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  1. Definitely, 100, million percent "it" for me, totally done. Thunder Castle-L7, 31,500 OK-I've played this to a high score before, I *think* on PS2(INT Lives), but never subbed it, I knew it was bad, all "first level", but this isn't so bad! I still can't see the bats in the second loop, they are black, but fortunately they turn green again in the second loop-I got to the red dragon, but had bad power up luck, TBH. Way better than I expected for this, playing "by the rules", so good deal! *Edit*-Rickster8-uploading this vid elsewhere now, you know I always tape. Man! I looped it twice, haha! So tickled! I suck so bad at INT!!!! This is great, I've managed to "do decent" the last couple weeks, didn't expect it!
  2. Am I "fair"? I was thinking the max allowed was 5K per level-I'm actually planning to go again, I guess(dammit...), I fell 1600K short of bumping up a spot at TG. I'm so sorry for being so fussy on this one-it's been fun, I guess, trying to "conform", and I DO get it, but math requires so much "thinking" for me, it messes me up! Believe it or not, I actually got a "set" on that game that I was very uncomfortable with-there's an L1 I really "prefer", but I just played what I had, was surprised-I'll have to rewatch the vid, it seems like I remember being really frustrated with the L2 setup, less "traps" than usual. For real, I DO want to play fair, and not "trying to win", AND, even HAD to get a new old TV just for this game, haha, so I swear, even if I'm slightly "over the line", it's "in good faith/spirit". But by God... I'm in fifth in the 2600 HSC, out of a LOT of people. Imma try to win that damned thing this year.
  3. Thunder Castle-26,000 OK-I think I got to level 5? Looped it once, got to the second screen the second time around(ugh, should have got one more...). I don't know if I am 1K over the leeching limit, or 4k under-I didn't leech. I tried to wait until I got a candlestick on the first few levels, and used the comb for an extra man(haha, and died shortly after, so useless...), had 11,000 at the end of two levels, but very much so from then on-I WAS TRYING NOT TO DIE! I got a "new" TV today-no remote, no "menu" button, and my universal remote won't pull up a menu(was 10$, is short term, I'll get a good one)(Actually-I HAD to get this TV for this game, my old old one was crapping out after 15 minutes...). When I played L4-I swear to God, I couldn't see the bats at all, they were the same color black as the screen-I lost a lot of men there, couldn't get Grails fast enough, but squeaked through. Ah, I haven't looked at the scores recently elsewhere where I play, but if this is decent(I think I had 10K or so before), I WILL submit it there, and I've had me very best buddies bust me for leeching(unintentionally), but I just think I played fair. This is what I worried about-I was busting my ass to finish the level I was on, and almost did-took me almost an hour. If I came up two enemies killed short of leeching/not leeching... Ugh. I dunno. That would suck if it was that close. The programming is not quite thought out, but I have reconsidered, this is a decent game, just terribly flawed. Oh, haha-if I do put the vid up-the end of L4 is ridiculous. I was down to no dudes, the Dragon had me trapped, and a bat(that I couldn't see), ran into me a split second before the Dragon did, it was AWESOME!!!
  4. Mister Oblivious chiming in here! G-type just brought to my attention that this is an Imagic game!!! Haven't played it yet, haven't checked the manual. I really do know a LOT about 2600 games, somehow this one slipped completely under my radar. Anyway. No random draw-you get the top score, you earn a patch and a Membership Card!!! Not shilling, but this is one I have a few of, holler if interested, if ya don't win the free one. Apologies, Vocelli, I should have asked, it's just late in the week already, and I really didn't think you'd mind, I know you've been working a lot, and you know I don't send sentences in PM's(lol!). So, Good Luck, Everyone!!!
  5. Me too, can't vote, can't comment, but I like the Glacier Belle as well. I want one of these when they come out, BAD, I hope I can get on a list somewhere, lol!
  6. Whoa... Holy Crap!!! Haha, you (Rick) already know, I'm kinda inobservant/oblivious to things sometimes. I'm grinning from ear to ear, totally didn't realize that I (we, the 6 of us-Man-you were SOOO close!) had at least beaten the previous HSC record, that tickles the heck out of me, and I swear, in my mind, no matter what else, that makes this INT HSC adventure a "success" for me! Well, blow me down! Pretty neat stuff, "personal goals" can be almost as amusing/invigorating as actual "OMG, World Record"'s.
