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  1. I'm opposite from most people on that, I think, my best, most "able to concentrate" playtime is relatively early, weekdays.
  2. There's really no way I could say enough to fully explain how much this game means to me, already. So many things about it are fantastic, and that's before you really get into the gameplay. At the end of the day, tho, it's the gameplay that makes it work, it's really an enjoyable game, and an experience I'll never forget! To boot, Armscar is truly one of those people you talk to, and are immediately reminded that there are still "good people" floating around out there somewhere... Thanks a lot, Man, this has been an unforgettable experience, I swear.
  3. I hate that you don't get to play with a paddle, I think that's a disadvantage to you, but Best of Luck, Man, I know you are tops, and I know you'll put the time in!!! I'm sorry Vocelli...the only person I really enjoy trash-talking to is... Well, myself, lol!
  4. Picnic-10280 Didn't spend much time on this one during the regular season, but I beat my own score pretty good, so that's something, I guess! Methinks I'll be in the Paper Round next week, but I'll still give it my best, this truly was intended as a "warm up game", and just went well. I started resting my firing thumb while the flies were bouncing around, that really helped me stamina a bit.
  5. Got a Vec-Multi, don't need this, but any Vec owner w/o a flash needs to jump on this, STAT. Just do it. You'll appreciate that you did.
  6. Lol, if only Snakeheads were as Friendly and productive as the TGWC! ("Twin Galaxies Wrecking Crew". Now you know.). Sorry...."Having a good Morning". Just being silly.
  7. Great Job, ZilchSr!!! Favorites: Doggone It!(Still not done with this one, just sayin') Espial Surprising: Spider-Man(I KNEW I used to be "ok" at that one!) Jr. Pac-Man(Brutal, but fun...) Worst: Espial(Lol, I have several "mutually exclusive" opinions in life) Spiderdroid Fun season, Congrats to ALL competitors, and especially to anyone achieving any particular goals along the way-I know I did, Crackpots patch, etc, and that's one of the things anyone can appreciate by competing here, "own goals". Some new people, some people leaving out, circle of life I suppose. Welcome Aboard to the new folks, and best of luck in your further adventures to those leaving us. Thanks, Vocelli-you really do a great job with this.
  8. I don't, but I can certainly ask, I got it from the actual person that won it-I also know someone else who has one that they earned themself, and I'll ask him as well, gimme a bit of time. I DO know that the Skylab piece itself from my seller was "long gone", and I'm assuming from your pic that it was affixed to the poster. The Jacket sounds awesome, for sure!!! Again, gimme a bit, I'll get details-I was under the assumption, for some reason, that it was a "live tournament", but now I am thinking, for some other unexplainable reason that it wasn't.
  9. Aw, Man. I was riding a "strange" bus with a Friend once to spend the night, had a copy of(Man, I am guessing here...)X-Factor #1(this would have been 1988 or so mebbe?), and a slightly younger Kid grabbed it, and ripped it on purpose. He happened to get off on the same stop as me and my Friend, but, lol, so did his two big Brothers, who were kinda "Tough Guys". So I was kinda "what the heck?ing" him when we got off, and he took a swing at me, I exchanged, and we traded a couple blows, me obviously tentative and half-hearted on account of the Brothers, it really didn't quite amount to a "fight". They walked their way, we walked ours-the Brothers were smacking the kid Brother on the head, "why did you do that?", "He should have kicked your butt", haha. It rolled over, we were "Friends" and stuff, eventually resumed "no problems", I just remember that as a funny story, I was afraid they were gonna kick my butt when in fact they wanted to observe a "Brotherly beating" they didn't have to dish out. I'm not/wasn't any particular "comic collector", was just a coincidental/incidental thing. Still sucked tho, I was pissed.
