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  1. BBC News - US teen invents advanced cancer test using Google http://t.co/PHfGaTkp

    1. Austin
    2. BillyHW


      What have you done with your life?

  2. My families first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16K bought in 1983, although the first computer I personally owned was an Oric Atmos 48K, which I bought a couple of years later. A year after that, I sold it and bought an Atari 800XL. A few years after that a 520STFM.
  3. Working my way through Assassins Creed again, one of the best games released for the DS, IMO
  4. I use a power supply from my defunct 1010 for my 822, works fine.
  5. I found 6502 pretty easy to pick up. What I found took me time, was learning to program (in any language). As has been said before, programming something that is functional, easy to use and pleasing to the eye can be the trial. The semantics of the language used are usually fairly simple.
  6. I've been looking for it myself, but no success either. Sorry.
  7. A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition: http://t.co/1YVUQNQj via @youtube

  8. Interesting idea. I don't think it'll make it into this version though. Unfortunately, I am finding it really hard to find the time to get anything done on this at the moment and a new feature like that will only put things back further. However, (this is just me thinking out load) a simple box for shell scripting might be possible with minimal fuss. This could allow the execution of command line functions both before and after the compilation. On OS X, this would be simple unix type commands and on Windows, DOS like commands. How does that sound? As soon as it is in a usable state, I will be releasing an alpha for testing.
  9. Another vote for Fuse here, although I use the OS X version and there aren't too many alternatives for Mac.
  10. I had all three of the original Horace games on the spectrum. I hope to eventually convert all of them. The IDE is only for assembly at the moment, but it will be able to handle most Mac/PC based assemblers, including MADS and ATASM.
  11. Thanks. The Sprite editor is next. I hope you'll like it. Yes you do. In fact, this is what started this whole project off. Whilst I cannot sing high enough praises for WUDSN, I fancied an editor with a smaller footprint than Eclipse while I was starting off HH. I also needed a character set editor and a sprite editor, so the idea behind ACDS was born. Once I hace ACDS in a beta state, I will be using it to finish off my Hungry Horace conversion.
  12. A quick update, so people don't think I have left this behind. I have managed to fins a couple of hours free today, so I have done a little tidy up and some code optimisation on what I have so far. I still need to make a few alterations on some of the controls that have been implemented, but I just wanted to show everyone where I stand. As you can see from the screen shots, everything is more integrated now. I am no longer using extra windows for the DL editor or the character set editor. The sprite editor will also follow the same pattern. I am currently working on the sprite editor, which will allow frames, animated previews and overlaying. I will also have an option to edit the '5th sprite' as a single colour entity, or as the 4 coloured missiles. It is also possible to overlay another sprite on the one you are editing with the colour mix either on or off. Once I have that in place, it will be time for the assemblers and emulators to be connected.
  13. No, not abandoned. I've had to do a slight rethink about the project though. It was starting to become disjointed, so I have now redesigned it, so that it has a more integrated feel. Unfortunately/Fortunately (delete as applicable), I have had to focus a bit more on a paying project, so dev of the IDE has slowed down, but it is definitely NOT abandoned.
  14. Watched the #Conan remake last night. Awesome film.

    1. the.golden.ax


      As a Stargate Atlantis fan I've been looking forward to seeing that soon.

  15. Love the video tutorials. You have put so much into WUDSN, makes my IDE look positively paltry in comparison. Nice work.
  16. I think you misunderstand the acronym IDE in this thread. Here it meant as "Integrated Development Environment"
  17. Just to let anyone who is interested know, due to illness, there has been a delay in development. I hope to be back to things soon, but for the immediate future, I am putting this on hold. This does NOT mean that this project is abandoned, far from it. This is my priority for home coding. I originally planned a beta release date for the end of this month, but I may have to put this back a couple of months. On a brighter note, this break has allowed me to look at what I have been doing and see where the project can be improved. So, hopefully, things will be better when I can get back to it. Until then, I will be playing Miner 2049er and Pac-Man
  18. Epic - Slinky on a Treadmill: http://t.co/awQ0vpFg via @youtube

    1. Bryan


      Thanks! I think I finally have a use for my treadmill (other than hanging clothes!)

  19. Real Software: Remote Debugging http://t.co/XPYowTGl

  20. MarkSpotCode: Debugging tips - continued http://t.co/QdvFVBpt

  21. Very nice review. Unfortunately, being unemployed right now, I don't have the luxury of the cartridge version, but I must say that, whilst the original Atari Pac-Man was my favourite version, this version has definitely usurped that position. As far as I am concerned, everything about this version is awesome. If I can get some contracts in, in the near future, I will also be ordering a cartridge version.
  22. I was looking at the Raspberry Pi just now and thinking something similar. I was also wondering how difficult would it be to create a proprietary operating system for something like the Pi that would give us something like a 'home' computer that we had back in the 80s (something like an updated A8, C64 or Spectrum), a system designed for games, but also for easy programming. Would it be so bad to have a text based operating system based on Basic again? The potential for re-igniting the bedroom coders would be enormous (in my opinion). Edit: Just re-read your post and realised that you also proposed something like this. I for one would definitely be interested in trying something like this.
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