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  1. Maybe I should change it to 'simpler', or even 'better' Thanks Mark. Mimo had already pointed me to this. Unfortunately, it hasn't managed to capture the whole site, but it has allowed me to retrieve some of it.
  2. Ran this on my stock 800XL...passed everything Ran this on Atari800MacX, only passed 22 of the tests!
  3. unfortunately the wayback machine does not give anything useful http://web.archive.o...ypengwin.co.uk/ Thanks for the link Mimo. I forgot all about the wayback machine. That gives me a basis for possibly recreating the old site, or at least adding some of that information to the new site. I can already see that the new site is going to have to go under a slight redesign if I am going to put some of the old stuff back on, so it will have to wait a while, but it may well happen.
  4. That's not my decision. I am using a program called RapidWeaver, which is a theme based web design system. I didn't want the hassle of coding the sit from scratch like I did last time.
  5. I have just published a new web site: http://t.co/dgZafg0O

  6. Thanks Mimo. As the new site states, this time, it is more of a platform for showing off and distributing my relevant software. However, knowing what I am like, I may well change a few things. Originally, before I started coding Hungry Horace, I had planned to do a game reviews site (remember my Archon review?). I enjoyed doing thos, particularly comparing the games to other versions. So that 'may' come back. As Marius suggested, a bbs list with instructions on how to log in through various systems (A8 via PC, A8 via Mac, Mac, PC, etc) and how to communicate with the different software (I use BobTerm for some and ICE-T for others). The site, like my last one, will be organic, so I am always open to suggestions. I probably won't host a chat room tis time though. I don't think Al would be too pleased if I did, plus we already have the chat room on here. Maybe we should start a regular Wednesday chat again? The one thing that I won't bring back is the pages of my collection. These days, it is VERY small. I sold off virtually all of my software a few years back and My 1010 is now in Electronic Heaven. But, as I receive suggestions, and as I think of things, when I have the time the site will probably grow. I'll probably even re-create an Oric page as I am thinking of converting some of the games I write for A8 over to Oric Atmos as well.
  7. I'll keep that in mind. Right now I am a little busy trying to get the ACDS finished, so that I can continue with Hungry Horace.
  8. Time for a blatant plug. A Few years ago, I had a site called Krazy Pengwin's Atari 8-Bit Site (or something like that). Unfortunately, my host when bust, and I (stupidly) did not have a backup of the site (I think I deleted it by accident in a system clear out once). Anyway, I now have a new site, that is being very generously hosted by Al. This new site will concentrate on my development of Atari 8-bit software and Atari 8-bit 'related' software. Anyway, here's the address, so please check it out: http://pengwin.atariage.com
  9. Just got Pac-Man for a fiver :-) Pain in the a**e trying to get some of my collection back.
  10. I looked at Forth before I started this project. But, coming from a more procedural background (C, Pascal, Basic), I found Quick, then assembly, to be much more intuitive for me. Having said that, I do agree that Forth could be an option for some people, particularly as it is a lot more portable than assembly. There are some excellent Forth envirnments for other systems as well (White Lightning for the Spectrum springs to mind).
  11. Nice picture. Love the trails behind the aliens.
  12. After the last topic about which environment we use, I got to wondering which was the most popular cross-development system in use. At the moment, I am using MADS, but the lack of English documentation is starting to frustrate me, so I may switch to ATASM. So what do you use? And why?
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Atari-XL-catridgr-simulatot-/260977465224?pt=UK_VideoGames_VideoGameAccessories_VideoGameAccessories_JN&hash=item3cc3781788#ht_500wt_1215 Does anyone know what this actually does?
  14. Thanks for that Stephen, I just wanted to make sure my VBI routine would be ok, and I am nowhere near those limits, so it's fine. I'm still slightly struggling with the transition from higher level languages to assembly. I am amazed how much I can get done in such a short execution time.
  15. Just out of curiosity, roughly how many cycles are available during the VBI for both PAL and NTSC?
  16. Great video. Now how do we get Chuck to let us use his likeness in a real game Pac-Norris?
  17. Oh dear, looks like the competition is hard this time round. Here's my paltry effort, unfortunately, I am having to play this on emulator. 10400
  18. MarkSpotCode: Time sure flies - heading into the past http://t.co/7umK2OyD

  19. Programming in 652 assembly is fun

    1. Bryan


      What is this 652 you speak of?

    2. Pengwin


      Well it should have been 6502, but I think the 0 got stagefright

  20. I am trying to work my way through the 'translated' MADS documentation, but the 'repeat' instructions are just notmaking sense to me. Could some explain how to repeat a line of code? So I don't need to put in things like: lsr lsr lsr lsr or do that I could create a macro to repeat something x amount of times using a parameter?
  21. I'm no expert, but my set up at the moment is Eclipse with WUDSN and MADS assembler on my Mac, but all of which are available on PC as well. If you don't want to go the assembly route, then there are some cross compilers available (cc65 and Effectus spring to mind). But if you would rather code on real hardware, or on an emulator, then pick any language that is available. Quick and Action are good for game development, and I believe some of the Forth variants are also good for this. I would personally avoid Pascal on the A8 for game dev. Other things to consider are character set designers (Envision on A8, or EnvisionPC), PMG designers and things like that. Because my project is relatively simple, the only extra tool I am using is EnvisionPC (recompiled for OS X). For testing, I hear Altirra is one of the best emulators for debugging. Also check out Atari Archives for any documentation you might need. Finally, the most valuable resource available is probably this forum.
  22. Sorry for my ignorance, but what do the .LOCAL/.ENDL directives do?
  23. Thanks Ken, I already have those. Someone posted a torrent on here a while back with a whole load of books, some of which have found their way onto my android tablet, so I have been reading them. I'm also using Atari User magazine articles to help with some of the things I still get confused about, they are an invaluable resource for people starting out.
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