  10. Working mostly off the top of my head, and glancing at my shelf... Company- Imagic or U.S. Games. Might not be enough recently unplayed Imagic games, might not even BE enough U.S. Games games, but just a couple that seem OK. Arcade- Burgertime. Again, I DON'T want to ever really have to play the game, so I prolly won't unless "forced" to, haha, so kinda trying to "box myself in"... Vanguard Crystal Castles Games rarely in the HSC- I don't really know, TBH, only been here a couple years, so guessing- The Earth Dies Screaming Survival Run Both those games kick butt, and tho not really my style, I enjoy both. Paddle Games- Demons to Diamonds is about all I can think of. Backgammon!!!(Kidding). Homebrew- I've been really surprised. I'd have told you, before competing here, that tho I respected it, I didn't actually LIKE homebrew. Well, turns out I do, lol, last years games were excellent, with Dragon's Descent being my personal fave, and all three this year were top-notch as well, with Doggone It! being my fave by default(I can't help being so damned good at it.)( 😛 ). No particular recommendations from me on it tho-I actually don't mind being "completely surprised", haha, and as long as the games have Authors/Programmers as enthusiastic about their work as the ones I have encountered so far here, I'm sure it'll be "good". Love to Play- Skiing, please. Actually, just add "Activision", and "Timer", you pick it, I'll kick it. Mebbe one of the two Activision protos, Kabobber or Thwocker. Bonus Games- Mebbe this is actually where "Activision" and "Timer" can come into play. Another thing, just to throw out there Vocelli, I think I mentioned this on one of the game threads this season, an overall "bonus game". Talking in the middle, I suppose I could see where someone could sandbag and throw all the numbers off in the end, but I dunno. I was thinking, if there was a "relatively universally agreed upon" game, that was open for play all season long, so if someone is completely satisfied with their effort on a game for a particular week, knowing they ain't gonna improve(happens to me a lot...), they've at least got something to "fall back on" to play for a higher score. IMO, Jr. Pac would have been a great game for that "format", tho we are actively playing it now, but a similar game, where improvements often take "attempts". Mebbe even make it relatively low scoring(for tournament points), so it doesn't affect the overall "too much". OK. Really a lot of fun competing here, I know I run against the grain a bit with the length of my posts sometimes, apologies, it just is what it is. Thanks Everyone, and Happy Holidays!!!
  11. Mebbe too long, and sorry I'm still dwelling on this, lol... "Uncle Hairy's Nosehair Dilemma" Or even just "Nosehair Dilemma", tho I do like Uncle Hairy.
  12. Lol! This is in my direct line of sight, above my TV. Christmas always causes funny things to happen, this is gonna be fun!
  13. Wouldn't be older than Defender, regardless, but I wonder if being able to destroy the Quotle in Yars, mid-flight(Which I, uhh, really can't do...)would be considered a "smart bomb" of sorts? Good topic, wracked my brain, can't come up with anything to beat Defender so far.
  14. We always had Atari's around, I just remember being "too young" to really "get it". The NES was the first one that was "mine", that I got to stay up all night on weekends playing and stuff. I'd possibly have went with the C64, because I DID have a lot of exposure to it, but being fair, it took my Friend that was, evidently, smarter than me to start the games, we were like, 11. Ironically, I am a "high score chaser", and the NES is terribly unkind to me now.
  15. Man, I swear(and I am sure they can attest to it)... I really just showed up here last year, wouldn't quite say my Friends "dragged me here", but sorta, I guess. I mostly went with "run what you brung" the whole season, started out REALLY lazy, didn't spend a whole lot of time on improvements, except select games. (Bragging, up to this point, to be certain!) Well, woo-hoo, what the heck, managed to scramble and climb all the way to the Gold friggin Bracket! (Still bragging, yes). So, after the initial "Woo-Hoo", it immediately occurred to me- "Yur done, dude, these Guys are gonna kick your ass". (Back to reality). I imagine the same results this year, but I am gonna try to give a better effort in whatever finals I make it to, I promise.
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