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  1. Holy crap the BTR guys made this? I love all of the games in the Bit.Trip series. That explains why this game popped so much for me during that update a while ago.
  2. I was just thinking this morning about how awesome it is to be a gamer right now. I’ve got my PS4 and Switch, both with tons of new and classic games, just got done playing California Games on Evercade, PS5 is out, we’ve got the Playdate and Amico coming... I mean talk about an embarrassment of riches! I reflect on myself as a kid, browsing through the game aisle at Toys R Us and seeing all this stuff I’d never get to play (we had a 2600 and my bros and I could buy a new game every few months). It’s just amazing how far we’ve come and how much is at our fingertips now. Good times!
  3. I never thought about it like that but VCS as a STEAM box would've made a ton of sense. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  4. Hey, Tommy, now that the Atari VCS "Launch" has come and gone and (as far as I can tell) is DOA with very little hype, even on this forum, I have a few questions: 1) Is there any takeaways from the VCS launch that are useful to you and your team, in terms of tweaks to your plans? 2) Was there anything about their product, now that it's out, that surprised you? Any good ideas there, or lessons regarding hardware?
  5. I love the Evercade- got it from Songbird last week and it's been great fun revisiting my Lynx years . . .
  6. Oh man, I love this game. This one was responsible for creating one of my favorite gaming memories (you know, those little snippets that stick with you for years afterwards)- that one night time track, coming around the corner as that gorgeous full moon starts gliding across the sky . . . an amazing moment.
  7. Thanks for all the advice and links. I really appreciate it. I’ll start digging through the info y’all provided and do some more research. Thanks in advance for helping me get a good start on this!
  8. Hello All, I saw that Adventure 2 is getting an XE version, so i thought it'd be a good time to finally pick one up. I know very little about the Atari computer line (I have a 2600, 7800, 5200, Jag, Lynx, so am pretty familiar with the brand however) but I've always been meaning to look into 80s computing (will probably get a Commodore 64 Mini to dip my toe in there as well). I thought the easiest thing would be to get an XEGS, an Atari Max Cart, and then some of the killer homebrews like Adventure 2. Does that seem like a good plan? Would there be a reason to get an Atari 400 (or whatever) instead? Any advice or feedback is appreciated as I know next to nothing about 80s computer stuff. And I'm not to into collecting games (other then homebrews)- I tend to get systems and multicarts instead, so game prices don't matter a whole lot to me.
  9. Im sorry sir, I derailed an awesome thread celebrating those games. All apologies and I really need to pick up Adventure 2 XE for sure- it’s making me wanna grab an XEGS! Thanks for all you do for this community.
  10. Okay, in the interest of trying to help you out- Please read your original message out loud. Does it sound like a suggestion to you? Also, this has been coming up repeatedly with your posts lately. Why do you think that is? I really urge you to reflect on how your posts have been received by the community and, more importantly, WHY. I watched one of your YouTube vids and you obviously love Atari stuff. This is a great community to be a part of but there are behavioral norms, like in any community. Can you see how you may have been rubbing people the wrong way in your tone/phrasing in spite of your enthusiasm?
  11. At this point you have to be trolling us, right? Are you really in a position to be ordering Albert and whomever else around? Can you please read this back, out loud, and see what it sounds like?
  12. I’d buy that for my kids, for sure. Hell, if the VCS went all in on edutainment titles I’d pick one up no problem. It’d be like a modern day Pico.
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