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    I have finally rearranged my work area to include my 800XL. I have it hooked up to my iMac with SIO2OSX, so no drives are needed, and I can even print, via the software, should I need to.
    Spent half the day playing some old favourites on a real machine, with my trusty Atari joystick instead of using an emulator with my USB stick.
    Good times. Playing Boulderdash took me right back to nineteen-eighty-whatever, it's still just as challenging now as it was then.
  2. Pengwin
    I've noticed that a number of blog entries appear in the view new posts search, and as my blog was a redirect, it didn't show. So from now on, I am going to use this blog to post notifications of when new entries are available in my blog.
    I don't know if you lot want to read it, but what the hell.
    Anyway, the latest blog entry can be found at http://www.krazypengwin.co.uk/blog.php
  3. Pengwin
    I've spent a couple of years away from A8 due to space/job/life style/take your pick. However, I plan to get back to the computer that really grabbed my attention back in the 80's.
    Most of my posts will probably be random crap, but hey, what else is a blog for?
    On down side, I no longer have most of the software I once did. Moving house and space restraints caused me to sell a lot of my collection (although I still have Donkey Kong ). On the positive side, I do still have my entire Atari User collection and most of the Atari based books.
    Fortunately, I'm not so much of a collector these days, more of an enthusiast, and even though my 800XL, with SIO2PC, is stored securely under my bed, I am limited to emulation for my A8 fixes.
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