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  1. Thank you so much, that has been plaguing me since I realised they shared the same display list.
  2. I was playing around just now and thought about doing some graphics mode 9 or 11 screens from assembly, using a custom display list. However, when I examined the display list used by the basic modes, I saw that they use Antic Mode 15, which is the same as basic mode 8. Is there a flag I need to set for the Antic chip to process this display list differently?
  3. MarkSpotCode: Display List Editor Finished http://t.co/xH1SaFrs

  4. Display List Editor Finished The Display List Editor is now complete. Users can visually design a display list and then at the click of a button, save it for later use, insert it directly into the source, preview it or copy the generated code to the clipboard...
  5. I had already thought of possibly including a BASIC source editor that would LIST out to disk with either ASCII or ATASCII line endings (user selectable). Not sure if it will be in this release, but it is definitely something I am considering. It would be nice to automatically compile and run programs. Regarding your sprite editor, have you checked this one (ORed color, animation, ASM/C/Basic data export) ? http://playsoft.co.uk/atari_index.html Thanks for the link. The sprite editor of my system will also include things like ORed colour and animation. As Present, it will create a binary file to be included into the project source, but I may include an export feature at a later date. Oh, and it will be able to compile and automatically run the executable in the specified emulator. Interesting tool, shame its PC only. As you can tell from my screen shots, I am developing this on a Mac, although I will also be cross compiling for Windows once it is finished.
  6. I had already thought of possibly including a BASIC source editor that would LIST out to disk with either ASCII or ATASCII line endings (user selectable). Not sure if it will be in this release, but it is definitely something I am considering. If you can supply me with the API's when they're ready, I don't see why this couldn't happen.
  7. @Rybags: I've had another rethink. I think I will go with the collapsable tree idea. It shouldn't take too much work to implement and it WOULD make it more manageable. Forget that right now. More work than I thought.
  8. I like this idea, kind of wish I'd thought of it myself, before I started coding this. I may well change the next version of the Display Editor to have collapsable sections, but for now, I will leave as is as I would now like to get this out the door by the end of next month. At present, when you add a new line, it defaults to a mode 2 line, but your comment has made me rethink this to intercept with a dialog allowing the user to add whatever mode they want, plus the ability to have the user enter the number of lines, so if you were designing a screen with 10 mode 4 lines, then you could specify this, so they are put in at the same time.
  9. Another update: I have almost completed the Display List Editor: http://pengwin.atariage.com/devblog/files/e69ac366f41cb9bc839a479ef8cc423c-5.html I have not seen one of these before, so I have not been able to use anything as a starting platform for the design of this. Therefore, I am very open to feedback about this feature.
  10. That is a really cool trick. It works with Atari800MacX as well.
  11. There are also Mac versions of ATASM and XASM available. Atari800MacX has great debugging facilities too. Not tried Altirra, so I could give a comparison.
  12. I like this new version. I always wanted to like the original, but just couldn't: it felt too cumbersome. But this version is sweet. Plus the added intro. Excellent work.
  13. Work on this has slowed recently to a recent cold (or 'man flu' as my wife calls it), but I hope to be back on top of things soon. I have managed to hunt out and remove several bugs over the last few days, so that's a good thing The Display List editor is the next thing to look at. I've been toying with a lot of ideas in my mind, but I think I have the best approach sorted. I'll let you know when I have something to show you. Unlike the character sets and sprites, the display list created by the software won't be loaded as a binary file, it will have to be 'translated' to the currently selected source format. As far as I can work out, this is the best way to implement this as certain addresses are not known until build time. One of the prime requirements I have set is the ability, like WUDSN, to use virtually any assembler and emulator. I will be building in settings for a few, but it will be possible to quite easily add settings for others.
  14. I've never really got on with MESS, so for Atari gaming, I use native OSX versions of Stella, Atari800MacX and Handy (for Lynx) plus Wine versions of Pro System for 7800 and Project Tempest for Jaguar.
  15. Had a look over on the UK Amazon store, found this: Classic Atari
  16. I'm not sure if this works on Lion, but I've created a Wine version of Pro System for 7800 emulation. Maybe you could try that?
  17. New update on my progress: http://pengwin.atariage.com/devblog/files/cb184e9f2783bb20e814954afb6ff003-4.html
  18. Snowing in Scotland again!

  19. I just got issue 16, amazing quality. Definitely going to get this one.
  20. Simple answer, why not? It's kind of like a programming exercise, plus a way of giving something back to the community.
  21. Thanks Ransom. I've been thinking about the screen editor, and becuase of the countless screen mode we can set up on A8, I may not put it in (at least, not in version 1). But I may do a Display List editor, that can help to 'visualise' the display lists that a user wished to create. Any thoughts?
  22. Blatant plug here, I am working on a new development IDE for A8 assembly development. This new IDE will have syntax highlighting, code folding, character editor, sprite editor and possibly a screen editor. It will have support for virtually all cross assemblers and will be available for OS X and Windows (providing I can reduce the screen flickering issue I am having.) More details here: http://pengwin.atari...de53622f-3.html I may also add other features as I think of them :-)
  23. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 220985930078 OK, I know the Flashback 3 has been released, but is the original really worth £300????
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