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  1. Early on this one, I'll improve this, I like this game, tho I've never played it really. G.I. Joe Cobra Strike-22,570 Go Joe!!!
  2. Seriously(I hope), last one- Gave this a shot on hardware, nipped my emu score, with a LOT less point pressing. Frontline-21,800
  3. Last one, I promise(I think). Frontline-21,300 Again, this game does have its charm, but I think this is all I gots on it, tough one.
  4. Quick improvement, sorry(there may be another...) Frontline-17,000 on the dot! I REALLY wanted to hate this game, but it has it's moments, I have to admit.
  5. Frontline-12,600 Made it to the third loop, got stuck in the trees, the enemies are relentless!!!
  6. Kaboom!-1974 Ugh. Here's the spot I'm in-Today was the day I was gonna dig down and push for a Patch score, I've put off putting too much into this one yet, noticed my best paddle was a little wobblier than it was even last night so I decided to take it apart and fix it. The plastic mount inside for the top screw broke off, now I can't put it back together... I'll surely work something out, get another set, Frankenstein parts from a couple different sets, but wanted to get something in just in case. Darnit... I really planned several hours on this one today, pretty disappointed.
  7. Just about to hit my stride on this, a perfect game would be nice-I did it, left handed, haha, on Intellivision Bowling three times... Bowling-266
  8. 258 on the Bowling. Had a terrible ending, should have been higher-I'll probably try this some more, but Kaboom is gonna take up a lot of my VCS time...
  9. Congrats to everyone, this was a fun game, but particularly to the people getting the patch score on this one for the first time-pretty neat side effect of participating in this tourney!!!
  10. Holy Smokes, Patch me up!!! H.E.R.O.-76,820 Another one I was hesitant to go for in my own personal Patch Quest, glad tourney participation caused me to try!!!
  11. 1600 is the lowest I have gotten-I definitely don't understand what actually causes it to open, I always score zero points getting to the fortress, then a relatively random number to unlock it, I don't see a rhyme or reason, but I'm sure there is one.
  12. Pressure Cooker-58,670 10k improvement, not too bad!
  13. "Improved" by a couple hundred points, last one for today at least, I promise. Commando-3400/3 Medals
  14. Commando-3600/3 medals Quick improvement, I don't know this(version of the)game well, but I think the scoring is interesting, at least. Not sure I'll make it much farther, but I'll try a few more times.
  15. 2 Medals, 1900, first attempt... This one is gonna be interesting... Speedrunning Commando.
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