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  1. I like the topic and am looking forward to the responses. To me, though, I would say I don't wanna set a limit, as I love how far gaming has come vs. where it started. For reference I'm in my mid 40s and vividly remember playing my uncle's Pong unit as a kiddo and being blown away that it had on screen scoring, so I have been through the ups and downs, haha. For example, I see a game like "What Remains of Edith Finch", which I think is one of the best games of the last decade, and it just wouldn't have been possible on a ps2/N64. That immersion, the realism, gave it a narrative power when it BROKE the realism. Wouldn't be possible with lesser graphic capabilities, IMHO. I am less impressed by the brown and grey cover shooter mechanics of many (but certainly not all) modern games, but I'd say we had the same issues back in the day with sci fi themed shootemups as well.
  2. No, it’s just that Cornhole stood out to me in a way the other games have not as of yet. I loved Wii Sports and that game gave me the same vibe- I was disappointed in the changes that were shown but if Amico pulls it off I’d pick it up to play that game. Most of the other games don’t appeal to me, although Cloudy Mountain is on my radar.
  3. Tommy, I’m the first to admit I’m far too invested in Cornhole, as my various posts attest. Was sooo pumped for the game, then was deflated by the updated footage. However, I love being surprised. Please make sure that game is awesome. If it is I’ll buy an Amico to play it no worries.
  4. Woodgrain- I’ve always liked the wood and gold. Old school and classy. Yeah
  5. It does seem like Atari Age is “curating” and editing the Amico stuff far more than similar content (like VCS, Polymega, etc). Not sure why topics were split up, dropped, renamed when it the past stuff would just be locked or allowed to fade away.
  6. Yes, because those groups don’t buy consoles. We went through the same thing (and we’re shown to be right) with the VCS. The last time those groups bought a console in any sort of capacity was the Wii, and that was almost entirely due to the hype created by Wii Sports. Do you see any game in this lineup that will achieve that level of mainstream success? Closest was Cornhole and I still don’t get why they moved it away from a Wii Sports style experience. This isn’t saying the Amico won’t sell, but I would be surprised if it actually moves the needle in that 3 billion casual market without a Wii Sports style hit.
  7. I hope everyone who pre ordered gets it before the holidays. I feel bad for them as the delay is a shame, understandable or not. Are all preorders gonna be filled? How many units was that? Are they still taking pre orders now?
  8. Thanks for the feedback and info, everyone. I’m still super bummed about it but am hoping to be proven wrong. I did learn a bunch about how motion controls work on this thread, so that’s awesome
  9. I’m so glad threads like this exist. What is your opinion on Knight Rider? Does your daughter need a bike? How many PS2s have you given away?
  10. Me too- I’d be happy if a guy who called himself The Historian actually imparted some wisdom to us instead of gaslighting everyone for years. I would love to be wrong about this for sure.
  11. So I have been a huge supporter of Cornhole since day one. During the ebb and flow of the past two years the Cornhole game kept me positive. I loved Wii Bowling, Let’s Catch, etc, and was pumped for a spiritual successor. I’ve said before that I would buy an Amico for Cornhole if it ruled, and I stand by that. All that being said, that new video, and the answers to questions about it, have me concerned. Here are my issues: 1) controls don’t look like the gaming shown in the promo videos, where it was implied it was entirely motion based. When this was brought up, the response was the Wii Bowling wasn’t entirely motion based either. Fair enough, but that was 15 years ago. Tech hasn’t advanced? We have been told (and people playing Amico have said) that the controller is a game changer. In what way? Why did Tommy say that cell phones were fine but the controller wasn’t able to play the original version of the game? What do the phones have that the controller doesn’t? 2) If this is a launch game and the Amico hadn’t been delayed, what would this game have played like? Why would we wait this long to start these changes? 3) I get using extra time caused by the delay to tweak games, but this three point adjustment system just doesn’t look fun to me, and after watching the video multiple times I’m less convinced I’m going to enjoy it. Has this game been played by anyone objective (i.e, anyone who doesn’t describe Finnegan Fox as “jaw dropping”)? Was their feedback on the former version posted anywhere I can read? Like I said, I was pumped for the game and am now feeling pretty down on the whole thing. And please, don’t reply with “it isn’t made for you.”, haha. I was looking forward to playing that game with my 5 year old. As an aside, will Amico be sending out systems to journalists like Playdate did? This may go along way to restoring some hype. Many of those outlets had concerns about Playdate but I appreciated their feedback and plan on ordering the system based mostly on the feedback they received.
  12. Yeah I think people gave this dude waaaay to much credit based on absolutely nothing. Kind of like the VCS project itself.
  13. One of my favorite 7800 games. Glad to see an update and will pick this up for Switch for sure. I wish Atari had made more deals like this earlier and set up a cool retro launch lineup.
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