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  1. Totally agree. Hey admin, can we do a thread lock or user ban or something? I don’t know the procedure for that, but in this day and age, especially in light of what happened with RJChamp or whatever that scumbag’s name was, maybe we as a community need to be more proactive about not nurturing this sort of obvious mental breakdown in our forums.
  2. Um... Please get help. Regardless of the validity of your ideas, why would anyone want to do business with you based on what you wrote? You sound completely unhinged here.
  3. Oh yeah it’s definitely a style issue. I don’t think the graphics on many titles showcased are bad, per se, they just don’t work for me.
  4. I just checked out Cornhole and I liked the look of that one. EWJ looks good, too (reminds me of the a Monster Land remakes) so the system can obviously do great sprite work. I just wish they’d do more. I was picturing they’d be really hitting the pixel art hard, Stardew Valley, or Owlboy. I know I mentioned them before but that type of art would be a winner for me. Nighstalker is a good example of what I expected from the system. I don’t think showing Astrosmash or Shark Shark is playing to their strengths. Hell, I think Skiing is a perfect update- those dudes should’ve made all the games, haha.
  5. I just really, really wish they would’ve gone for a less “flash” style. Most of the games (with the exception of Skiing, the breakout game, and Nightstalker) just look too much like mobile stuff to me. I HATED what they did to Astrosmash
  6. Yeah- I didn’t get to check out the big arcade next door (Laserdome) but loved the pinball
  7. So this arcade is like 5 minutes from my house. I went in and like 10 minutes later everyone took off and they told me to close up when I left- so I had the run of the place. Swedes are so mellow. I attached some pics of my walking around (took a video but can’t attach it for some reason- will try again later) Some awesome tables. I loved the AC/DC and original Star Trek ones
  8. Look what I found in Boras! I can finally contribute to this thread.
  9. Goddamn I miss that guy. Also wish Dr Love can come back. I wonder if he got his PS2 back from that harridan?
  10. I was super pumped about the Amico and watched their reveal/preorder videos... and now I’m mostly disappointed. I’m REALLY not digging the art style of most of the games being shown. They all have that really flat Flash look to them, with one or two exceptions. I was hoping we’d see more great pixel art, like Stardew Valley or Owlboy or something. They just don’t look very compelling to me, especially Shark Shark. Maybe down the road other releases will change my mind.
  11. Oh man they added a Lynx game pack (and a Pico Int. Cartridge!). I am officially sold on this. What a neat idea. Like what the Chameleon could’ve been if it wasn’t a dirty lie. https://evercade.co.uk/
  12. Haha- Ive been in this forum for nearly a decade and until just now I thought the same thing about his screen name. Awesome
  13. Mind blown. Nice work, guys. I never thought a 7800 game could look and sound like this.
  14. Mind blown. Nice work, guys. I never thought a 7800 game could look and sound like this.
  15. I once played a video game and had a great time. I Really enjoyed it. True story.
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