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  1. Still working on all the CIB's, but my complete loose Activision 2600 collection is one I am proudest of, Pitfall 2 was a booger to get-still don't have the CIB tho-I have the 5200 CIB, but that's not my "goal", the 2600 stuff is. A game I thought I could never do well at, took a while, in the HSC here this season actually, but completing it perfectly is a super good feeling, you should go for it!!!
  2. Lol, no lie, I did have to look to be certain- Me too. I got a boxed Super Famicom from him a while back, haha, has a decent Everdrive with it, would slot into an NTSC system just fine. Trouble is, I use it-my original flashcart was a NeoFlash, and, while interesting, plus I was/am a mod for their(likely defunct)forums, it's kinda a steaming pile of crap, lol. I dunno, tho, Man-hindsight 20/20, all that-mebbe spring for the bells and whistles, it's no fair, not being able to play FX chip games. No question-I DO feel bad having something that was yours, that you kinda need now...
  3. Still waiting to hear-willing to pay for a few things I really need...
  4. Didn't mean to, but I accidentally piggybacked on this one, someone contacted me about my Voice+ that I mentioned, that I'll never use, so it's going to a home where it can actually come off the shelf and do some work, so Thanks for that, and glad you got yours sold!
  5. Glad you pointed some of that out, @Draxxon - I went to a real-deal arcade recently, Player's Choice in Myrtle Beach(Highly recommended!). The jump button wasn't working on the Track and Field machine, I mentioned it to the tech, he fixed it and thanked me for mentioning it. Other machines had loose sticks, flaky buttons, etc- I was thinking-"Man, I swear, if you'll let me access the control panel, I could fix it myself...". I have a couple X-Arcades, and aftermarket stuff in them for the most part, switches/buttons/joysticks. I REALLY think I could go thru an arcade and spend a couple days refurbishing stuff and making it feel "new" again, except the electronics. My problem is-I'm pretty OCD. I'd swap out all the buttons and sticks in all the machines in a few days, and wouldn't have a job anymore... My first Cab was a Super Off-Road, 2 player track pack-the pedals and wheels were shot, but with spacers, new screws, and patience, I got it pretty solid again!
  6. Thank you for solving a bit of a mystery for me-I've had one of those Voice+ adaptors for years, didn't quite know it's use(it came free with my C-7060 flashcart). I'm in the USA, with a USA o2 and voice, so I don't actually have any use for it, but nice to know what it's for... Best of luck with the sale.
  7. Well, lol, you can prolly expect anyone good at one of these to prolly be good at the other!!!
  8. TBH, I think there should probably be a "USA", and an "International" Secret Santa. At least based on my experience last year, shipping costs from someone overseas can be way, way more than the cost of the contents of the package itself...
  9. I destroyed one of their PS2 controllers, but I'll admit it worked well until my dumb ass decided to play Decathalon on the Activision Anthology. Turns out, that game isn't just bad for CX-40's, lol. Wife picked this up for me this morning, the Mario Party 3/N64-"Bin Store", I guess it's returns from Amazon or something, you pay 7$ and get whatever you can fit in your bag. Isn't tracked where I submit scores, but I DO have a couple "Mario Shelves", so it'll have a nice home. Jaw dropped when Wife told me what it was "worth" when she looked it up-I don't care/put much stock in that, but still seems like a pretty lucky find!!!
  10. So-the person on TV that tells you about the rain and stuff, that's a Meteorologist, right?

    Guess what someone who studies Meteors is called.

    Go ahead, guess...

    Yeah, they are Weatherologists.

    Go figure.


    1. Dopy25


      Sounds like the person that made up those names was a proctologist. 

    2. MasterMotorola


      I know you're just trying to be funny but those who study meteors are actually known as meteoricists.

    3. Rogerpoco


      Ah, they have several names, Weatherologist most certainly being one of them, not a question.

      And ya, haha, I was just being silly.

  11. I didn't interpret it that way at all, tbh. Was more like-"I may have an extra, if you are in particular need, we might be able to talk Friendly and work something out", which is really not "for sale", in such a direct manner. Prolly would have been better served with a "Hey, Man!?" PM, TBH.
  12. Hey Guys- Bowing out, sorry-just burned out really, on 2600 for now(I went from "remembering Frogger as a kid" to...a darned fine player in about three years, lol), really proud of the runs I had here, Gold/Gold/Silver(no regrets...the Silver was lack of "try", frankly). Mostly appreciative of the new Friends I have made here, some peripheral contacts, some became regular Friends-this really is a wonderful micro-community, and @Vocelli, Thank You so much for keeping this going and making it fun-I didn't burn out because it wasn't fun, I burned out because my hand is essentially cramped into a claw to hold a CX-40, lol! Thanks to @nads and @OldManG, for really encouraging me to get on board and come here and play, you Guys were right, these Guys made me better, no question. Andrew(Anthony, lol), @Armscar Coder - Ah, you don't even need me to say, Man. Thank You soooo much. I Love You, Bro! FakeCortex, JasonAtari, ZilchSr, etc, etc, you Guys know who you are, Thanks for playing along with me, and allowing me to play along with you. I'm sure I'll be back, but I don't think it will be next season, I think I need to take at least one off and go from there, but I'll try to keep popping in and saying hello, mebbe even give occasional tips on the rare game I happen to "know well". Best of Luck to Everyone going forward, in yur gaming, and in general. Later! RP
  13. Good stuff to say here, great communication, etc-I only got a couple things but arrived super promptly, all as advertised, and I'm super appreciative!
  14. Lol, I don't know coding, but I DO know Haunted House, have done some playtesting, AND my last name is Blair, lol, so hit me up if you want some caveman help here! Believe it or not-NEVER seen the movie, I swear, tho people wouldn't stop mentioning it to me when it was popular.
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