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  1. Please show me the results of your extensive research into the buying habits of casual gamers. Has Gamestop shared their customer data with you? To say that casual gamers won’t shop at Gamestop at all, beggars belief. If we are going by anecdotal evidence, we’ll then I have seen people in Gamestop buying their first console as adults/grandparents, so you are wrong. And seriously, what’s with the infantilization of “casual” gamers (still hate that term)? Yes they know how e shopping works. Yes they can use credit cards. It’s crazy that there are people who think Amico will sell millions of consoles to a consumer market that, apparently, has never used Google, doesn’t know what buttons are for, or had to compare different items for purchase before. If that’s true I guess they’ll buy an Amico with cash only, bring it home to their no internet house, and immediately break it by jamming RFID cards into the ventilation slots while screaming “me play game!”. This attitude worked great for the VCS. Sold 11000 consoles to YouTube gamers and faded away. I’m pretty sure we can give people more credit than that. And please people no more sexist Soccer Mom/Netflix Mom tropes.
  2. But man, when it worked… like Excitetruck. Good times.
  3. Like 80% of the Wii library. Loved that system, and using motion controls to choke a prostitute with piano wire in Godfather never gets old.
  4. I have that one and a Carmen Sandiego one in my office. Great little items.
  5. If they had like 10 of these titles exclusive to the VCS I would’ve picked one up. MC and Centipede both look great.
  6. You know, I'm actually coming around to Mr_Me's way of thinking on this. If they aren't ready to launch, if everything is delayed, I don't think they should be putting anything out until they are launch capable. I think they are hitting the point of diminishing returns with their marketing, based on the youtube views vs. the "anti amico" you tube view counts, the comments they are getting, and the "groundhog's day" style of many of their current updates. Why use new footage if systems are 6 months off? If I was in their position, I would stop with the roadshows, in progress videos, etc. Get everything sorted out and lay low- than do a big blast like 6 months from now (or whenever they are ready) to re debut the system, with a "see you in a month!" message at the end or something. At this point that may be their best bet.
  7. Nice ideas! I think an FPS pack could be neat, with Hexen, ROTT, etc.
  8. I think they are really leaning into the "fad" part of this, though, to their advantage. They are marketing it as a fun toy, hipster gadget, etc. The pen holder is proof of that. Their customers seem to understand that asw ell, and they have marketed the games accordingly. So I feel their measure of success is quite different than the Ouya, VCS, or the Amico, which have all made claims of grabbing the Brigadoonian Billion+ Candy Crush players who just haven't found that perfect console yet. Playdate has sold 20K through preorder which already puts it above the VCS (which I think was 11K?) and the stated Amico pre orders of either 8K or 16K (I've heard different numbers). If we follow their website, they are up to 40K now based on order numbers. I dunno what they would define success as, but I can't imagine they are counting on 1 million sales. They seem to be aiming for a smaller pool and scaling their economy around that. To me, 100K playdates sold would be a pretty good number for their market.
  9. very quiet. Periodic updates to the game release list but that's about it.
  10. yeah- for all the heat that the Amico gets, they don't want their forums to be like the VCS space right now, haha.
  11. Then your argument confuses me, because isn't this the same pitch Amico is using? Their focus in their media has been Farkle, Astrosmash, Shark Shark, Moon Patrol . . . it seems identical to the strategy you are positing for the Switch, but in the Amico's case will lead to billions of casuals picking it up, but none of them care about the Switch? I am not saying Amico is wrong with this approach, by the by, I'm just trying to clarify your point here. I feel like you are either misunderstanding Amico's intent or just trying to brush off Nintendo's success. To say 90 million consoles is not that big of a deal, compared to a system that hasn't actually launched yet, is a pretty bold bit of hand wavery. I think if Amico sold 500K to 1 million, they should be happy, and proud of their success- I think that'd be great, and would be far more than the Ouya and VCS did. To assume they'll sell astronomical numbers doesn't seem to align with reality.
  12. Love my Evercade, and am excited to see what’s coming next. What would y’all wanna see? I would be sooo happy for: 1) A Cinemaware collection 2) Shadowgate/DejaVu/Uninvited 3) an Amiga 500 collection 4) police quest set 5) Monkey Island set Even without this stuff I’m very impressed with what they’ve put together, but these would be great. I am interested in the upcoming arcade packs as well. Let’s talk Evercade!
  13. Evercade is a fantastic device. Love their game collections and will get the Intellivision one(s) for sure.
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