  7. Ah, I just spent a half hour-got 19,100, level three, and died after spending five minutes chasing the last guardian. I'm gonna try again, but I dunno, again, it ain't as bad as all that, but the "math thinking" involved in "fair scoring" is a real buzzkill, keeps me from enjoying it. NBD, and the scoring system is actually fantastic, don't get me wrong, I just don't like conforming to it, haha!
  8. There's nothing like going to the fridge, opening it up and realizing you miscalculated, and life just got "one beer better"!

  9. Just a question- I really don't like this game much, tbh, it was a little better than I remembered, just the "leeching" thing...grumble, grumble...(Working around crappy programming irks me), and it takes a decent while to score. And I ain't too good, I actually struggle to catch the fast dudes(one reason the leeching thing bothers me...not my fault I suck so bad I build up a big score before I can even catch the red dragon, lol!). So, anyway, after a test run, the HOPE is to get to level 4-I got about 3/4 of the way thru level three, only remembered halfway thru the game that you had, uhh, powerups(Imanidiot). I think I can reaquaint myself to what they do, squeak out a L4 finish, but(my question)... What if someone were REALLY close to the scoring requirements, but(accidentally) a squeak over- Could/would the score be rounded down to the max allowable number per the scoring rules? I'm talking a few hundred points, couple k at most, that pushing it even. My math in general just really sucks, and also I really worry about trying to do at least "the best I can", getting stuck chasing one last dude and going over the limit running around chasing it.
  10. Oh, No! I'm almost exclusively committed to the flimsy things, lol-they feel like crap, but you get used to it, they DO respond quite well[my scoring went up, period], and they are easier on the hands. I've got one that looks just like that from Dragster, so I KNOW there are "games to avoid" with them. Ugh. Wasn't looking forward to this one already(never played it)(Naw, worse-Man, I'm almost a walking 2600 encyclopedia at this point, I'm not sure I'd ever HEARD of this game...)(That said-it's possible I have a score posted on it from a couple of years ago at TG, and completely forgot I played it, there are...several of those.). Anyway. Crap. Sorry about your stick, AND-very interesting to me that you use one-seemingly out of nowhere(to me, I'm oblivious to a lot), you are taking names and kicking butt, against others I know well that I already done know are fantastic-just helps prove out to me that the Flashback stick is solidly "worth using", I really thought I was just a weirdo, but I have encouraged many of my Friends to try them, I so swear to you! Hmm. Cool, but also...ugh.
  11. Pooyan-3225 Couldn't resist trying it again-I'm "for fun", but... Making the Gold Bracket is awful fun, lol, I'd like to go three for three! Not a great score, but def. more "points" than I had before. This game sucks, but it's a game, y'know, so whatever!
  12. Skill 2-72,400!!! Getting there!!! BTW, I pretty much ALWAYS tape, again, I have been playing game 1 some as well for a high score elsewhere, but like most everything else I do this is on tape, game 2. Accidentally got into the game, I may push for a little more. Game 2 is a bit faster than game 1, but not as "smooth", it's a little more difficult to play, but there are more scoring opportunities, the Sea Hags are much more aggressive on game 2, and Bluto seems to chase you incessantly. Truly-this isn't "super awesome fantastic", I know it, but it's a LONG way from where I was three days ago, lol. Some games "click" better than others.
  13. Quick note (I guess I've, uh, just kinda taken over this thread...sorry...compulsive...) Well, it'll be beaten, but I got the TG High Score for game 1 this morning, 98,600!!! Certainly, I know there are people here who can beat that, but still pretty proud-if you had told me three days ago(before I played this version...)that I'd be competing for a top score, I'd have said you were joking, but dang...!!! OK, back to game 2 with you Guys, lets see if I can improve!!!
  14. 58,500 OK, I'm done for today, lol, mebbe even "done", this is high enough for me to respectably submit on vid at my other haunt, which was my main goal today. It's not like I "learned how to play the game" today, I just had to adapt knowing "how", to doing it on Intellivision. Kinda happy with this-again, unless there's a timer, expect me to be at the back of the pack, for the most part, haha!!!
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