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  1. So I finally got my thrice broken nose fixed surgically and I’m sitting at home, bleeding out of my face. It’s rather gross but the hotel staff went to get me gauze and I have anti biotics so that’s good. I’ll have to stay sitting up for a while until the bleeding slows down, and am pondering what game(s) I should play to stay awake and upright for. What’s a good game for a face like this:
  2. They should just put the whole Bit.Trip series on there- the first six games anyway. They were great fun
  3. Have you removed the really weird “stalking and harassment of a six year old neighbor” story from your website, or is Hori down with child abuse?
  4. Battlemorph would be a great game to remake.
  5. This is, IMO, one of the strangest threads I’ve seen on AtariAge. I mean, aren’t most of us in our 40s/50s? “It’s okay to like the VCS?” What a weird title for an adult to write to other adults. This is the kind of stuff I say to my 5 year old when they have disagreements with other kids. I am really into underground Scandinavian Death Metal, which doesn’t have many fans, and I often hear the “it’s just noise!” arguments. But who cares? It’d be so weird for me to write a post saying “It’s okay to like Scandinavian Death Metal”. Who would I be trying to convince?
  6. I guarantee you that the average consumer doesn’t care about at least 4 of those 5 points listed. I don’t even get what three of them are. No one is gonna buy the VCS because of “telemetry” issues with Windows 10. Why are you even talking about this, other than to give people on here another example of the contortions VCS “fans” are putting themselves through to create relevancy. If you like the VCS (it’s okay to like it!) then great, but honestly no one else is going to care if they don’t already.
  7. Man, what kind of selfish jackass do you have to be to cause your entire country to be cut off from a great product. Great job OP, I’m sure you’re fun at parties. It’s good to know that Karens are not just a USA thing.
  8. I am soooooooooooo happy with my Evercade, and will get the VS Premium for sure. I was playing Dracula (LYNX yay!) last night. Such a fun system and a neat collection of games. I think this is the best "retro" product out there, other than maybe those awesome mini arcade units.
  9. These look awesome. I have been very happy with my Evercade. I pretty much love everything they’ve been doing
  10. I totally agree on Hat Trick. It’s like a modded Pong. In terms of that, I really like what they did with it.
  11. I would be super happy if Amico leveraged Wii style motion games. Cornhole looks awesome, gimme a batting cage simulator... I’d be all in on that. Hell, I think a water balloon fight game would be a killer app
  12. I’m just saying, sitting there playing catch, beer in hand... great experience. Motion controls were great, rumble was perfectly implemented. The moon bits are fun too
  13. Who remembers Let’s Catch? One of my favorite Wii Ware games, perfect for couch co op, mellow, good times. Loved this game. Also, Cornhole progress report please!
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