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  1. Oh man they added a Lynx game pack (and a Pico Int. Cartridge!). I am officially sold on this. What a neat idea. Like what the Chameleon could’ve been if it wasn’t a dirty lie. https://evercade.co.uk/
  2. Haha- Ive been in this forum for nearly a decade and until just now I thought the same thing about his screen name. Awesome
  3. Mind blown. Nice work, guys. I never thought a 7800 game could look and sound like this.
  4. Mind blown. Nice work, guys. I never thought a 7800 game could look and sound like this.
  5. I once played a video game and had a great time. I Really enjoyed it. True story.
  6. oh, I played through BOTW on the Wii U last year. Loved it but won't dip in again for a while
  7. My Switch finally arrived. Heres the games I have thus far (needed some mellow ones for the daily commute) Mario Odyssey Xenoblade 2 Golf Story Stardew Valley Opus 1 and 2 (cant remember their names) Rocket League Anyways, Im pretty pumped to give it a whirl and am impressed by how many cool little touches it has. As someone who was a huge Wii U fan, this makes that system look like a trial run
  8. Well, I know what Im spending my schools tech budget on next year.
  9. Man, I just DLd the new Llamasoft game, Polybius. Goddamn. I was a huge fan of T2K, T3K, and Defender 2000, but the later stuff (Space Giraffe in particular) didn't do much for me. This game is killer. It takes me back to those first few times playing T2K and just being blown away by all the stuff going on. I haven't figured it out yet but got to level three and am loving it. It reminds me of a mix of Stun Runner, Race the Sun, and T2K. Well worth checking out. I don't have a VR set up, so can't speak to that, but it sounds delightful. Anyone else try it out and have any thoughts or tips?
  10. Oh man, I love my Nuon- T3K and IS3 are worth the admission price alone. I could never figure out Freefall, but liked the idea behind it.
  11. But the Nuon was, in fact, released-Tempest 3000 and Iron Soldier 3 are awesome!
  12. Thanks for the feedback, all. Much appreciated
  13. Hello all, I have a Wii U, which I love for sure (CTTT is a killer, killer game), but am thinking of getting back into the "epic" type of game (Skyrim, RDR, etc) so wanna add a new system to my pile. Any opinions on whether I should go with PS 4 or Xbox 1? I do not like FPS, but i know there are many cross platform games out there right now (Witcher 3 looks kick ass). Thoughts?
  14. Buy Fishing Resort- one of my favorite wii games ever, for sure my favorite fishing game ever, and between that and WWHD, it takes up about 90% of my WiiU gaming time. Fantastic game. And when I bought it it was for like 15$
  15. SO excited- picked it up in Canada and just got it hoked up this morning in my apartment in Cairo. Thus far have played a bit of Mario 3d World, and it is amazing. Also, Zelda WW looks fantastic in HD. I also bought AC 4, Lego Undercover, and Pikmen 3 but have not played those yet. Any games I should watch out for? I have already picked up where I left off with Fishing Resort on the Wii, so life is good
  16. i just posted a review on my goodreads page. I really enjoyed it, can't wait for the next installment(s) Here is the link to the review http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/613347219 and here is a copy: I grew up with Atari. One of my earliest memories is playing the original Pong, and when we were kids I also remember all the other kids around coming over to play our 2600. To this day in my storage unit I have a 2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx, and Jaguar (with Jag CD!) with hundreds of games for them. Needless to say, I am an Atari type of dude, so this book was a wonderful treat for me. It takes you from the earliest beginnings of Atari, back when it was three dudes and called Syzygy, and ends with the sale of Atari to the Tramiel family. From start to finish it was w wild ride, for sure. While many of these stories were vaguely familiar to me, there were many, many details I had never heard before. I loved hearing the stories about all the experimentation that was going on. The birth and death of Kermit the robot was great- I had never heard about that before. The thought process behind all the design decisions for the home systems and arcade cabinets was something that I was really interested in. All of these is backed up by a copious amount of pictures, technical documents,internal memos, and wonderful, in depth quotes from most of the players at the time. Hearing from Ted Dabney for the first time was great. This is a huge book. A book this size, with such a focus on technical issues, would risk losing the audience under a mountain of details, but the crisp writing and great pacing (they frequently jump a bit back and forth in time, with interviews