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  1. The L/R buttons! That was the missing piece of the puzzle for me! I wasn’t a big fan of that particular 8BitDo controller so I rarely use it and forgot it had them. I hope the 2.4 GHz ones have a better Dpad... Thanks a bunch!
  2. Where’d ya find the core specific settings? Been searching and having no luck?
  3. Hey guys! I know this has been answered But I’m having trouble finding... Can someone point me towards a guide for the best settings for the NT Mini? Also anyone know how to flip the difficulty switch in the 2600 core? Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much for sharing this! Is there a post like this for the Nt Mini and Super Nt anywhere?
  5. No shocks for me either! US version as well.
  6. So basically I should just try not to think about it too much and just try to enjoy the PAL games I want to play? I honestly havent noticed any that seemed off but have been curious since I got my Nt Mini. Thanks!
  7. So this has probably been answered before but... When I play PAL games on my Mega SG am I playing them at the correct speed? Also Same question but with the Nt Mini and Super Nt..
  8. So I posted a few pages back about not being able to update my firmware. Turns out it was the 2 SD cards I had! Picked up a 32gb Sandisk card from Walmart on The was home this morning for $8 and everything works perfectly now! And to the mysterious Jailbreaker... THANK YOU!!!
  9. Looks like my 9th grade health teacher was right... Pulling out was not an effective method.
  10. Ok. I tried to update with the JB Firmware and it just boots as normal. I tried the standard Firmware as well and it just boots as normal. I have tried multiple SD cards with no luck. I just sent a msg to Analogue but does anyone here have any suggestions?
  11. Dang! Guess I shoulda read the whole thing...
  12. So has anyone tried using ColecoVision controllers with the Coleco core on the Mega SG yet?
  13. Yeah. Im sure itll happen eventually. I too have lots of patience! I actually expect a bug fix update will come out first.
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