering the final blow as late as you possibly can. Also-(just my opinion), start exclusively with the right cannon, and pack the blockers as tightly as possible, you can make a very small line if you are careful. I'm not as good on the left cannon, but you want to make sure to leave several gaps large enough to get bullets through, you can get to the final cannon with a bad "arrangement" and not even have a chance to get a shot off, let alone 20.
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