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  1. erm...all I can think of is...




    This would be a great one to see done (can you do Gunfright after?). I wish you guys were around 20 years ago doing this. The A8 scene would have probably lasted as long as the Spectrum scene if you were.

  2. If you don't want to sell the game, I think .atr is the best solution.

    Many of us have SIO2PC or SIO2SD.


    I was thinking this as well. Although, even if you were going to sell the finished product (not sure where you would stand with copyright on LoM though), ATR could still be a viable alternative, allowing buyers to purchase a download of an ATR image to use via SIO2PC

  3. As some of you know here, I have been working on a couple of projects. Unfortunately, they have been put on hold for an extended period (oh for the day when I could just get on with things like this). However, I have been wondering if I have been going about these in the right way.


    Could anybody let me know their opinions as to performance of compiled programs when comparing cc65 to Kyan Pascal or Quick?

    The benefits of being able to code in a modern text editor is very attractive, but I don't want to do this if I lose out on performance.

  4. I've played many arcade games with Mame but obviously all 8-bit ports are worse, not only graphically, but often also in the gameplay.

    For example, I like very much Mario Bros XE port, but if you jump near the edge of the platform you are killed by enemies.


    I disagree. Some of the ports (Donkey Kong in particular) have better gameplay. I found the arcade version too picky about positioning when trying to climb a ladder, which left me feeling infuriated. The A8 port feels much more responsive and fluid.

  5. I was playing Donkey Kong the other day on emulation, and I wondered how different it was to the original arcade version. So I downloaded Mame and the applicable ROM and tried it out.

    Whilst the Atari version is very close to the original, there are certain differences. However, I find myself preferring the Atari port. Dunno why, I just find it more fun.


    Any other games where the ports are better?

  6. £10 well spent I believe :D

    * 800XL computer and PSU

    * 1050 disk drive (boxed) with PSU

    * XC12 data recorder (cassette) x2 (1 Boxed)

    * Atari touch tablet

    * 2 joysticks

    * Pair of paddles

    * 3 disk boxes containing approximately 400 disks

    * 65 original cassette games (at least) on 52 cassettes

    * Loads of Atari magazines (Page 6/New Atari user issues 44 to 85)

    * Loads of original packaging and instructions for games

    * Hardware manuals for 800XL and 1050 drive, plus connection and atari basic manuals

    * Various leads and odds and sods

    * 14” colour TV (if required)


    £10?? Wow, that's a great haul.

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