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  2. All, Thanks for replies! Is there a APE equivalent in Linux? I will have to look into retroarch. Thanks again, Chris
  3. All, I setup (re-setup) a PC I had laying around...with a little new hardware (memory,HDD). This PC is not my main PC but the plan is to use this more or less as test machine of sorts.... Today Its a Quad Core, 8 Gig, 120 GIG SSD, 750 GIG standard HDD and DVD 18x burner. The video card from memory is a 1/2 GIG Express card can't remember the brand at the moment but I believe its a NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT. Sound is integrated. Its dual boot with Windows 10 Professional from a Retail box and Ubuntu 16.0.4. Both are fresh installs. I am looking for suggested emulation software that would be more Linux based then windows, but I will look into Windows suggestions as well. Nothing against Windows at all but as I said its more as a exploration/test box. Also software that can be used with my SIO2PC and SIO2USB for my 8 bit machines (I have many). I would also be interested in anything that can emulate Atari ST as I have not had much luck locating a Atari ST at a decent price in my neck of the woods. Also development software/tools that would be possibly used for 8 bit/2600 development ....Got on the band wagon with this a while back.... went through the tutorials... bought a couple books... and then it stalled out. Thanks Chris
  4. DrVenkman/All, I had the Luma signal to the Composite wrong....I have included the below image for clarity; Atari 5 Pin connector: This is Looking at the back of male connector-where you solder the wires (Above Figure). 3 is Audio, 2 Ground, 4 is Composite. Wired three sets up and all work like a charm. Thanks everyone for the help. Chris
  5. DrVenkman, Thanks for the help!... From your description and looking at the youtube video I tried again; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwomI7iGD3w I believe I did the latter scenario....I will take a look and see if reversing helps, Thanks Again, Chris
  6. Van (Yogi), Thanks for the followup.... My guess is the unit I will be purchasing will behave very similar....but proof will be in the pudding. I will let everyone know the outcome..... Thanks Chris
  7. All, I bought one finished cable (comparison) and decided to try my hand at building some.... My first attempt ended up in the trash....I learned a lot but those din Pins and soldering and holding things is not as easy as the guy in the video showed...LoL! Anyways my second attempt went well... The solder looked good and everything went together clean...I plugged it in and I get a picture and clear sound but the screen color is a light gray....The puirchased finished cable is clean as a whistle and right colors.....What did I do wrong? Is this something that can happen with inferior products (cable/connectors/solder) or did I get a weak connection somewhere.... Are there better 5 pin Dins...The ones I bought were like 5 for 3 bucks shipped......Cable I had laying around...probably cheap stuff as well. Thanks for the help, Chris
  8. All, I know this is an old post....but I started it and I thought I would update things at least where I am at.... So I had a Cheap AV2HDMI unit that I already had along with a HDMI to VGA adapter.... The AV2HDMI; http://www.ebay.com/itm/Composite-3RCA-AV-to-HDMI-Converter-Adapter-AV2HDMI-Upscaler-HDMI-Cable-1080P-/331674931522?var=&hash=item4d395dd142:m:m_2eihad5tbNfsez8JbgXJQ The HDMI to VGA; http://www.ebay.com/itm/HDMI-Male-to-VGA-With-Audio-HD-Video-Cable-Converter-Adapter-1080P-for-PC-B-/122484825109?var=&hash=item1c84aa1c15:m:m_crc-2sF3FU2ca0BKodAlA The Cable was a bought 5 pin Din to 4x RCA outputs; https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008N29OSG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And I am using a Phillips LED TV 20 inch flat panel And a Viewsonic Monitor....I used the TV to verify where degradation occurs... The Cable to the Composite in on the TV....Clear a whistle...I mean I really like that output much better than the RF. The Cable to AV2HDMI to HDMI in on the TV...slightly blurry....but useable...seems like I can see vertical lines....but it worked... The HDMI to VGA to monitor similar as the HDMI in to the TV....So the Composite in to the TV was clearly the best. I am looking at purchasing the Composite SVideo RCA to PC VGA next; http://www.ebay.com/itm/TV-AV-Composite-S-Video-RCA-In-to-PC-VGA-Video-Converter-Box-Adapter-3-Cbale-/351938330226?hash=item51f128be72:g:je8AAOSwNKVXMa3U I will probably see if I can use the HDMI to VGA as a VGA to HDMI out of curiosity/options.... If the above next test is better or the same as the Composite in to the TV...I will use it with my monitor....If not the Ambery is my last approach. Thanks Chris
