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  1. There's a code inside T2K that when activated will allow you to use rotary encoders for the game. You hook up the encoder to the left and right directions of the D-Pad to allow for the quadrature inputs. The game is pretty amazing with the right encoder setup.
  2. I don't think it would work since the game was not programmed with a mouse in mind.
  3. Would definitely benefit from it. Both the Amiga and PC versions use a mouse and that is way better control for that game than the joypad. The Jag version obviously doesn't support a mouse but if you're talking about a mouse patch for certain games then this one should be near the top of the list.
  4. Forgot about the cable part. Although I wonder how much it would cost to make one of those with the molded end.
  5. Why donor controllers? Do they still make the chips that go inside the controllers? If so you can probably make your own boards that would make it easier to build custom controllers around. Just my two cents.
  6. If the PS2 Classics on PS4 deal is anything to go by I think Sony's plan is to make you pay for all the old stuff again even though you may still have the old discs. I'll be surprised if they do the way MicroSoft is doing it with the Xbox One.
  7. You mean IDE since that is what the Network Adapter uses. There are also off-brand versions with SATA now which will make it easier to use SSDs and such.
  8. The program you're looking for is Winhiip and I highly recommend that you format the drive and install games with it since the DVD-ROM drive on the PS2 is slow and crappy which tends to result in botched installs. As for playing off the hard drive I recommend Open PS2 Loader which is way superior than HDLoader.
  9. I am happy to announce that we got our Godzilla panel for PAX South 2020 and it will be held in the Cactus Theater which is twice as large as the one we were in before. Should be fun.
  10. Or maybe the Xbox DreamCast.
  11. Maybe we should just call it the Xbox4.
  12. I'm surprised that no one has come up with an SD Card reader replacement like there is for the Saturn and DreamCast consoles.
  13. Have you considered a softmodded PSP? I have one and it has a pretty good 2600 and 7800 emulator along with several others.
  14. RARusk

    Borderlands 3

    I'n not touching BL3 until the GOTY edition comes out with everything included and everything fixed.
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