strung throughout) ensures that you never, as a reader, get a chance to feel bored or confused by the tech talk. At around 700 pages (reading it on my kindle, so not exactly sure of the size), with tons of great stories and interviews, by the time I was done I felt like I had lived through the rise and fall of Atari myself. This book is a must have for anyone who is a fan of (or curious about) the roots of video gaming. These are the guys who essentially created an industry, and changed the world. I am glad this story has finally been told in such an objective, thorough way. When the book ends there is definitely a "wait, then what happened?" feeling, but I have been told that will be part of the next book in the series. I can't wait to read it
  17. well, this is disappointing . . . I don't know Curt at all, but I have been on this sight for years, and followed this project for a long time- as a huge 7800 fan, when this project was announced I was pumped, and over the years I have remained pumped. The only reason I have not yet put my money down is because I live in 3rd world countries and could not get anything sent out here (no way I'd trust my 7800 to survive the electrical surges) but was looking forward to picking one up this summer. So, not to sound like an ass, but, with Curt's latest email . . . is there any point in getting this? I mean, if it's being shipped out and there will be no support going forward from anyone (again, I get the anger), what is the point? Or are other people committed to making games and keeping this alive? In his own words, after this there will be nothing. Is that true? If so, what a wasted opportunity all around. Any info? For what it's worth, Curt, I have always respected all the work you've done for this community, and I'm sorry that it's come to this. I hope whatever you do next gives you more satisfaction.
  18. Probably not super relevant, as I did not have tons of pics in my book, but when we were converting it to work on Kindle I hit a huge wall and ended up paying Createspace to do it for me. Cost 90$ and took a week, but in the end they did far better than I would have. Might be worth looking into, though I would assume the price would be higher.
  19. Dennis Miller's That's News to Me (3D0) That Penn and Teller game with the 16 hour (in real time!) bus simulator (Sega CD) Taboo (NES)
  20. Bobby is Going Home Plumbers Don't Wear Ties Midnight Mutants Attack of the Mutant Penguins Sneak and Peak Food Fight Night Trap
  21. Hotel Dusk and Last window. These two games, as a pair, are my favorite games on the DS, and (in my ever humble opinion) have the best storyline and character progression of any game made in the last few years. Kyle Hyde (the main dude in these two games) is one of my favorite game characters ever. I love this series. They are unlike anything else I've ever played.
  22. I'm with you- this is one of my favorite Jag games. I love that feeling of euphoria you get when you have the shields, power ups, and a long sting of miners hanging from your ship and you have basically turned into a wall of death. Great times. My only gripe (and it's a small one) is the bonus stage: I loved the variety to the bonus stages on tempest 2K, and was bummed when I realized that here they were the one stage )and it was a cleaner version of my least favorite one from T2K). Other than that, absolutely a kick ass title. I used to use this to introduce people to the jag, because of the sheer madness of it.
  23. I would recommend Racing The Beam. It analyzes (using specific games as examples) how the limitations/strengths of the Atari 2600 led game developers at the time to find creative solutions and designs still used today. Very interesting, and not too technical http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/026201257X/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=026201257X&linkCode=as2&tag=atariage
  24. So after having been in Asia for a number of years, and spending the last year in the DRC, I have returned to NJ for a quick visit. My first full day back was yesterday, and I went to Yestercade, in Red Bank. That place is kick ass! $10 an hour for free play, and they have some great games/pinball machines. They also have tons of consoles hooked up. I played the Super Mario Bros pinball machine, then went to a TV and Played Odyssey 2 for a while, got in a quick game of Star Fox 64, finally beat the Simpsons Arcade Game, and (after 25 years of hearing about it) played Donkey Kong 3! What a cool place- highly reccomended I'm gonna try to go at least one more time in the 10 days I have left (also hoping to check out the Asbury Park Pinball arcade) so maybe I'll see some of y'all there. It was great times! Wish arcades were like that when I was a kid . . . http://yestercades.com/
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