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  1. So I always abide by the rule of five when buying a new console- it’s gotta have 5 exclusive games that look awesome. Thus far Amico has three that look really good to me- Cornhole, Nightstalker, and Breakout. I’m excited to see what else comes out over the next six months prior to release. If Berzerk (or a clone) in that nightstalker style came out that would definitely be on my list Also I’d need to see a bit more but my daughter would love the skiing game I think, so I guess that means I have four out of five.
  2. I’m in Vancouver and I’m paying for it, but the hotel has a reduced 14 day quarantine rate. I’m not allowed to quarantine at home because we have some high risk people in our household.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to write out those responses. I appreciate that and will watch the video you linked- I’m in a quarantine hotel right now so have lots of time, haha. I understand your perspective and I feel like it comes down to a difference of opinion and I am fine with being in the opposite side of most AAgers. I also did not mean any disrespect at all to the Amico as a product, I was just speaking about how the past few years have led to a veneer of skepticism- I wasn’t comparing Amico to Chameleon but rereading my post I totally see how it came across and I apologize for that. I will say this, though- let’s call a spade a spade here. You are a very successful person, who built a legacy in our industry even before your work with Amico. I used to look forward to your show on GTV back in the day so am very aware of your career. Even though I like to think I’ve had a pretty good run in my field, you’re far more successful then me, and probably most of the people on this board and for sure almost all (If not all) of the YouTube folks. So it feels to me sometimes like engaging with these guys is like punching down. But I can see how, given your position and your goals with the Amico, why you believe these responses help build the brand. Again I appreciate the response. I’m a fan of everything being successful- I’d love it if Amico, VCS, Playdate, PS5, Switch, etc all made tons of money. More eyes and money on the industry is better for everyone. More products meeting more needs is a positive. I remember as a kid walking into Toys R Us and seeing 2600, 5200, Intellivision, Coleco, PC, stand alones, LED games... it would be great if the industry could support multiple types of product long term again. So I wish you and your team all the luck in the world.
  4. Oh just to be clear, I think that you, or I, or anyone can engage on message boards, YouTube, etc. agree, disagree, all of that. Call out Ian and Pat as much as you want. Post opposing YouTube vids. It’s all good- I just don’t think the public face of the company should do that. And to the second point you’re right people absolutely destroy products on YouTube. My point isn’t that criticism doesn’t exist, it’s that if the product is good some random youtuber with 50K subs won’t matter for the bottom line. Have any of the switch or PS4 haters actually hurt the company? I would argue no, which is why I feel Tommy shouldn’t be as focused on that. I’d rather he didn’t get “in the weeds”. Now granted none of this has to do with the Amico as a product but I’d hate the Amico to turn into a referendum on Tommy as opposed to standing on its own. That, in my opinion, is where spokesmen have to tread carefully. And it’s hard when people make personal or unfounded attacks on you- but that’s part of what you signed up for as a public face of the product.
  5. Well I think that it’s pretty much what you said. When a company that makes a product puts the head of the company out in public to such a degree, the perception becomes less about the product and more about the person. Look at Tesla for example. Often when I ask about the cars I end up being told how much of a jackass Elon Musk is. The Tesla stock rises and falls on his actions, not the product. It’s not sustainable long term. I understand why Tommy feels he needs to be front and center but, in my opinion, it hasn’t helped the product. I will never understand why the CEO of a multi million dollar company comes into this message board to exchange personal attacks with random forum users about other random forum users or YouTube people. I don’t think someone in his position should engage at this level with negativity. Being a cheerleader is fine, but engaging or encouraging personal attacks, when in his position, is not. I also think Playdate is making a very different pitch. Their product is a toy, not being hyped as a game changer. For 150 you get a system plus 12 games. It’s a cute toy with an obvious gimmick. When you pull it out in public people will wanna try the crank. The games look fine and are appealing to someone who thinks the crank gimmick is neat. They also don’t go on message boards and engage with detractors. I really don’t get the Pat and Ian thing. They have been called drunks, haters (please let’s all agree to retire that word), ignorant, etc. Why? It’s a different opinion. Who cares if they are telling the truth or not? After Chameleon, VCS, etc, I think it makes sense to be skeptical of anything until it’s out. And if a YouTuber or a forum user can sink your product then how good is it really? I am someone who thinks one should let the product speak for itself. Does Nintendo ever call forum users liars, or haters? Does Sony engage in personal attacks or encourage others to do so? In my line of work I am often the very public face/advocate for the values and goals of the companies I work with. That means I see occasional positive feedback but mostly negative and mostly personal- it’s the nature of the beast- and I learned early on to devote energy to modeling the behavior and imaging you need to project. Otherwise you end up engaging in mud slinging and impacting your brand. I think it’s be wise for Tommy to do the same thing. His response to the negative feedback should simply be something like “well, I know the finished product will change your mind and I can’t wait to get your feedback when it’s out. Thanks for being part of the conversation.”
  6. Protector CE. That game brought me back to the Jag. Fantastic job, Songbird!
  7. So I made it back to Canada from Sweden and am doing a 14 day quarantine in a rather nice room. I can’t leave the room but have tv and internets, plus can get groceries/packages delivered. I have my PS4, and I’m thinking of getting an Evercade. What would y’all pack for a quarantine?
  8. Totally agree. Hey admin, can we do a thread lock or user ban or something? I don’t know the procedure for that, but in this day and age, especially in light of what happened with RJChamp or whatever that scumbag’s name was, maybe we as a community need to be more proactive about not nurturing this sort of obvious mental breakdown in our forums.
  9. Um... Please get help. Regardless of the validity of your ideas, why would anyone want to do business with you based on what you wrote? You sound completely unhinged here.
  10. Oh yeah it’s definitely a style issue. I don’t think the graphics on many titles showcased are bad, per se, they just don’t work for me.
  11. I just checked out Cornhole and I liked the look of that one. EWJ looks good, too (reminds me of the a Monster Land remakes) so the system can obviously do great sprite work. I just wish they’d do more. I was picturing they’d be really hitting the pixel art hard, Stardew Valley, or Owlboy. I know I mentioned them before but that type of art would be a winner for me. Nighstalker is a good example of what I expected from the system. I don’t think showing Astrosmash or Shark Shark is playing to their strengths. Hell, I think Skiing is a perfect update- those dudes should’ve made all the games, haha.
  12. I just really, really wish they would’ve gone for a less “flash” style. Most of the games (with the exception of Skiing, the breakout game, and Nightstalker) just look too much like mobile stuff to me. I HATED what they did to Astrosmash
  13. Yeah- I didn’t get to check out the big arcade next door (Laserdome) but loved the pinball
  14. So this arcade is like 5 minutes from my house. I went in and like 10 minutes later everyone took off and they told me to close up when I left- so I had the run of the place. Swedes are so mellow. I attached some pics of my walking around (took a video but can’t attach it for some reason- will try again later) Some awesome tables. I loved the AC/DC and original Star Trek ones
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