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  1. Still, These days, Given the choice, I'd MUCH rather play a FPS like Prey or Crysis 2 than DOOM.


    Don't get me wrong, I totally agree. I loved Prey, and it could not have worked without the cut-scenes to progress the story.

    However, particularly if I've started a game from the beginning again, some of the hand-holding can be a real pain. But the worst things I find, and more likely to make me give up in frustration, are unskippable cut-scenes, and the poitless ones.

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  2. Not strictly about modern gaming, more about modern game design.


    I saw a post on another forum that pointed this out.


    The videos below show what might have happened if Quake or Doom were made today. These are not graphical updates, just someone's attempt to show people what is wrong with FPS's today.


    The videos are quite short, but they do get the message across:




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  3. Hi all. Now that I am back in the A8 scene, I was wondering if people would be interested in a regular Wednesday night chat.


    However, this time I was thinking of having a particular topic (at least to start off the convo).


    If you are interested, reply to this message.



  4. Just got another copy of Star Raiders from Fandal's site. That seems to work, no problems...still got issues with Pac-Man. Most of the time, Pac-Man himself doesn't animate...I think its something to do with timing, so it's probably because I have a Pal system. Unfortunately, the US Gold version of Pac-Man on Atarimania only has the cassette dump.

  5. Hi Marius, I am using the disk sets created by someone on these forums that use MyPicoDos. Not sure if it is because I am running a PAL 800XL.

    When I try them in emulator, they are perfectly fine there.


    If I have to get the Carts, then so be it...it's not a major hassle.

  6. What a fabulous setup. The Atari and the iMac do match perfectly together.


    Greetz from Holland!



    It is a cool setup, unfortunately, I am having trouble getting Star Raiders and Pac-Man working correctly. I guess I'll have to get the cartridges for them.

  7. I'll split my answer into two here:


    Classic games that managed to scare me:

    Rescue On Fractalus (been mentioned before, but the first time an alien bashes on the window is soooo scary)

    Resident Evil (when that first zombie turns his head towards you, really freaked me out and set up the rest of the game for me)

    Silent Hill 1 (IIRC, the controller would rumble a heart beat into your hands...as the tension rose, the heart beat got faster)


    Recent games:

    Amnesia (need I say more, this HAS to be the scariest game ever made)

    Penumbra Trilogy (also by Frictional Games - surprised they've not been mentioned before)

    Dark Messiah - Might and Magic


    That last game I included for one particular incident: I was playing the underground level, the one with the spiders. I thought I had killed all the b*****ds (btw. I am a massive arachnophobe), which in itself was bad enough for me. However, as I turned, one of the eight legged demons that I had missed jumped up at me. SO I got a full view, of a particularly well modeled eight-legged freak. I jumped so much, the controller left my hand and actually hit the ceiling. My arse left the sofa, and I think several newly discovered expletives left my mouth. To top it all off, my eight-year old was sat next to me. He laughed so much, my shame was cemented for life. And to this day, he still won't let me forget it:


    "Dad, you rememberthat time you were playing Dark Messiah..."

    "Shut up!"

    "It was sooo funny, the way you jumped."

    "Shut up!"

    "Didn't you like the spiders?

    "Shut up!"

    "They were really scary, weren't they?"

    "Shut up!"

    "Wanna play it again?"

    "That's it! Go to your room till you eighteen!"

  8. My new, if somewhat minimal, setup.

    No disk drive, tape drive, etc. Using my Mac with SIO2OSX.

    I had forgotten how nice the 800XL keyboard is, and after using my USB Competition Pro for the last few years, my original Atari joystick is a delight.



  9. Hi all.

    After an extended absence from the A8 scene, I have finally got my trusty 800XL back in its pride of place, on my desk.

    This means that I am also back playing and having fun with a lot of old software. :)


    I do however, have a question for you all. I have been playing around with various dev tools (cc65, kyan pascal, Basic XL, etc.), but I would like to get to know The Slave (by Gregory Software) a little better (I know Adventure Writer is supposed to be better, but I'm a masochist).


    Does anyone have a copy of the manual for The Slave that they could scan?

  10. I was going through my ATR files yesterday, and I came across one called FBI.atr. Curiously, I fired it up, and it appears to be some sort of information retrieval/hacking game. The ultimate goal appears to be to find the name and address of the author, hidden in the game so that you can contact him (or her) to let them know you have 'cracked' it.

    I checked on Atarimania, and there doesn't appear to be an entry for this and the details on Gury's site and Fandal's site are also very sparse.

    Has anyone heard of tis one before? Anyone know anything about it?

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