  9. All, Update of Sorts.... Basically pulled one of the Multi-colored power supplies I have out and tested the voltage ...all the proper pins from the FAQ - 5Volts. I tried my first one and nothing - no light no nothing....Is there an internal fuse? The second one came right on and seemed to be fine after the normal tests. I did notice the power adapter feel funny...like its going deeper or in different. The third one came on failed memory test, had keyboard issues, and screen was a purple shade....I know there was one real bad... Pulled out the rest of the Atari 800Xls (5) and ran through memory,keyboard, sound and quick basic test and everything worked like a charm....So 6 out of 8 no problems....Last nights testing had me up till 2:30AM. .I would sooner or later like to fix the bad two...I do have a extra keyboard sitting... The other issues,not keyboard, I have no clue on fixing but being an IT (Software developer) and in IT for 20 years I think I will give it a shot...Is there any good repair manuals out there or walkthrus on how to troubleshoot? I still have to go thru all the supplies.... Thanks Chris
  10. All, Thanks for the help! I will review/test the ones I have with a voltmeter and confirm they end up with the right units. Again thanks for the help, Chris
  11. Bryan, One of the power supplies....the first one I tried is exactly like the above image. The others are not..... When I quickly looked at the supplies and units I did notice the 1200XL was more like the 1050 drive power supply connector. Do you know if the power requirements for the 1200XL is substantially different? ( I would like to find that supply and separate it off and actually try the 1200XL.) I do know by quickly looking.... that the voltage on the non 7 pin din power supplies... that the voltages can be different on the supplies...Any body know why/what peripheral/machine? Is there a place I can look on the machines to see power requirements? That way I can reduce messing anything up. I will get out the voltmeter tonight and start going thru the supplies. Are the power supplies fixable/or can they be replaced with new supplies (source please if so)? (I do remember my dad tearing one down and replacing a fuse in one but the unit was never the same...but did work) I should clarify... the machines worked...but the supplies may have not all got tested....I bought these units at a swap and ran them thru test procedures and a few hours of work. Thanks Chris
  12. All, I am in the final stretches of unpacking my Atari 8 bit machines. I plugged in my disk drives and so far all seem to turn on and do the normal noises..... The 800XLs, 8 total, due not seem to be powering on (no red lights). I have tried three separate machines with three different power supplies. The power supplies are the 7 pin Din connector type. They all worked 12 years ago before I packed them away....two did have some color issue but I labeled those with tape to look into. Is power supply failure a common problem? I will try tonight to get out the voltmeter and see if its machine or power supply. I have quite a few 8 bit machines (400, 800, 600XL, 800XL, 1200 XL, 130XE) and many 1050 and 2 Indus drives. Is it possible I have mixed the Power supplies? Most I can read the voltage and amperage on the supplies but many of the supplies were thrown into a box. I did pull out my 800XL that was still boxed in the original box I bought it and still nothing powered up. Please can someone walk me thru the common Power Suppliers Voltage/Amperage and the proper machines they go to just in case I do have these mixed up. Thanks, Chris
  13. Gunstar, Thanks for the heads up on that one... I picked up the pre-made cable and the 5 Pin Dins. I am going to get those made and tested for the machines in question over the next couple weeks (shipping,making them and such). Probably once done with that I will get one of the Chinese versions and One Ambery and do a comparison before purchasing the other 3. Thanks Chris
  14. Does this work with no IBM PC Formatted disks? If no this would still be a possibility for my PC stuff. I have used this before but not with Non IBM PC Formatted disks. Thanks Chris
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